Men Love Beautiful Women

The male delight in beautiful women is an eternal one. This is one of the truths of nature, unchanging, and, despite the best efforts of the more strident parts of our world, unable to be changed. We are living in insane times and there is a whole segment of society that is attempting to alter the fundamental laws of nature regarding the sexes, or deny the reality of sex and gender itself, but so long as this tiny little blog exists and Racer X breathes, the celebration of beautiful women, real women, will go on.

Only 100% Real Women Here

No one will have to worry that they are seeing a fake woman here. Racer X is a traditionalist, and believes that nature and nature’s God have ordained that there are only two genders for a reason, and one of those reasons is the power of sexual attraction, which leads to procreation, and sexual attraction for most men means sexual attraction exclusively to women, real women and all the delights that go along with that. The alluring game of sexual attraction and love and procreation is as eternal as the world itself and none of the nonsense of the modern world will ever change that.

The Tree Nymphs Are Back

Spring is now officially upon us and the tree nymphs have returned. After a long winter’s slumber, these delightful but dangerous creatures are now emerging among us. This is part of the beauty of spring, the renewal of the natural world, and the mysteries of life. Do not doubt their existence. They are out there. If you happen to be wandering alone in the woods, you may see one or two flitting about, but your vision will be fleeting, as they are extremely shy and wary of human contact. Still, in one of those rare occasions where you may espy one, you must be careful, for although they are quite lovely and alluring, they are also quite dangerous. We only have to look back to antiquity, the the myths of ancient Greece, to find abundant stories of men who have fallen under the spell of different types of nymphs only to be ruined and utterly destroyed in the process. This is the price one pays for flirting too closely with the mysterious world of forbidden deities, especially those that are quite lovely and enchanting.