I always love the moment when I discover what is hidden beneath these...

I love a bush on a girl (or what is commonly referred as the “Glorious Natural Pelt, or GNP for short). Call me old fashioned. I really don’t understand this modern fetish for completely shaved women. Honestly, they look too young for me. There is something quite erotic when you are undressing a girl (or, ripping her clothes off, as I sometimes like to do) and you reach that delicious moment when she is completely naked and, if I am lucky, she has a nice bush. I particularly love the moment when I am slipping her panties off and I see that sacred spot for the first time. It is like her hidden garden, a lush forest to be explored, played with, worshiped. The bush adds a nice contrast to the smooth, bare skin of the rest of her; it focuses your attention on her vagina, and it announces on no uncertain terms that you are with a woman, and a woman who wants sex.

A bush does not have to be unruly. Trimmed is nice. Manicuring is good. But the bush needs to be there in some way. If her labia are waxed that is fine, so long as there is some bush above. A full bush covering her whole delightful area is wonderful too. Completely shaven though is something I do not find as attractive as others seem to. A personal preference for sure, but one that I have always had throughout my life.

One of the things I love about the bush is that each girl has a different one. I have always remembered the bush on every girl I have slept with. Some girls have a thick, lush, gorgeous bush. Others have a more refined, delicate bush. Most girls are brunettes, but some are blonde, and, even rarer, auburn or strawberry blond. When you find a girl who is light blonde down there, you know you have found a rarity indeed. And by this universal waxing and shaving, men have been robbed of the glorious pleasure of discovering and enjoying all these different types of the bush. Why do all girls want to look the same? I think more men enjoy the bush than most girls realize.

So I say, love your bush, women! Embrace it! Let it grow as God intended! It is natural, beautiful and highly erotic. It whispers, even hollers, mystery, sensuality, and the eternal loveliness that is female sexuality.