Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles, still looking good into her fifties.

So now we have a new year upon us. That means we are all a bit older. Even the younger ones out there, well, you are now entering into a new year. What will things be like at the end of this year? Who knows. We are only at the beginning.

So I thought as we begin as new year I would start a series of post on something that most in this sphere would consider a bit anathema: the older woman. Now it is true, as is often written among the PUA crowd (Roissy is famous for his graphic, clinical descriptions of the thirty year old vs. the twenty year old vagina), that many women, especially many American women, do not age gracefully. There are many factors considering this, the two most important perhaps being diet and lack of exercise. Our world of high fructose laden fast food and sedentary office work has made us a nation of fatties. All you have to do is look around for proof of this.

However, we are not fatalistically trapped into a world where we have to lose our bodies, shape and attractiveness as we age. We do have a lot of control over our destinies when it comes to these things. Yes, no one is going to have quite the same supple tone and physique in their forties or fifties that they had in their twenties; but that does not mean we have to degenerate into a mass of fat and flab. The body (and mind) if taken care of, will reward you nicely in the looks department.

I am sure one of the more depressing themes that runs through in this realm is how age destroys a woman’s beauty and that by forty she is no longer desired. I have read many a woman’s comments on different PUA blogs about how they fear aging and losing their looks. I suppose this is true for most women. Sometimes the comments seems quite sad in their desperation. This is unfortunate, since we are all going to get older, and we should try to age with grace. However, there are some women who have aged quite well and are still quite attractive. I imagine these women would tell you that they eat well, exercise and generally take care of themselves. There are some out there who still look pretty good even into their forties, and my first example is someone even older, Susanna Hoffs of the Bangles, who will be fifty two this year. As a matter of fact, when I found out her age, I was amazed at how attractive she still is. She even has two children and has maintained a fairly tight figure.

Hoffs in a concert in October of 2010. Still a great bod, even at 51.

You may say, well she is a celebrity, has lots of money, and can afford a personal trainer, exercise time, the best food, etc. This is true. But it is not hard to stay in shape. If most people simply eat well and exercise, they can maintain a relatively healthy body. I work out at the gym six days a week and I see plenty of women in their thirties and forties who are in great shape, much better shape than many girls in their twenties, who take their looks and figures for granted.

Hoffs was quite the looker when younger, with large doe like eyes, long brunette hair and an overall soft and girly demeanor. Imagine being fortunate enough to be able to bang (no pun intended) a girl that good looking for that long a period of time, which for this woman would be more than a quarter of a century, if not longer.

Hoffs, when younger. Geat looking then, still great looking now, twenty five years later.

So don’t despair too much, women. If you try, you can probably maintain a great body and great looks long past the expiration date preordained for you by many in our society. This is worth remembering as a new year is upon us.