Too often women obsess over their breast size. I don’t think I have ever met a woman who was completely happy with her beasts. The most common complaint are that they are too small; but even women with large breasts will find some sort of fault with them. One former lover had lovely, large breasts. They were perfectly shaped. It was delightful to see and massage them while she rode me. Still, despite their voluptuous beauty, she would always say, “I have baloney nipples.” Her nipples were quite lovely as well, but she could but find fault in their shape. It always amazes me how self critical women are over their bodies, particularly their breasts, especially given the fact that most men really do not care too much about breast size, so long as they have access to those breasts.

Fake breasts are a complete turn off for me. I do not find them attractive at all. Give me small and perky over big and fake any day. Even flat chested is preferable to fake.

I like this photo. She could be wood nymph. She could be a wood nymph that you stumble across one afternoon while walking through the woods. Like all wood nymphs, who are divine beings, she might be dangerous. Although alluring, she might reek havoc in your life. As with all nymphs, wood nymphs are erotically seductive. A man cannot resist them. He might be destroyed in the process. Still, enjoying the pleasures of love with such a creature would be worth the risks. Wood nymphs rule. I want to experience erotic pleasures with a wood nymph. I want to make sweet love to a wood nymph.

And like all wood nymphs, she is all natural, with a lovely GNP (Glorious Natural Pelt).