All Natural Beauties

Here is a old photo of two beauties. I am not sure when it was taken, but it was clearly some time before the age of the digital and phone cameras. Selfies did not exist before the advent of the iphone.

What is pleasing about this photo, despite its obvious silliness, is the completely all natural look of the two girls. There is nothing fake here. This is how women should look, at least as far as Racer X is concerned.

Oh yes, and as must be repeated every now and again, a woman’s bush is a wonderfully erotic sight. I have railed against the modern fad of the completely shaven Mons Veneris. Why do they do this? I don’t like it. I like to be reminded that I am with a real woman, not something else.

Daily Dose of Beauty

For various reasons Racer X has not had much time over past few months for blogging, but now he feels the call of the Muses to return to the world of truth and beauty, a world where all things delightful and soul enriching belong. And there are few things more beautiful, at least on this blog, than the female form.

As must be repeated every now and then, the nudes that are posted here I believe to have some sort of artistic merit, as the artistic depiction of nudes is a part of Western culture that has its origins in the brilliance of ancient Greek culture. It is a 2,500 year old tradition, but one that is daily becoming more and more threatened by the twin dangers of cultural Marxism and the unbridled immigration of various Third World peoples into the West who have positively hostile views towards its culture, traditions and civilization.

It is my duty to continue to advocate for such cultural traditions, especially in light of the increasing iconoclasm among the Left of all things traditionally beautiful.

Sunday Beauty

This is a little bit of beauty for a Sunday. It is always good, especially in the age of Harvey Weinstein, to reassert the value of good erotic art. An erotic sculpture, painting or photograph is something to be valued, even if just in private. A good erotic image should show the beauty of the human form, and instill within us some pleasant feeling of the goodness of creation. Good erotic art is meant to uplift and celebrate our humanity and the pleasures of love, and not, as Harvey Weisntein and most of his Hollywood ilk do, debase and sully what is supposed to be a beautiful gift from God.

Happy Columbus Day (And To Those On The Left Who Hate Him: Fuck You)!

Christopher Columbus, one of the great men of history.

Columbus was a great and brave man who dared to cross the vast, unknown and dangerous Atlantic ocean in a mission to discover a new path to the India and The Far East. What he found instead were the Americas. The world has improved immensely because of his vision and actions.

Now, if you think that living in a teepee, lacking any knowledge of writing and possessing little more than a primitive, stone age technology beyond the rudiments of agriculture is a good thing, than you will hate Columbus. Yes, the Aztecs and Incas had more advanced civilizations than the North American Indians, but they were still vastly inferior to what the European man had developed when he arrived.

Racer X on the other hand is an unapologetic defender of Western civilization. We were stronger and more advanced than the natives when we showed up in the Americas, and that is why we conquered two continents. These are simply the cold and ineluctable motions of history. It always has been, and always will be.

For those on the elite Left who hate Columbus (even though, in their cushy, urban lifestyles they enjoy all the benefits of European civilization), deal with it.

No, better yet… simply, fuck you.

The Last Day of Summer

The summer offers so many instances of delicious beauty…

Summer is a time of warmth and beauty and happiness. We all love being warm. We all love light. We all love the ease and freedom that seems to flourish during summer. It is the best time of the year.

Now that we are fast approaching the Autumnal Equinox, on Friday, we have officially reached the end of the Summer. On Friday, September 22 the Sun will be directly over the equator, and from that date until December 21, the Winter Solstice, the days in the Northern hemisphere will begin to become shorter, and the nights longer.

I prefer light to darkness, but the darkness of Fall has its own particular kind of beauty. Until that finally happens though, here is one last tribute to another Summer season as it fades into the shadows of Fall and finally disappears all together into the darkness of Winter.


Mysterious Beauty

Beauty can be a mysterious thing, ineffable and in many ways beyond mere comprehension. This is perhaps what entices us about beauty, the ultimate inability to fully understand her compelling, alluring powers. Those powers cannot be denied though. They are there and present in our daily lives, if we so chose to enjoy them.

Melania’s Shoes: The Weird, Ugly Left Hates All Things Beautiful

This photo pretty much sums up the Left: a hideous, bizarre looking member of the elite, Leftist establishment, Lynn Yaeger, who is a contributing fashion writer for Vogue magazine. She is the one who wrote about how horrible it was for Melenia Trump to wear high heels before getting on a helicopter on her way to visit the flood ravaged state of Texas. Now, I really do not care about Vogue magazine, but when one of its writers betrays her mindless Leftist orthodoxy in such a blatant fashion, this image is too precious not to ignore.

The Left loves what is bizarre, ugly, even psychotic. Traditional, freedom loving devotees of Western Civilization love all things beautiful.


Melania vs. Lynn. ‘Nuff said.

When I see something like this as the face of the anti-Trump madness of the Left, I love Trump all that much more.


Toxic White Male Masculinity

A scene from Texas.

As anyone who has been brainwashed by the Lefitst elite, coastal establishment education system knows, white men are the cause of the all the world’s evils.

I wonder how the feminists who control so much of the thought in the media and academia react to a photo like this? This is, after all, a scene that has been reenacted not only over the flood ravaged streets of Houston at the moment, but over the country on a daily basis in little and not so dramatic ways, as white firefighters or police or other first responders risk their lives to help others. There are also black and Hispanic men who also engage in such heroics, but it is white men in particular who are the object of the ruling Left’s contempt and even hate at the moment.

This is what the people in flyover country do for their neighbors: voluntarily sail in with their little boats to rescue those in need.

Yes, this is the flyover country that the coastal Left despises so much, until they themselves need the help of such men.  Yes, these are the redneck Trump voters that are the source of all evil. This is Heritage America. Remember 9/11? Those hundreds of firefighters who died were mostly men. I don’t recall the screeching feminists bitching about white male privilege then, when they needed such help. No, it was only after they had been either rescued or reassured that their world of effete cocktail parties on Cape Cod was once again secure that they returned to their normal bitterness about everything American, especially that most evil of all American specimens, the American white male.

Ah, the evil white male, what would the world do without him?

Waning Summer Light

Although it is only August, still, the end of summer seems loom. We may have at least a good month and half left before the full swing of the autumnal winds begin to stir, but there is always something a little melancholy about the eventual demise of summer. The days are surely growing shorter, there is less daylight, and the bitterness of winter awaits us. It may seem like a long time from now before December arrives, but the time will pass quickly.

And so as August marches on, it is good to refresh our souls with a bit of summer beauty, as transient as it may be.