People Are Idiotic Sheep


The mindless, hysterical reaction to what is a natural occurrence, a virus that spreads, sickens some people and kills a few more of them before finally running its course in a couple of years, has shed clear light on the true nature of humanity.

People love to be told what to do. They will follow orders mindlessly. They will succumb to irrational fears with ease. Governments knows this. The people in power know this. And this is why we are seeing the greatest governmental power grab in the history of the United States.

Where will it all end? I suppose the “lockdown” will go on forever, since the coronavirus will be with us for a few years at least, and we will simply submit to the “authorities”, who will find once excuse after another to continue with their dictatorial powers, destroy the economy, the capitalist system they so despise, and replace it with a socialist system. People will become utterly dependent on an all powerful state, which promises to ensure “safety” in exchange for liberty. The populace will become impoverished serfs, utterly dependent upon their leftists, socialists and Democratic overlords, but at least they will feel “safe”.

Our leftist elite ruling class is loving all this, as is China, and the two are one and the same now.

Racer X’s contempt for this world only deepens.