Making Her Wet…


A little while ago I was with a girl whose sexual experiences have been lackluster, to say the least.

“Why are guys such pussies today,” she asked me. “I always have to tell them what to do!”

I then heard the most common refrain that I hear from so many girls: “I love my boyfriend, but he just does not do it for me in bed. Not even close!”

“Why do you stay with him,” I asked.

“Because he treats me well, and I know he loves me and will never leave me. I don’t ever worry about him sleeping with anyone else.” She said the last part with an amusing laugh, betraying her contempt for his sexual ineptitude.

I have not slept with this girl, nor am I planning to, although on some level she is ripe for seduction. So I will have to see what happens. She is one of those girls, and there are many, who have made the calculated tradeoff between a life of sexual satisfaction and a life of domestic comfort at the hands of a classic beta: “He treats me well, he is always there for me, he does everything I tell him to do, but he does not, nor will he ever, naturally make me wet.”

Women fascinate me. Despite their strange contradictions, and their complete schizophrenia when it comes to sex and love and security, I still love them!

And I know if I ever do sleep with this girl she will say to me afterwards, “Oh my god, people can actually have sex like that!”

And I know she is thinking about it, wondering, fantasizing…and that the intrigue of all this alone is making her wet.

Daily Dose of White Privilege

The thing most hated, and desired, in the world: the blonde hair, blued eyed woman.

The thing most hated, and desired, in the world: the blonde hair, blued eyed woman.

With the the rhetoric about “white privilege” and “white supremacy” being bandied about by certain racial agitation groups, here is an image which I hope pisses them off even more: a beautiful white woman.

Well, some members of these groups will feel racial hatred, others will want her. but none can deny she is the gold standard of worldwide beauty.

Barack Hussein Obama Needs To Be Impeached and Tried for Treason

The worst, most cowardly, craven and treasonous President in American history.

The worst, most cowardly, craven and treasonous President in American history.

Barack Hussein Obama wants to let 65,000 “Syrian refugees” into this country. This man is clearly aiding and abetting the enemy.

The enemy of the United States and the Western world in general is Islam. And Obama wants to let at least 65,000 thousand of them into this country.

Islam and the West cannot coexist, they cannot cohabit, they cannot live within each others societies. We need to let them live in their part of the world, and we will live in our part, and every time they come here and kill some of us, we will go there and kill some of them. Period.


Wholesale expulsion of all Muslims from Western countries is something we need to start thinking about, because the more they grow in numbers, the worse the situation will become, until it finally reaches the point of the final fight to the death as to who is going to win.

But the Western white man no longer has the will to defend himself or his lands, so in the end the Muslim will win, and Notre Dame Cathedral in Paris, so nicely lit up today, will someday be a Mosque.

Google: The Left’s Fantasy World of Diversity

Googles liberal fantasy of diversity for the veteran's of American wars...

Googles liberal fantasy of diversity for the veteran’s of American wars…

This image put up by Google during Veteran’s Day is reflective of the state of fantasy that the infects world of the Left, and, consequently, the rest of our society. This image may seem innocuous, but it reflects a much deeper problem: the West’s modern delusions about the nature of warfare.

From what I can remember, the vast majority of veterans are men, and to be more specific, white men at that. And as far as American wars, most of the dead have been white males.

And yet we do not see this here. What we see is the liberal fantasy, as desired by Google in particular and the Left in general, of diversity and multiculturalism. The two most prominent members of the military here are women. Now, I have no problem with women being part of the Armed Forces, but as far as fighting material, they are not ones who are going to be fighting on the front lines, taking bullets, and doing all the dirty work and heavy lifting that the men do during war.

The one man in the front row seems to be Mexican. It is true there are many honorable Hispanics in the military right now, but as far as veterans in all of America’s wars, they are a minute percentage.

There is one white man in the background. Why is he waving? Perhaps he is saying, hey, don’t forget me, I am the white guy who gave his life countless times for the freedoms that the pussy weeinies of left wing Google employees enjoy. Or perhaps he is simply waving goodbye to America as a once great, homogeneous nation state that had a once great military that used to fight to defend itself from external enemies.

Now this is where this nonsense becomes more serious: I look forward to the next big war, when a half a billion Chinese men will be fighting the pregnant women and affirmative action promoted generals of what was once the great US military.

Who is going to win that battle? It might be wise idea to start teaching your children and grandchildren Mandarin Chinese.

Perhaps the world of the future is going to be divided into two great blocks: the Muslim and Islamic dominated Western and Middle Eastern world, and a Chinese dominated Eastern and Asian world. Africa will remain a continent of complete dysfunction, and a completely Hispanic, North and South America will be a battle ground between Chinese and Muslim control. What was once left of white, Western and Christian civilization will be erased from all memory, from all history books, and regulated to a narrative of the great age of white privilege and oppression.

