As I have often written here, the sight of feminine beauty soothes the soul. I will never really understand why so many people are so hostile to female nudity and the depiction of such things in art, photography and even literature. It cannot be stated too often that artistic representations of the female form are as old as mankind itself; we only need to look at some statues of the ancient fertility cult goddesses to see this. It is all quite primal and basic to our survival: the female form embodies the transmission of human life for every and all generations. Men fundamentally desire women for this reason. Then, in our desire to be creative, our need to recreate the world around us, we create images of feminine beauty in whatever medium we have access to, whether sculpture, painting, photography or writing. This has been true in all cultures throughout the world from the beginning of time.

I find the above image to be quite beautiful. Some would find it pornographic. I praise it as something artistic. Others would call it smut and evil. Yet look at it. There is nothing gross or crude here; the atmosphere is fine and gentle, with a soft contrast between light and shade, all enhancing the delicate and sinuous form of her body. We see enough of her to appreciate her wonderful beauty, and yet enough is still hidden to spark our imagination. Rather than simply being a crude depiction, some sort of spread eagle pussy shot you might see in a more base publication, it is rather a delightful yet deeply erotic expression of feminine beauty.

In the West, Sunday is typically a day for religious worship. And yet so much of religion is hostile to eroticism, as if it were something evil and alien to our nature. I don’t see spirituality this way. To me, what is evil is the denial of our very basic desires as humans for sexual expression, whether it be with another person or through art. To try and suppress such expressions can only lead to neurosis and destructive behavior, not only for the individual, but for broader society as a whole. Spirituality and sexuality are as intimately linked as man and God, or the body and the soul. To me, a celebration of feminine beauty, as one type of the many beautiful things in the world, is a celebration of the power and mystery of God’s eternal creation of life.