So now we have these stories in the news recently of Charlie Sheen’s latest drug crazed adventures with a porn star:

Now, I have no problem with a man, especially a celebrity, taking full advantage of his uber-alpha status and banging as many women as he possibly can. If I were a rock star, movie star, star athlete, or just a billionaire, I would be amassing as much pussy as I possible could. I would want my numbers to be in the thousands.

However, it is one thing to discretely have sex with as many women as possible, it is another thing to make an ass out of yourself in that pursuit. Charlie Sheen, despite his movie stardom, is now making a fool out of himself. He is becoming laughable. Has anyone seen the photo the bimbo-pornstar he tore up a hotel room over? She has that typically artificial, overly used and damaged look of most porn stars. I honestly don’t find too many porn stars that attractive. They just look too hard, tired and worn out.  Apparently she is already consulting a lawyer, undoubtedly with the intention of trying to milk as much money out of Sheen as possible. Nice job, Charlie.

Hey Charlie baby, first you tried to fuck me and now I am going to fuck you, for millions. Hehehehe. Isn't life just grand! I love you, baby!

Apparently Sheen has a serious drug problem. Perhaps he can blame it one the alcohol or drugs. I really do not know. But is his present public humiliation worth all this? For Eliot Spitzer, was it worth losing the governorship of NY over a hooker? Is pussy that valuable?

The answer is no. As I have mentioned before, the greatest power any man has is to simply walk away. To give such power to such vacuous creatures as some of these porn stars and prostitutes seem to be, is the height of male folly. A man can seduce, enjoy as many women as possible without being a laughing stock, losing his job, disgracing his reputation. In my earlier post on Cary Grant or Grace Kelly I think we have examples of people who certainly had many affairs, but in ways that were discreet and of high quality. Guys like Sheen are simply buffoons.

A man should be selective. He should possess power. He should not put himself in positions of ridicule over pussy. Seduction should be conducted with a certain degree of grace and class and dignity. A man should play the game of seduction like he plays chess, or poker, or some other high class game, with control, intelligence, and consummate guiding power. Running around naked in a hotel room chasing an STD ridden porn star is not dignified.

I like to play the high class game. In the end your numbers may be lower, but the quality will be higher. I like quality over quantity. I guarantee it does make for better sex.