If the Google version of the military comes to pass, which is the Left’s, the Democrats, and all the European vision of what a military is, then this will someday come to pass.

The liberal madness of diversity goes on and on and on…it is really a religion, with all the appropriate mythology.

Sorry if I am feeling completely dire and darkly cynical these days, but The Death of the West is not going to be a pretty thing…

Paris Is Really About the Religion of Multiculturalism and the Religion of Islam. Guess Who Is Going To Win?

This is the just the beginning...

This is the just the beginning of the new diverse and multicultural Europe…

This great post from Heartiste pretty much sums things up about Paris:

The United States defense secretary (once the Secretary of War) talks about the wonders of “multiculturalism” while the streets of France were still wet with the blood of the infidel.

This is complete insanity.

As I commented in his post, and repeat here:

This the scourge of two competing religions: Islam vs. Multiculturalism. And just as the Islamic fanatic will go to his death believing his religion is right, the white liberal will go to their deaths at the hands of those Muslims believing in the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism.

So who will win? Clearly, the Muslim will be praising Allah while he guts the white liberal who will be mouthing “diversity” until his throat his finally cut and his warm, compassionate blood gushes out.

I am already hearing the shitlib hive commenting about how this not about religion, or about a clash of civilization. Sure, live in your fantasy world, leftist idiots. Your future Muslim masters know that this is precisely about religion and the clash of civilizations. Think about that as they rape your white daughters and grand-daughters and cut your heads off. Think about how wonderful “diversity” is while they pump bullets into you or your loved ones.

Europe is going to lose because they no longer have the will to live and love their own race, culture and history. After the shock is over the people in France will simply return to their lives of socialist comfort and left wing complacency and love of “vibrant multiculturalism”, and they will return to it because it is now their national religion, as deeply ingrained in their minds and souls as much as anything in medieval Christendom was, and just as Islam is the complete, absolute and utterly entrenched national religion of all Muslim countries. It is only inevitable.

And this  is the future for the United States as well.  After all, Hillary Clinton, most likely the next President, has just advocated bringing in 65,000 Syrian refugees into this country.

Oh yes, the streets of America will run with the blood of the infidel! Praise Allah! Praise Diversity and Multiculturalism! Praise the death of the evil White Man!

But I really do not care anymore. Why worry about a people that wants to die? At this point I am simply going to sit back in complete cynicism and watch the whole things collapse.

Paris, November 13, 2015: Welcome to Your Future, Europe

This is France, and Europe's future, at least until Islam finally wins.

This is France, and Europe’s future, at least until Islam finally wins.

Ah yes, the joys of multiculturalism. There are few things like walking around in a blood stained shirt to make your realize how wonderful it is to live among masses of Islamic militants who simply do not love you the same way you love them.

But what are the lives of 150 or so French citizens worth when compared to the incomparable wonders of the new, diverse, and multicultural Europe!

Bring on the Syrian “refugees”, Merkel!

Daily Dose of Beauty


As Europe is overrun by hoardes of religious fanatics who are fundamentally hostile to everything in the Western tradition (of course the same thing could be said about university faculty, especially feminists and all those in “Gender and Women Studies” departments), Racer X would once again like to display one of the glories of Western, European culture and society: the beautiful nude.

To the feminists and worshippers of Allah who find this offensive I say: fuck off and go to hell.

Beauty is eternal.

The Pleasures of Sexual Variety


As a man, I can that there a few things sweeter than experiencing the greatest varieties of sexual pleasures with as many different women as possible. Each woman is different; each one reacts differently to sex: some moan, some scream, some are quiet, others love to talk dirty, some orgasm quickly, others orgasm many times, some love to perform oral sex, some love the taste of cum, others love to be eaten out, some have sweet tasting pussies, others have tangy tasting pussies, some love to have their assholes licked and fingered and fucked, others are quite afraid of such acts, some love to have you cum all over them, others prefer it inside them, some love to get fucked from behind, others like to ride, still others want you on top, some like to eat cum, others don’t, some orgasm easily when you are inside them, others don’t, some love to be spanked, have their hair pulled, and be good submissives, some do not; but in the end, whatever their individual tastes, all ove nothing more than a good, hard, long fuck and inside every woman is her inner slut waiting to be unleashed, by the right man, of course, even if for just one night.

Yes, sharing as much sexual pleasure with as many women as possible has been one of the great joys of my life. The art of seduction is strict and demanding but the rewards are immeasurably great.


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