The Mystical Beauty of the Winter Solstice


We are quickly approaching the shortest day of the year, a day celebrated throughout history as a moment of mystical and religious awe, the Winter Solstice. Although it may seem like a rather depressing moment, the day with the shortest amount of light, the longest night of the year–December 21–the Winter Solstice is in fact one of the best moments of the year: it is the first signs of the eventual spring, for after today the days will start to become longer. Slowly but surely, and over a period of a few months, more and more light will gently descend into our world, and warmth will eventually overcome the chill and frost of winter. The subsequent rebirth of all of nature will only be the final flowering of such blessed light and warmth.

But until that time, still seemingly and painfully far off, we must live through the dark days of Winter. This can be difficult, especially during the gloomy days of late January and early February. Still, the Winter Solstice and the celebrations associated with it are a time of the year to help us prepare for those worst days to come.

What I particularly enjoy about the Solstice is the physical and cultural play of light and darkness, best represented by the Christmas Holiday, and particularly expressed by the Catholic season of Advent. A roughly thirty day period, Advent is that part of the liturgical year which anticipates, and then celebrates in the feast of Christmas, the birth of Christ. Most of our Christmas traditions, at least in the West, are in some way the product of this ancient Catholic season. Various cultures throughout different times and periods have each contributed to what today is the conglomeration of all our Christmas decor, from Christmas gifts to trees, lights, ornaments, and some of the most beautiful music ever created (not to mention, of course, all the delicious food and feasting).

Those who live in northern climates have their different traditions of the winter solstice...

Those who live in northern climates have their different traditions of the winter solstice…

And yet this season itself was originally part of the pagan, pre-Christian world of Roman and other religions or cultures. The solstice, for those societies that understood the astronomy behind the day, has always been celebrated as a day of importance. Despite whatever religious or cultural significance was eventually attributed to this time, it is in effect a celebration of the shortest day and the longest night of the year. I have always found the simple, basic nature of this celebration, the continuation of what must be a very ancient sense of wonder of the natural world around us, something which was celebrated even in neolithic times, fascinating.

There is just something about the play of light and darkness at this time of the year. The artificial display of lights in Christmas decorations on different homes, throughout neighborhoods and businesseses only adds to the ancient charm. Who has not enjoyed the different displays, sometimes quite elaborate if not downright gaudy, that people present this time of the year? I particularly enjoy lights that are big and colorful, those old fashioned Christmas bulbs that are fat and thick and filled with a multiplicity of wonderful colors. At a time when the world is becoming more and more gray, cold and cloudy, such lights are soothing to the soul. The sun is low in the sky, often a cloudy sky, and the few beams of light that seem to trickle through the greyish welkin do little to lift our spirits. The wonderful display of Christmas lights helps to relieve this burden of what is during winter a dull and lifeless world.

Perhaps a bit over the top, but you get the idea...

Perhaps a bit over the top, but you get the idea…

Perhaps one of the most beautiful phrases in the English language is Christmas Eve. What wonderful connotations this has for those fortunate enough to have grown up in a world where gift giving and family ties are important. It is true that many people have not been fortunate enough to enjoy such a blessed time, but that does not negate the basic joy of such a night. Even for those who do not celebrate Christmas or believe in Christ, this is still a time of the year of holiday, freedom from work, and general merriment. Everyone can enjoy Christmas regardless of their own personal beliefs. And then of course there is always the best expression of the meaning of Christmas Eve ever created, Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol, which is still as strong a staple among all the Christmas entertainment this time of year as ever.

Christmas Eve has special memories...

Christmas Eve has special memories…

And it all goes back to this ancient, primordial celebration of the Winter Solstice. What is it about man that he feels the need to express in some religious way these basic movements of nature? After all, as we all know, the Solstice is only a shift of the Earth, a movement that is can seem little more than a fundamental law of nature, devoid of any meaning beyond the physical. And yet we still endow this time with great religious significance. Why?

The light of the solstice can be quite beautiful...

