This is often the result of the meeting between the apex alpha athlete and the women he encounters. That she may be married is of no concern to her…

“I’ll do whatever you want. I want to be your cum slut.”

This quote is another nice example of female hypergamy, the subject of my previous post. It taken from an from Deadpsin article which relates how women often become completely feral in the face of professional athletes: Written by a publicity agent for various pro athletes, the article sheds light on the world of athletes and their women. Although the author is anonymous, I assume the incidents related in the article are true. From what I know and have seen for myself of hypergamy, I have no reason to doubt the veracity of his tales.

The theme is simple and universal: a seemingly happily married female will all but abandon her betaish husband when given the chance to mate with an alpha, especially an athletic alpha. This is not even to mention the obviously more precarious situation of a girl who is merely the girlfriend of some betaish dude. We know how that usually turns out. And the reason for such displays of amoral sexual behaviors among many women? Professional athletes, especially the ones who are most famous and successful, with championships and records on their resume, are the apex alphas of our world. The best athletes in the most high profile sports, such as basketball, baseball, or football, are both wealthy, powerful and physically dominant. Many men may have money, or they may have physical prowess, or fame, but very few have all three. The rarity of these qualities makes the athlete an extra special prize for the woman always on the look out to advance her social and financial standing. It is hard for the average person to understand just how physically dominant the great athletes are: they are basically freaks of nature. Their size, combined with lean but muscled body mass, is an immediate draw for the female eye. When an apex alpha enters a crowded room, his presence is immediately felt, his dominance over all others immediately established, and the panties of all the women in the room immediately become moist. Such a scene is often a beautiful display of the evolutionary and biological realities of our existence. I suppose the only other category of alphas who could compete with the athletes are rock stars. A reality show on who could bed more women in the course of a year, the athlete or rockstar, would be quite entertaining.

So as this article relates, the publicist apparently would deal with all the women trying to get access to his clients. For example, one woman clearly wanted one of his prize athletes. So the publicist pretended to be the client, at the client’s request so he could better weed out potential sex partners, and they exchanged texts. The author states:

I asked her if she would just come in, fuck “me,” and leave without saying a single word. Her response is one I’ll never forget: “I’ll do whatever you want. I want to be your cum slut.” My client just laughed when I showed it to him.

Oh yes, what more needs to be said? Female hypergamy is a sad fact of life that most men, in their white knighting delusions, do not understand, and this in turns dooms many betaish men to a lifetime of second class status in the sexual market place, up to and including being abandoned by the women in whom they invested so much time and energy as those same women opt out for a better, more powerful mate when given the chance. I say this without any condemnation to all the players involved. It is simply a result of our biological, evolutionary selves. Women seek the best resources to propagate themselves, which means finding the strongest, healthiest males with the highest social status. The best genetic pool is then more likely to be passed on. Our species has survived because of this. But in our modern world we cannot admit our naturalistic past as openly as we really should, so the common refrain from the married woman who falls into the arms of a apex alpha is, “Well, of course I still love my husband, but he just does not do it for me anymore.”

Watch the female hypergamy hamster run. It is quite a show.