Sunday Beauty: The Love of Eve


Is this what Eve looked like? When Adam first saw her, and felt that first erotic desire for her, he saw something like this.

Love and desire are part of our human experience. Love and beauty are intertwined. A woman’s beauty stirs love in a man, and love, as the Song of Solomon tells us, is a wonderful thing.

In the world of the spirit, there has always been this tension with the world of the flesh. In the end the flesh will pass away, but the spirit remains. And yet the two are intimately intertwined, and cannot be totally separated. After all, in Christian theology, the body will be resurrected and reunited with the soul. How we treat our bodies while on our earthly sojourn is what is important–how we treat our own bodies, and how we treat others as well.

We really have no idea where we came from, or where we are heading, except that at one point in time the first truly human female walked on this earth, and when she did, the first truly human male desired her. Where and when was that? Who knows. But if there really was Garden of Eden, I like to imagine that this was one of the of the visions that garden provided.

The Power and Beauty of Prayer

Prayer helps us through life...

Prayer helps us through life…

There is so much hatred and ugliness in the world. Sometimes it is overwhelming. One cannot read any news these days without being bombarded with stories of the most sickening kind of violence. Where do we find peace, hope and love? Where do we find true beauty in the midst of so much depravity? This is a question for each individual to answer.

For me, I have once again found comfort in spirituality, in faith and belief in God. I have lived long enough to know what life is like without faith, and what life is like with faith. And, despite the numerous difficulties that necessarily go along with such beliefs, the life of faith is better.

Often I have extolled physical beauty: a beautiful landscape, a beautiful work of art, a beautiful woman. These are all important manifestations of God’s presence in our world. And yet there is another kind of beauty, an internal beauty that comes with faith. We can see this sometimes in others, we can feel their inner beauty refining the atmosphere about us, like a cool ocean breeze that softens the brutal intensity of a summer sun. Perhaps their faith is completely different from ours; and yet we feel something that is good in them, and we know that this goodness is a reflection of the eternal God. In the end, it is all a deep mystery.

Prayer is the gateway to such experiences. As Pope John Paul II used to say, “Without prayer we can do nothing”. Through prayer we can reach another world, a world unseen, but a world that is still as beautiful, if not more, than the physical world surrounding us. It is a different kind of beauty. It is a beauty that is lasting, untouched by corruption, free from the stains of violence and ugliness. It is beauty that stretches throughout space and time, reaching as far back into history as possible, and traveling far beyond the limits of the universe and into eternity. Our understanding can only hope to grasp one small part of this, and yet this one small part is so immense and profound that we could spend every waking moment contemplating it, and never come to any real or concrete understanding of its true essence. And yet the more we contemplate such beauty, the more we thirst for a deeper draught.

Monastics seeking the Light of Life.

Monastics seeking the Light of Life.

As the great St. Augustine said, “Late have I loved you, O Beauty ever ancient, ever new!”

Now we seem to live in a world which seems utterly devoid of  prayer and faith in anything except whatever thrills the latest technological advancement brings. What is ugly and what is bizarre seem to be what are most valued. The iron laws of nature are ignored and we believe that we can declare ourselves to be whatever we want to be. And in those parts of the world where religious faith is strong, there seems to be a deep sickness and madness overcoming many. We live in strange times. Many of us wonder what is becoming of the world.

But in the end we remain, as Socrates once described us, “featherless bipeds”. Whether we like it or not, and no matter how much we may want to imagine otherwise or try to change what nature has ordained, or how much we are dazzled by our own cleverness and power, we are still creatures of this earth, dependent upon the earth, our fates completely intertwined with the natural world around us, and there is nothing we can ever do to change that. This is the way it has been since the first humans emerged from Africa 100,000 years ago, and this is the way it will remain until the end the time. In this age of technological wizardry and massive state controlled systems of life, it is important to remember just how quickly that technology can vanish, how industry, governments and even civilization itself could suddenly crumble, whether through natural or man made disasters, and how quickly we could return to being utterly dependent on ourselves, upon what we and grow from the earth or find through hunting for our survival. We ignore all this at our own peril.

We should always remember how dependent we are upon the Earth.

We should always remember how dependent we are upon the Earth.

And yet in all the difficulties of life, faith remains. Prayer remains. Our need for and belief in God remains. It is and always has been part of our human condition, despite the modern Western world’s best efforts to ignore this. And with faith and prayer there is beauty, a beauty that also provides the strength and sustenance to help us endure the vicissitudes of our everyday world, and perhaps that is the most powerful kind of beauty of all.


A Lovely Tree Nymph

A lovely tree nymph.

A lovely tree nymph.