The light of the solstice can be quite beautiful…

I don’t have the answer, except to say that it is part of our innate need to find some beauty in the world, some sense of the Divine and beauty inherent in that, and to celebrate such beauty as a way to bring meaning into our often chaotic existence. The need for beauty is one of the most powerful, and often underappreciated elements in man’s nature. Whether we express this through the religious ritual of Christmas, or just an appreciation of the ancient pagan roots of the Winter Solstice, we continue, in all our modern technological sophistication and arrogance, to be the elemental creatures of nature that we have always been for tens of thousands of years.

The Pleasure of a Good Artistic Nude


I find few things more pleasant than a well done nude painting or photograph. As in all visual arts, the use of shade and color is always important, and I enjoy how different artists enhance natural beauty by the use of different techniques. The purplish hue of this photo is particularly nice, as is, of course, the woman being photographed. Our natural form, when well presented, is always a source of inspiration, and this photograph is quite lovely.

A Lovely Wood Nymph


As winter approaches, such lovely visions as the wood nymph above will have to wait for a few months, but it is always important to remember that after the dark and cold of the next few months, the warmth of spring and summer will return, and so will those delightful creatures. They are now disappearing to their secret winter abodes, but their return will be well appreciated. Such beauty always is.

The Babes of Fox News: The Lovely Anna Kooiman

The lovely Anna Kooiman of Fox news...

The lovely Anna Kooiman of Fox News…

Without doubt, Fox News has the hottest news babes. No other network even comes closes. MSNBC, for the five people who still watch that left wing propaganda machine, is made up mostly of uber-dykes and angry, aging, and ugly feminists, while CNN seems to have an excess of androgynous she-males. Fox, on the other hand, knows how to attract the male viewer, and the best way to attract the male viewer is to present lots of hot news babes, preferably while talking about guns and smelly Islamic fanatics and left wing, socialist-communist democrats.

Her she is, on the right, with two other Fox babes and a very lucky dog...

Her she is, on the right, with two other Fox babes and a very happy looking dog…

Anna Kooiman is a prime example of the Fox news babe: of Dutch origin, this co-anchor of the weekend edition of Fox and Friends, with her blonde hair, blue eyed loveliness is a wonderful thing for a man to see first thing in the morning. Her body is smoking hot, and Fox knows how to show it off to perfection by dressing her in tight fitting short dresses. The best part of the show is whenever she presents  some segment while standing up, this giving us the best possible vision of her perfect, curvacious body. She is usually on air with two dudes, but no one gives a fuck about them. I find it highly irritating when they take up her air time. All we want to see is her.

Anna, in red, with another Fox babe. How I would love to celebrate Christmas with those two!

Anna, in red, with another Fox News babe, Ainsley Earhardt. What a Christmas gift those two would be!

I do love Fox news and the lovely babes of Fox news! God bless America!

Classic Beauties of Hollywood: Fay Wray in King Kong

Fay Wray, the iconic star of King Kong.

Fay Wray, the iconic star of King Kong.

Although not considered one of the stunning beauties of her time, Fay Wray (1907-2004) still had a particular beauty, and this beauty was most memorably displayed in one film, the iconic role that made her famous, as Ann Darrow in the classic King Kong. Although the film is great entertainment, the first great monster movie ever made, with special effects that were, until the creation of Jurassic Park in 1993 never really surpassed, what I find most interesting about this film is its latent, almost forbidden racial eroticism. Fay Wray is the white, soft skinned, fair hair beauty who is under threat from the aggressive, black natives of an distant and primitive land, the most threatening of whom is King Kong himself. King Kong has often been cited as a topical reflection of the white man’s fear of the black man, as a sort of uncivilized and dangerous being, always threatening the borders of white civilization, and, if one watches the film, it is hard not to get that impression. Whether that was the intention of the creators of the film I have no idea; but given that this was made in 1933, such themes and imagery as a reflection of the racial world of its time are hard to ignore.

Fay Wray's dress here only enhances her sexual appeal...

