A blonde bush is a rarity. It is a delicacy to be cultivated. The loss of the bush in our modern world has deprived those of us who passionately pursue such delicacies these unusual pleasures. For the GNP enthusiasts such as myself, discovering the rare blonde bush on a girl is like an explorer discovering some rare or even lost treasure in a far away, distant land. It is not something that happens too often. The natural blonde is a rare species, and even many natural blondes still have a darker bush below. Yet I have enjoyed on occasion that great satisfaction and surprise of a truly golden GNP, a rich forest of Nordic delights, like some strange fairy land out of a Brother Grimm fantasy. Exploring such rare, exotic lands with my fingers, hands, tongue and eager cock is more than worth the price of said exploration. Such is the quest and allure of that most rare of feminine delights, the blonde bush.

Long live beautiful women with beautiful GNPs!