Here is a bit of beauty for today, something from the world of Odysseus. In his journeys to strange lands Odysseus met many beautiful women, both human and divine. This creature is obviously a tree nymph, and, like all nymphs, she should be approached only with great caution. A hero like Odysseus would know how to deal with such situations.

My own journeys recently have not been so exotic, but I hope to post new material soon. To me, such visions as above are all reflections of the divine and mysterious nature of the world.

Why Islam Will Eventually Defeat Europe


I am sure their intentions are good, but this will not make the problem go away.

This is why France in particular, and Europe in general, is eventually going to lose to Islam. I would say in about one hundred years all of Western Europe will be completely Islamic and the majority of the population will be either the descendants of the present Arab and North African minority populations, combined with the descendants of the present mass migration of Middle Easterners and Africans. Demographics is destiny.

And the coup de grace of all this: when a minority in your country, a minority that is fundamentally hostile to the majority, and has now been infected by a religious fanaticism which fully justifies the mowing down of hundreds of people by a truck, or killing them by any means, and for no other reason except that they are the white infidel, when you have a large minority of such people in your country and THIS is your fundamental reaction, then you are doomed.

In any other time or place, the reaction of a majority population in a country which is being attacked by a completely hostile minority, when members of this minority are murdering your compatriots, and daily calling for more murders, would be go into the areas where these minorities live and either forcefully expel them from YOUR country, or exact the same sort of vengeance and justice on them, to the point that they no longer exist or learn the lesson that if you ruthlessly kill us, we will ruthlessly kill you. Yes, it would be ugly. But at this point what else can you do with a population living amongst you who wants to do little more than convert you to their religion or kill you.


This is what the future holds for Europe.

There is not now, nor will there ever be, the peaceful coexistence of Islam and the West. It has never existed, and it never will. This is simply a fact of history. Islam has always hated the West and desired its conquest. The West has always feared and despised Islam. At first it was Christianity that fueled the hatred of Islam towards the West; today it is our bizarre cultural insanity. At times, such as in Spain, Islam was successful. Then, after centuries, the Muslims were forcefully driven out of Spain, and today Spain is a Western, Catholic country (well, at least up until about fifty years ago). We may want to imagine such fundamental and historical divisions are not the case, but the Muslims in the world will remind us otherwise. They still remember how Spain was once a part of the Caliphate. They remember, and they want it back.

And then they are reminded daily of the madness and completely inanity of modern Western culture.

Yes, in today’s world the Western crusaders are not trying to impose Christianity on Islamic lands, no, today we have added a new source of animus for the Muslim world in their centuries long struggle against the Crusaders: the open sewer our ubiquitous cultural rot (any visit to Walmart will confirm this). A society such as the West which enthusiastically embraces a freak like Caitlyn Jenner will always inspire the greatest sort of hatred among those of more traditional mores around the world, and that includes most of the world outside the comfortable West. Outside of the West, the rest of the world is still bound the to ancient bonds of race, family and religion. For most Muslims, it is their holy delight and religious obligation to Allah to wage war against us in any and all ways possible. If you doubt this then take this challenge: All you have to do is flash a before and after photo of Bruce Jenner to some crowd of young male Pakistanis in Islamabad and I guarantee you will instantly capture at least twelve new suicidal jihadist ready for immediate action.

But as with the photo at the top, here is the Caitlyn Jenner loving liberalism in action: nope, we are not going to let ourselves be so moved by the cold, hard horrors of what these murderous religious fanatics have wrought; nope, we are going to light candles, place flowers and teddy bears on the pavement still freshly covered with blood and pretend the rest of the world is really just as nice as the enlightened circles you inhabit. Yes, we will just create some sort of undergraduate safe space and all will be alright. We will hug and cry and sing sappy songs while the group of murderous fanatics are planning their next killing spree in the poverty stricken neighborhoods a mile or two down the road. Let’s pretend it is all a bad dream.


To many Muslims and other “oppressed” peoples, this is just payback for the successes of the West.

And when they get their hands on radioactive or chemical weapons, courtesy of Pakistan or Iran and now even Turkey, and they destroy an entire Western city and kill hundreds of thousands, or even million, and they dance in the streets of Afghanistan or Saudi Arabia because of this, the liberal reaction will be to put down even more flowers and candles and teddy bears and turn up the John Lennon music even louder.

As has been said before, if fear and anger are not your solution to defending yourself from those who are trying to kill you, and kill you in any way possible, then you are finished as a people. When Germany invaded Poland in Sept, 1939, the Poles fought back, although it was hopeless. When they invaded France, the French fought back, and lost. When Hitler moved on Russia, Russia fought back, at a cost of 20 million dead and it was Russian fierceness and obstinancy that eventually led to the defeat of Nazi Germany. In today’s completely pussified Western Europe, it is only a matter of time before these same women in the top photo doing their nice leftist duties of tolerance and compassion are forcefully made to submit to the will of Allah. It may not be these particular people, but it will be their daughters, and especially their granddaughters, that is, if any member of modern French or European society even has any children to carry on their race and culture.