Fay Wray’s dress here only enhances her sexual appeal…

This black man/white woman taboo still exists today. One of the most popular “genres” of porn is black on white, i.,e., white girls being fucked by black dudes, usually with gargantuan penises. In these flicks, the forbidden racial epithet “n-word” is freely used, both by the black and the white performers. And yet even here there are certain rules of engagement: only the white girl is permitted to use the word. If there is a white guy in the performance, you will never hear him utter this. The black actors use the word freely. Given that this is porn, watched by both black and whites in the privacy of their internet laden homes, and given the racial realities of our time, such as the tinderbox of places like Ferguson, Missouri, it is hard not to conclude that the world is indeed a strange and ironic place.

King Kong is often cited as a reflection of state of race relations of its time...

King Kong is often cited as a reflection of state of race relations of its time…

But back to King Kong. I would have to say that Fay Wray’s performance is one of the most sexual of its time. The film is partly about the rawness of nature, the dangers of an unexplored world, and the precarious position of white women within that world. And yet this world elicits an eroticism and sexuality which is in itself primal, brutal and antediluvian. Throughout the film Wray is either writhing, screaming, moaning or passing out; her slender and sinuous form, enhanced by her nearly translucent clothing, seems to project an almost orgasmic intensity. As the film progresses, at least in the strange world of Skull Island, King Kong’s home, Wray’s character becomes more and more eroticized. She slowly loses more and more of her clothing, until finally, in a hazy scene of Kong’s lair, she is actually groped by the gigantic gorilla: Kong plays with her breasts. Such a blatant act of sexuality would even be forbidden on network television today. And yet here in this 1933 pre-code film, such scenes were allowed.

Fay Wray showed quite a bit of skin in this film...

Fay Wray showed quite a bit of skin in this film…

What I enjoy about these older films is how subtlety such sexuality is presented. In today’s world everything is upfront: we see a nude scene, a sex scene, and it seems most films that use such scenes are doing so not for any real artistic merit, but rather simply to entice the audience with some crass stimulation. In King Kong the sexuality is part of the layered texture of the film, and a very important part. If we think of this classic film as indeed reflecting the racial fears of the white society of the time, by whom and for whom the film was made, then this forbidden sexuality, and the fears associated, are perhaps one of its most important–albeit troubling–qualities.

Throughout the film Fay Wray loses most of her clothes, a sort of slow striptease which only heightens the eroticism.

Throughout the film Fay Wray loses most of her clothes, a sort of slow striptease which only heightens the eroticism.

Fay Wray lived to the ripe old age of 97; her role in King Kong will live forever.

To the Lovely Gael…


Gael has commented on many posts of mine, so I think it is time she be officially welcomed into Racer X’s harem of blogger girls. Yes, my lovely bloggers girls, those secretly dirty creatures who enjoy reading my racy writings, who like to confess their hidden desires and darker secrets, who love to fuck and fuck a lot, but perhaps are a bit ambivalent about the societal scorn they may receive if they were to be too open about their desires. So they come here, read and comment upon my posts, and realize that there is a place where they are more than welcome, without scorn or judgment. They can be fully sexual beings in all freedom. We are all sex addicts here. And we love it.

Gael fits into this nicely. She has more than deserved her own special post, the official welcome into my harem of lovely, sexually liberated women. She, like many girls, understands that to be taken by a dominate male is one of the deepest desires of her sex. She also understands the compromises she must make in order to be impregnated by alpha sperm. She is married and she has stated her that her husband has fathered other children from other women; and yet that does not deter her from accepting his natural dominance. As a matter of fact, like most women, this turns her on. In the world of the feminine mind, there is always the superficial denial of what their vagina’s are telling them, namely, to be filled with the best possible specimen of manhood, and this of course leads to the eternal conflict that most women have between finding a man who is a provider, who will obsequiously follow her demands, and a man who is a creator, the independent sort who is driven by conquest, whether social or sexual, and not the conformity required of family life, which is essentially a feminine institution designed for the most part to neuter most males. The woman wants the man who will stick around to help raise the children, and this of course is by necessity required for a healthy society; but she deeply desires the man who will also give her the best possible, strongest and healthiest children. It is very rare that the two are the same. The men who produce the strongest, most audacious offspring, the ones who ultimately drive and rule society, tend themselves to be unruly and ultimately unable to be domesticated. This, as I have said before, is the essence of all sexuality: all women desire alpha sperm. And the lovely Gael is such a woman.

