As Trump Buddy Tom Brady and Patriots Win Superbowl the Left Will Go Even More Insane

Trump and Brady are buddies...

Trump and Brady are buddies…

As Trump friends Tom Brady, Bill Belichick, Robert Kraft and the New England Patriots win their fifth Superbowl in the most amazing fashion, down by 25 points in the third quarter, I am sure the Left, which as been harassing Brady all week simply because he is friends with Trump, will go even that much more insane. It should be delightful!

This drives the Left insane...

This drives the Left insane…

More on this in the days to come….!

Goodbye and Good Riddance, January, until Next Year!

We still have a lot of winter to go, but at least winter does have its own type of beauty.

We still have a lot of winter to go, but at least winter does have its own type of beauty.

January is the worst month of the year: it is cold, dark and with little to look forward to, except the foreboding, icy depths of a long winter. At least in December you can anticipate and celebrate Christmas; February is a short month and leads into March, which, in many places, is when spring begins to really stir.

Now, we are still in the depths of winter, and there is plenty of cold and ice still to come, but February, at least for me, is a lot easier to bear than January.

So here is to saying goodbye to the worst month of the year, January, and looking forward to the fact that the warmth of spring is now one month closer!

Beautiful Sunday Art: Raphael’s Madonna of the Meadow


This is a nice work from one of my favorite artists, Raphael (1483-1520). It is appropriate for a Sunday: calm, peaceful and full of beauty!

What is nice about Raphael’s works, especially as representative of the Renaissance art, is the lovely balance and smooth, fluid harmony that they possess. This is a wonderful example of that. Religion should bring us a certain amount of peace, and this painting is quite peaceful.

Great art is always a wonderful nourishment for the soul! It is a great expression of the God’s presence in the world. With all the negativity and bizarre things out there, we need that.

The Left’s Fatal Contradictions

Virtue signaling, no matter how idiotic, is a favorite pastime among leftist women...

Virtue signaling, no matter how idiotic, is a favorite pastime among leftist women…

After watching hoards of middle and upper middle class white privileged-guilt ridden women marching in DC and the rest of the country for the “rights” they supposedly do not possess, it is always nice to put their “oppression” in some perspective.

The inherent contradictions of the Left are amusing at best, and tragic at worst. I love this image in particular, of a woman dressed in a American flag hijab. Now, unless she is somehow demonstrating against the oppression of women in Islamic societies, which is fine, this was an interesting image being bandied about the march. Most women in the West would say that being forced to wear any type of clothing against their will by a patriarchal religion or society is the definition of oppression and lack of “rights”. This is of course true.

In the Leftist mind though this is not true when it comes to Islam. This is not true because Islam is a an enemy of all things Christian and Western, and therefore, to the Leftist mind, Islam is actually good, and should be praised. Islam is not the oppressor; rather, those who criticize and oppose Islam are the oppressors.

How true! The truly oppressed women of the world are Starbucks sipping, college

How true! The truly oppressed women of the world are Starbucks sipping, college “educated” white women!

We see this idiocy being of the Left being acted out among the ruling class elites of Europe, who have pretty much doomed their ancestral civilization to eventual annihilation when the Muslim hoards they have let flourish in their countries finally outnumber the native born Europeans.

The future of Europe. Do we want this in the US too?

The future for European women. Do we want this in the US too? Apparently the women marching in DC are open to such “diversity”.

The Left is driven by one fundamental rage: hatred of the historical United States and Western civilization (especially Christianity and the idea of Christendom). This has its ultimate origins in the French revolution of the eighteenth century and the communist revolutions of the twentieth century. As Hillary Clinton often said, “I am so sick of racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, ISLAMOPHOBIA.”She is not really so sick about the violence that Islam had unleashed all over the world, or its utterly oppressive societies.

No, she is sick of all these “isms” because all these things are, in her mind of course, the sins of the United States  exclusively, and they must be purged from our society. And what would be one of the the solutions to Islamophobia? Sympathize with Islam no matter what, because no matter what, if the US is bad, and people are aware that Islam and the West can never live in peaceful cohabitation, Islam must be good. If Islam should overtake the West, all the better, because at least that would mean the end of “Islamophobia”.  We would then be purged of one of our original sins.

A anti-Trump muslim with recently purchased young bride. Diversity is beautiful!

A anti-Trump Muslim with recently purchased young slave-bride. Diversity is beautiful! If he is anti-Trump, he must be good!

The Left hates the US, and Trump, more than it hates the rape and abuse of women in Islamic societies. This is what the Left wants to bring to the United States and the above images are a good reflection of that. Yes, women marching for freedom and rights using a image of a woman from a religion that is the most oppressive in the world to women is a typical reflection of the contradictory demands of middle and upper class, latte sipping, white privileged and therefore white guilt ridden Western women.

Oh, the contradictions of the Left are most delicious and even more importantly, most tragic, especially for women who have to suffer under Islamic oppression.

Go Trump!!!

Viola Un Homme: How Trump is Destroying the Left


Yes, we are living in a mad world. Well, at least the Left is living in its own self created insane asylum.  The “Women’s March” this past weekend, with all its nuttiness and self absorbed wining from middle class and upper middle class leftist white women probably did more to drive more normal people into the Trump party than anything Trump himself could have done.

And the beauty is that the election of Trump caused all this hysteria among the privileged hags of elite, coastal urban feminism.

I love watching every minute of this madness! It is such entertainment! Only five days into his administration and Trump is already causing a seismic shift in the American political and cultural scene.

The more the feminist go insane, the more I love Trump!

As Napoleon said when he met Goethe:

Voila un homme!

Then and Now: Ingrid Bergman and Ashley Judd

The lovely Ingrid Bergman

The lovely and classy Ingrid Bergman in Casablanca (1941).