Europe is now officially hopeless and lost, it is barren and rudderless, as the rotting fruits of the nearly one hundred year experiment in the creation of a meaningless, nihilistic, modernist socialist super state at the expense of nearly all that is good and traditional is consumed by the clear yet violent vision of the ancient religion of Islam and the powerful fecundity of its followers.



Nice July 14, 2016: The Religion of Peace Strikes Again!

A body is seen on the ground after at least 30 people were killed in the southern French town of Nice when a truck ran into a crowd celebrating the Bastille Day national holiday

The Left loves the idea of a borderless world. In their minds this is the necessary sacrifice to achieve the multicultural utopia they so dream of.

As I write this all the facts are not in, but I would bet the attack in Nice today was yet again another message from that wonderful Religion of Peace: Islam. Oh, the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism! This is this devolution of the Western world that the globalist elites have been pushing now for the past 70 years. Yet again dozens of French citizens have been sacrificed at the altar of globalism and diversity.

Once more the Religion of Peace has sent us a message: we will eventually conquer you and we will kill you.

Guess what will happen? Nothing, nothing except more and more talk about how wonderful Islam is a religion, that it does not promote violence, how we need to understand why they hate us, how bad we are, how we deserve all this, how all whites are evil racists, how letting in floods of uneducated, medieval third world savages “enriches us”…blah, blah, blah…

Oh yes, and expect more public gatherings where John Lennon songs are sung.

Meanwhile the hoards of Muslim males continue to stream into Europe. At any other time in history this wold have been considered an invasion: today, under the influence of suicidal Leftist ideology, it is considered “compassion”. As I said back in November on the Paris attack: welcome to your lovely future, Europe. Indeed, this is your future as the masses of your Muslim underclass continues to reproduce at a greater rate than the native Europeans. You abandoned Christianity and decided to worship at the altar of secular globalism. The irony of that decision is that your descendants will soon be worshiping Allah in the old Churches which have been forcefully and violently converted into Mosques.


Odysseus and the nymph Calypso.

Odysseus and the nymph Calypso.

Odysseus was a great figure from Greek mythology: he was the king of Ithaca who fought in the Trojan War for ten years; after the war he spent the next ten years attempting to return home while enduring many trials and tribulations, not only among cannibals and cyclopes, sea monsters and sirens, but also among lovely women such as Circe and Calypso. The painting above is of Odysseus and Calypso. I am not sure who the artist is, but it looks like something from the 19th century.

There were different attitudes towards Odysseus in the ancient world: the Greeks both loved and hated him, since he was the prototype of not only a great war hero, but also of an amoral man who would say or do anything to achieve his goals. The Romans simply hated him, as they saw him as a symbol of what they considered the sleazy and duplicitous character of the Greeks in general.

There are many different depictions of Odysseus throughout the history of literature, but my favorite depiction of Odysseus is that of the Iliad and the Odyssey, the two great, ancient Greek epic poems at the fountain head of all Western literature. In these poems Odysseus is not only a great man of action but also a man of great intellect: two things which have always been prized, but especially so in the ancient Greek world. The fact that he endured many things, journeyed to many different places, and had to suffer much before he could return home from the Trojan War has always caught the imaginations of generations for over three thousand years.

There is a classic epithet used for Odysseus by Homer, the poet behind the Iliad and Odyssey: “polytropos” which roughly means “a man of many turns”. This is often interpreted as either “a man who is much traveled or wandering” or “a man who is wily and crafty”. The meaning is ambiguous, and deliberately so, since Odysseus was all of these things. Which shade of Odysseus one prefers, is usually left up to the reader of whatever work in which Odysseus is being portrayed.

What I like is that Odysseus had to go through many things in life, and although my life is certainly not as glamorous as his, the story of someone having to endure different trials is one with which most people can identify. This is one of the reasons why Odysseus has been and remains to this day one of the most enduring figures in all of literature. It is one of the reasons I have chosen to use his name as my moniker. It seems appropriate at this point in my journey of blogging.

The Journey of Life


Life is a constant journey through unknown places

Recently I have been going through sort of an old transformation. When I began this blog over seven years ago, I was not sure what direction I wanted it to go, or even what I really interested in writing about. It was just a fun little exercise in nonsense. Over the years this site developed into one which concentrates on beauty, eroticism and spirituality. Occasionally I will write on a political topic, although I tend to avoid these because I really do not want to deal with the animus that often arises in people when the topics are political. Cultural things are also of an interest to me.

