At first this was just a lighthearted little blog about sex and eroticism. It is still that, but now with a greater and eclectic emphasis on different types of beauty, especially the artistic expression of erotic beauty. I also am interested in the nexus between sex and spirituality, especially with respect to Christianity. The spirit and flesh are two of most important elements of religious thought and practice. The sexual scandals and hypocrisies that plague most religions compels me to write openly about sexuality in a way that most religious people would find objectionable (Catholicism is my religion, filled with such things). I have simply become sick of all the lies about sex when it comes to religion and spirituality and the monopoly on sexual ethics that most conservative religious people seem to think they possess. There are those of us who are both very spiritual and very sexual, and openly say and practice both.

This blog had a slightly more racy tone (even raunchy) in the first couple of years of its existence; since then I have toned it down a bit, although I will still write about racy, erotic and overtly sexual things in explicit ways. I hope to do so with both wit, passion and truth. Humor and sarcasm are still a favorite pastime of mine. Not just enjoying sex in itself, but I think reading and writing about sex should be a fun experience as well. Life becomes dull quite quickly without laughter. And there is much in our world to laugh at. Satire and political humor are also something I enjoy engaging in here.

Someone described me as being obsessed with both sex and religion. This is true and I hope this blog reflects that. If you are shocked by some of the contradictions here, well, that is just me. This is adult material intended for a mature audience, those with some life experience in these matters. I hope to write about things here that others think about, but are afraid to confront. I know there are lot of people out there like that.  At the very least, it is cathartic for me to write about these things.

The image on my header is from Raphael’s “Parnassus”, found in the Vatican. It is a fresco painting of the nine Muses of Classical mythology and a few of the great poets they inspired over the centuries, from Homer to Dante, having a good time together on the famous Greek mountain of artistic and poetic lore, the seat of the Apollo, Mt. Parnassus. The figure in the middle playing what appears to be a violin is a Renaissance interpretation of the Greek god Apollo. The fact that this painting is in the Vatican is a nice example of the old intersection of and contradiction between paganism and Christianity. This is something that fascinates me, being myself both very pagan and very Christian in ways that I cannot explain too well.

This blog is for mature ADULTS only. If you are under eighteen, go away. Your comments will be deleted and you will be banned from the site.

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13 thoughts on “About”

  1. I appreciate your honesty and confidence. Ever been with a woman who is cuckolding her husband/boyfriend?

  2. Oh yes, I have been with many women who are cuckolding either a husband or boyfriend. It always fascinates me how many girls cheat on their husbands or boyfriends.

  3. No more than men who cheat on their wives.

    20% of married men cheat as opposed to 16% of married women.

    Why you are fascinated, is hard to fathom.

    There have always been men and women who have cheated to some degree or another..throughout the ages.

    I find it very sad that anyone would want to cheat on their spouse..

  4. Kathy is delusional. Read Women’s Infidelity by Michele Langley. Women cheat wildly more often than men do.

    Between 10-14% of all children in the U.S. are calling the wrong man Dad. That’s from the CDC. There’s a reason Arabs treat women the way they do. They understand hypergamy and have so for centuries. Westerners are only beginning to grasp the feral sexuality of the human female.

  5. “Westerners are only beginning to grasp the feral sexuality of the human female.”

    Oh yes…I quite enjoy the feral nature of female sexuality! The key is to let the beta providers raise the children.

  6. “Oh yes…I quite enjoy the feral nature of female sexuality! The key is to let the beta providers raise the children.”

    Racer, you would love me. 😉

  7. Racer X said:


    Oh yes…I think I would. I always love a woman with a feral sexuality.

  8. I’ve read your recent post on ‘what it feels like to fuck a woman’. Very articulate, and still maintains the eroticism that drives your point on sexuality home. I loved it. And, is the man in the picture you or just photos from the internet?

  9. Arnold,

    Thanks for the comment and I am glad you enjoyed the article. The man in the picture is not me but just a photo from the internet, although it certainly reflects things that I enjoy doing!

  10. Thank you for the article on what it feels like to fuck a woman..beautifully written! As a high-sex woman I’ve always wondered! Yum

  11. Sophia,


  12. I’d just like to say thanks Racer, I love reading your blog. In fact, I read plenty of your early posts, when time allows. I’ll definitely miss reading and rereading your special posts about me and Sophia X and other blogger girls (I never got to finish them). Those, along with your alpha section (the one with the post about Apex Alpha Males, which was the first post I found in this blog), were, in my opinion, you greatest hits.

  13. Thanks Gael!

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