Since part of the Inauguration story was a comparison between the crowd size of 2009 and 2017, and Saturday’s “March for Women” in Washington and elsewhere, here is another comparison in the same spirit:

Ingrid Bergman and Ashley Judd.

The insane and vulgar Ashley Judd

The insane and vulgar Ashley Judd

Two photos (and You Tube video) express this well enough.

The world of the modern Left, and feminism as embodied by the likes of Ashley Judd, has devolved into little more than a bizarre cult of madness, bitterness and utter ugliness.

In the early days of this blog devoted to beauty, I once wrote a post of Ingrid Bergman:

Compare the classy, wonderful and dignified beauty of Ingrid Bergman with the crude, crass vulgarity of Ashley Judd (and many of the menopausal  maenads who attended the march on Saturday), and you will see the contrast of a world once devoted to excellence and traditional beauty, a world of erotic restraint and tantalizing mystery, and a world consumed by dark, nihilistic, Marxist depravity.

A lovely example of one of the costumes, pubes and all. As a long time supporter of the bush, this is just gross.

A lovely example of one of the costumes, pubes and all. As a long time supporter of the bush, this is just gross.

I also find it amusing that so many of these women walked around in her “pussy hats” and vagina costumes. Even on a blog like this, with my explicit descriptions and images of sexuality, as well as my own consistent defense of the pleasures of female sexuality, I have never once posted a full, spread eagle vagina photo. Even I find that a bit too crude and dehumanizing.

Seeing all these unhinged leftists only makes me support Donald Trump that much more!

Trump: Make America Beautiful Again!

Trump Inauguration Festivities

Let the celebrations begin!

Let the Inaugural celebrations begin!

As a glorious new day dawns upon the United States, and the Inauguration Balls celebrate the ascension of Donald J. Trump as the new President of the United States, you know there will be a lot of different festivities tonight.

And somewhere, at one of these balls, or at some other party taking place in Trump’s DC, something like this will be occurring.

Such historical moments as the Trump Presidency brings out the strangest things in people. We know there will be a little bit of this at some of those balls tonight.

Such historical moments as the Trump Presidency brings out the strangest things in people. We know there will be a little bit of this at some of those balls tonight, as women really do enjoy nice balls.

Trump is a lover of beautiful women. He makes no apologies about this. His wife is beautiful. His daughters are beautiful. And as a blog which celebrates beautiful women, that is celebrated here.

Oh yes, she is waking up to a new world! Long live beauty!

Oh yes, she is waking up to a new world! Long live beauty!

Oh yes, as much as I am loving the complete hysteria and meltdown among the Left, I am perhaps looking more  forward to Trump helping to make America beautiful again. There has been nothing more destructive to traditional and classical norms of beauty as the cultural Marxism of the Left. Finally we have a political leader who is unafraid to take this on.

President Trump is now the greatest, most powerful Alpha male in the world, and as all Alphas he loves women, he knows and understands women, and women, except for those hagged out and increasingly bitter, fatty feminists, love him.

The alpha male knows his women, and his women know him.

The alpha male knows his women, and his women know him…

And one of the things that drives feminist the most insane: after all, Trump did get a majority of the white women vote. Oh, such a betrayal of the sacred sisterhood!


And of course his women know they will be loved and pleasured and protected by their alpha…

Oh yes, this is going to be a most glorious and delicious time in history. We will have to see what Trump actually does as President from this day forward, and if his administration violates some of my own core beliefs of individual liberty, the individual liberty that is enshrined in the American experience, I will oppose him, but as far as this day itself, this is one of the finest days of my life, and I am loving every moment of it!  Trump can truly be a great and transformational President if he does things right, and I wish him all the luck and success he can have in his endeavors.

God Bless America!!!

Daily Dose of Eroticism


The eroticism of life is something I enjoy each day. Whether to experience the pleasures of love myself, or see two beautiful people engaged in such pleasures, or simply to let my imagination wander, is enjoyable. Yes, I am a complete degenerate! As a closet libertine and hedonist, I am always feeling and desiring the deeper sensuality of life. Meeting women of a like mind is also one of the great joys of life. Girls who enjoy erotica and are erotic beings themselves are quite attractive.

Sometimes having such a deep sense of the erotic can be a difficult thing, a hot frustration, but usually eroticism is simply fun. I always need at least a little each day. It need not be a bad thing. If we pursue this within the boundaries of mutual respect and desire, and most importantly if we feel love for another person, the potentials for sweet pleasures are limitless. Or if we are simply satisfying that craving for the intense release of orgasm whether with someone else or even alone, that is enjoyable also. Eroticism and sexual pleasure can occur in many ways.

The above photo is not only beautiful, as two beautiful bodies engage in sexual pleasure, it is also simply hot. It is a wonderful mingling of the masculine and feminine, as her smaller form, even though on top, is consumed by his larger, more physically powerful masculine form. She rides him, and we can only imagine how delightful this must feel for both. If you know how lovely it is to feel a woman ease herself onto your engorged penis, to feel her tight warmth and wetness engulf you, to hear her moan in pleasure as you begin to fill her up, and that being only the start of such fun, then you know that this image conveys much. As we view this we desire it ourselves! Perhaps at the moment we see this, we may not be able to enjoy this, but there is always later on, there is always the hope and anticipation of erotic pleasures in the future…

This photo may be considered porn by some, if not most, but I consider it to be art, sexually explicit, yes, but art nevertheless. It can represent either the intensity of a deep sexual love, or it could simply be two people enjoying each other at that moment. The viewer can debate and decide. What cannot be debated is that it is a nice vision of pure, heated eroticism.

How I love the erotic…!