Yes, Grace Kelly was one of the most beautiful women to grace the silver screen. Compare her with Meghan Fox or Linsday Lohann? No comparison.

It is interesting to note how ideals of beauty have changed over the past half century. Feminine beauty in the past seemed to embrace softness, grace, charm and an alluring evocativeness. Today it embraces the hard and harsh; it is a more masculine ideal, as with a Meghan Fox.  Taut, toughness has replaced curves and softness. Plus, she seemed to have a certain class and dignity about her that would make you want to invest your time in her. From what I understand, and I do not know a lot about her, she enjoyed affairs, but I don’t care about that. I like a woman who likes sex. I would have enjoyed having an affair with such a exquisite creature if I had the chance. Many of today’s generation seem to have lost the art of the affair. Again, it is an overall more masculine approach to sex (i.e., the Duke fuck list). I happen to like the chase; it is more thrilling than the cheap one night drunken hook up with a messed up chick (i.e., the Duke fuck list and Karen Owens).

Not that there are not more feminine women out there, but the Grace Kelly types today seem fewer and far between.

Long live feminine, girly women!