It is better to give than to receive….

I love sexual pleasure. I rejoice in the feel of the orgasm, the feel of a warm and soft and tight vagina engulfing my penis, the soft skin of a woman, the gentle moisture of her lips, the lovely flow of her hair, the smooth curve of her back, the allurement of her stomach and hips and ass, her whole body. Yes, I love the complete abandonment to sensual pleasure. Yes, I rejoice in orgasm. There are few things more pleasurable than the sensation of my semen shooting out of my engorged penis. How anathema this is to the religious fundamentalists! How evil in the eyes of the Holy Catholic Church! My semen, according to ancient Church doctrine, is something evil, and the pleasure felt at orgasm, at the release of that semen, is something terrible, a product of our fallen state, and something which can never be enjoyed outside of the married state, and only enjoyed in a restricted way within the married state. According to traditional Catholic dogma, we are all condemned to a lifetime of hard celibacy if we do not marry, and even if we do marry, there are many conditions on sexual intercourse. To hell with that, I say.

The liberation from the dictates of old, supposedly celibate men on matters of sexuality is sweet indeed. For too long my life had been influenced by the sick moralism of deranged clerics. Now, I am free. Free at last.


There is a type of beauty to the erotic world and I enjoy exploring that beauty. Today I saw many beautiful bodies. To simply see some female beauty is refreshing to the mind and soul. The sensual and sexual loveliness of feminine beauty is a man’s deep addiction, but an addiction willingly and completely enjoyed. The clerics warn us that the eyes are the windows of the soul and we should therefore beware the enticements of sexual beauty; I say the eyes are the vehicles of beautiful visions, the mean to appreciate all the beauty in the world around, including female beauty. Let the clerics flagellate themselves over a glance lasting too long, or a lingering gaze at a beautiful creature, or the momentary lust felt at the sight of some soft and ample cleavage. I will rejoice and enjoy the sights of beauty for as long as I live, without guilt, without shame, without the neurosis of an outdated, demented theology burdening my conscious.


Feminine beauty can be enjoyed in the act of sex, the pure pleasure of the fuck, or it can be enjoyed more at a distance, without any touch, or any acquaintance at all. Either way, it is a gift I most enjoy experiencing, one way or the other.