Three lovely dryads, or wood nymphs, emerge for Spring.

Now that Spring has finally arrived, we can begin to celebrate one of the great gifts of nature: the Spring nymphs. These lovely creatures have been away all winter–where, I do not know, no one does, except that it must be some magic place we know nothing about.

Here are three lovely dryads, or wood nymphs. I am not sure who was fortunate enough to photograph them, and I hope the person escaped their presence without harm. It is always risky to encounter nymphs, whether in the woods, or on the mountains, or rivers, seas or oceans. Nymphs inhabit all these and many other places, enticing and alluring men to either pleasures or pains, depending on the whim of the nymph. Most people don’t believe in nymphs, but I can tell you, from personal experience, as well as the long traditions of tales stretching back to ancient Greece, and Greek mythology, that they do exist, and that they can bring great joy or great pain to your life.

Should we forgo the mysteries of the forests simply because of the dangers of nymphs? No, the dangers only make the pleasures later to be experienced that much more intense. And if you have never happened upon a nymph, or two, or three or more, you should not despair. If you enjoy and explore the beauties of nature, you may do so one day. Further,  even if you never meet a nymphs, just the awareness of their presence in our world should uplift your soul into the more rapturous realms of beauty, which is where such divine beings always dwell.

Whatever the case, it is time to enjoy all the beauties and pleasures of Spring!