The alpha gets to enjoy as much of this as he wants…

Recently I witnessed a wonderful example of female hypergamy. Really, I could not have come across a more textbook or vivid demonstration of female sexuality in its most raw, primitive and opportunistic form.

I belong to a gym, and every summer a certain celebrity shows up for a few weeks to work out at our gym. Apparently he owns a house in a nearby county and finds our gym a good place to work out. I will not give the name of the celebrity, but I will say he is well known, has starred in some popular movies, mostly action, and has an athletic past. When he goes to the gym he tries to stay pretty much incognito, and most of the regulars there such as myself leave him alone to do his work out. It is clear he does not want to be bothered, although he is always friendly to those who talk to him.

However, it is amazing to see how the women react in his presence. This man has true super alpha status: looks, physique, fame and money. And you can see how powerfully this affects the women. I am surprised that the floor does not get soaked with their excess vaginal juices whenever he is there.  As he works outs, the women congregate on their elliptical machines, staring, gawking and giggling. What is most amusing is that a lot of them are rather unattractive and out of shape and so would never even be noticed by someone who is surrounded on a regular basis by Hollywood beauty and pussy. This man could basically fuck whomever he wanted.

But there is one particularly amusing display of female hypergamy I came across recently. Someone who works at the gym told me how this one particular women, whom I know, will go out of her way to appear at the gym when this particular celebrity is present. She normally works out in the evening, but when this individual happens to make his two week appearance every summer at our gym, usually during the day, she completely changes her schedule so she can work out at the same time as he does. I saw her myself one day last week doing exactly this. There she was, following this man around, making sure to stand next to him as he was trying to work out, doing the same sort of exercises he was doing so as to get as close as possible to him. It was obvious that if he asked her to go back to his place to fuck, she would have said yes. It was as if she lost all sense of reason and decorum so she could satisfy her vagina’s demand to be filled with this man’s alpha penis. As the gym employee I spoke with suggested, she is so obvious it is laughable.

In the presence of alpha sexual dominance, even the most socially respectable woman can be turned into something quite different…

And yet this woman is married, with children, and a nice beta husband. In many ways she is a outward model of upper middle class womanhood: seemingly perfect, fit, attractive, financially well off, with a brood of lovely children. She is actually quite the milf. Her husband has probably spent countless hours at some utterly boring job so she could enjoy a nice kitchen and her children nice clothes and a good education. And yet she would probably leave her beta husband in a heartbeat if she thought she could mate with this super alpha celebrity. You can see how women react, how their most feral sexual instincts arise, when placed in the presence of a man who is truly alpha, a man who is not only attractive and powerful physically, but who can give them all the money and social status they could possibly ever want. The only thing preventing this one woman from leaving her husband and perhaps children is the complete disregard that this man shows her. Of course that only makes her try all the harder to get his attention, hence her need to follow him around the gym, and his lack of attention shows all the more how much of a true alpha he his.

The comedy of life is truly entertaining.