In time, sex, spirituality and religion became one of the main topics here, especially the way sexuality and spirituality either colluded or conflicted. Recently, however, I have found myself growing tired of the more explicit aspects of sexuality, so I have decided to stop writing about them. There are plenty of sites out there that deal with explicit sex, and I no longer want this site to be one of them. In fact, I have grown tired of the over saturation of explicit sexuality in our society. Too much public, vulgar, unbridled sexuality lessens the depth and and beauty of a healthy sexuality, and diminishes us as humans. We can be animals if we want, and certainly at times there is nothing quite as delightful as good, physical sex, but when it is completely divorced from all mystery, sensuality, and, most important of all, love, then it becomes merely a meaningless, bestial activity.

Beauty and eroticism are still important topics to me though, so I will continue to write about them. One of things I find important to write about, and to express to others who may be experiencing the same things, is how spirituality, religion and sexuality can often conflict greatly in a person. It is one of those things I simply have no answer to, but I think it is important that it is at least written about in an open and honest way. There are many people who are quite spiritual and even religious, but who are also quite highly sexual, especially if they are not in a relationship, and at the same time privately tortured by their unresolved sexual feelings and struggles. There are even those who are married or in some sort of relationship, but their sexuality is different from their partner’s, especially in desire and intensity. This can lead to problems in a relationship, even in one’s relationship with God.

For a few years I had been separated from my religion, Catholicism. I suppose it was a classic crisis of faith. I won’t get into the details here as I prefer to keep those things private; but what I will say is that over the past few months I have returned to the Church, and, after having done so, I am quite happy I have. I can see now that I need God and faith more than anything, and without them I am a lesser person. I will also say that prayer is one of the most powerful tools we have for peace and happiness. This is not new to me; for most of my life I have known and practiced these things, but the past few years I became detached from them. Now that I have reincorporated these practices into my life, I can only wonder why I ever stopped in the first place.

As far as my particular religion, Catholicism, I even wrote some things on here that were quite critical, even insulting to the Church. They reflect my state of mind at the time, but now I reject them. They are no longer on this site. Still, that is not to say that there still won’t be posts on here that seem to contradict many of the official teachings of the Church. I still believe that feminine beauty is a wonderful creation of God, so tasteful, artistic nudes will still be posted on here; but I will avoid anything which is crass or overly explicit, as I have often tried to do.

So I guess I have simply gotten tired of too much sexuality, and will no longer be writing things of an explicit nature. I will still write about beauty and sensuality and eroticism, but all in the context of a larger theme of how we can incorporate these in our lives without them becoming harmful or destructive, and especially how they related to those who are seeking God.

Life is a constant journey: we grow, we change, we discover new things, we discard old things. The important thing is that the directions we are heading in are the right ones. When you trust in God, or at least some sort of divine guidance, then you can trust your journey is in good hands.


Ageless and Divine Beauty: The Gothic Cathedral

Chartres Cathedral in France.

Chartres Cathedral in France.

The Gothic cathedral is one of the great wonders and creations of Western Civilization. Along with the great Pyramids of Gaza, they stand out as testament to an age of deep religious faith, an age when love for things divine drove men to create magnificent structures of such beauty. It has hard to imagine in today’s world entire cities and societies laboring together to create any structure, but in the Medieval period this is exactly what was needed in order to build the cathedrals. Often it took decades, even centuries to complete one. People spent their entire lives working on them.

Beautiful example of the fine art of stain glass windows.

Beautiful example of the fine art of stain glass windows.

The Cathedral shown here is the famous Cathedral of Chartres, in France. Begun in 1194, it was most likely finished around 1260, although one of the bell towers was a later addition, as can be seen by the different size and style of the two towers. Today it is a UNESCO world heritage site.

This gives some sense of the soaring dimensions of the building.

This gives some sense of the soaring dimensions of the building.

The Gothic cathedral can’t really be described in words: the only way to really appreciate one is to simply experience it in person. Photographs do poor justice to how powerful these structures are as an expression of religious faith. In addition, the light that flows from the wonderful stained glass windows can never be appreciated except, again, by being in a cathedral. What can be appreciated even from a distance is the complexity of the structure, the skill and dedication required to build such a monument to faith, and the faith of the age that created it. To the medieval mind God was always present, and the cathedral is the ultimate expression of man’s longing for union with the divine.

The intent was to create a church that reached into the heavens...

The intent was to create a church that reached into the heavens…

Even though we are separated in today’s world by these great buildings by more than seven centuries, and a vastly different culture, these cathedrals are still living spaces, still used for religious services, still part of the heritage that binds us to the people who once spent their entire lives creating such wonders of pure, awe inspiring beauty.