And how I would love to fuck Gael. I can only imagine how a woman such as herself would respond to a lover as skilled and proficient as Racer X. I am up front with all my women about my desires, my needs for freedom and independence, my abhorrence to the shackles of domesticated life; and when women find this out, they tend to find this refreshing, since many of them simply want to be fucked and fucked well by a man who knows how to fuck. Now, Gael may have a husband, but she also, like many women, even those already in thralls of an alpha man, desires a little variety. Perhaps Gael is simply curious, perhaps she merely wants to sample different alpha cock? Or perhaps she is becoming a little bored in her marriage? Whatever the reason, one of my great pleasures in life is pleasuring women who desire to be pleasured without the chains of commitment. But this takes a special kind of man, the kind who can fuck a woman well, yet still feel something for her, even love, without wanting to possess her or be possessed by her. What I have found in my lifetime is that this is another of those secrets of life, the strange and seemingly contradictory desires of the human heart and body that many posses.

But to fuck Gael, yes, to fuck Gael. This would be a great pleasure. I would love to offer her the opportunity to enjoy a different alpha penis. In my imagination, perhaps Gael and I have known each other for a while. Perhaps we work together. Perhaps we have both for quite a while now felt the draw and pull of sexual desire for each other. Perhaps she is hesitant at first. After all, she is married. But Racer X will persuade her to explore the darker sides of life.

Yes, perhaps we would be alone somewhere, perhaps an office after work, alone and free from interruption, and she would be wearing a nice dress. I can imagine taking her, turning her around, bending her over a desk, and hiking up her dress. Then her panties (lacy and pretty of course) would be ripped off. Once she was in the right position, and as I kissed the back of her neck and massaged her breasts with one hand, she would feel the caress of my fingers on her warm and ever moistening vagina, touching and exploring and entering, and I can imagine the feeling of her wetness quickly covering my hand. Perhaps she might resist, touched by the momentary guilt and shame of straying from her husband. “Don’t worry,” I would tell her, “no one needs to know this secret except us. I know you desire some variety and I am here to provide you with this service. You can count on my confidentiality.” And as she feels the heat building between her thighs, stroked by my fingers, her feelings of guilt would slowly subside, and then vanish into the cloudy pleasures of illicit sex. She begins to move her hips around, as she desires to feel me inside her, but I will make her wait, and I will increase her pleasure in a torturous way. At first she thought the feel of my fingers on her hot vagina was delightful, then, when she felt my mouth and tongue slowly and deliciously kissing her, up the back of her thighs, lingering and patient, up and upwards until I finally reach her treasured secrets, again, her now soaked pussy, when she felt my mouth and tongue delighting in her womanhood she would gasp and shudder with excitement, feeling an intense pleasure she had never felt before. “Oh god yes,” she moans as I lick her. She pushes herself into my face as I satiate myself with her warm, tangy juices. I love the feel of them all over my lips and mouth and chin, and I delight in covering my face with all her sexiness. And not content with this I continue kissing her, upwards, exploring and tasting, until finally I bury my face in her ass, and lick her tiny little asshole. She gasps and even screams at this, but she loves the forbidden pleasures, and she loves it even more when I gently insert a finger in her ass, and finger fuck her ass and pussy at the same time. When I then find her clitoris, and run my tongue all around its swollen head, all the while with one finger in her pussy and another in her ass, she screams with delight, and soon I can feel her buck and shudder with orgasmic pleasure…

And then it is time. She is breathing heavily, and without warning I stand up and slowly rub the tip of my now hard penis around the lips of her exceedingly excited vagina, and as I do so she pushes back while I push forward and without hesitation enter her from behind. “Oh god, you feel so huge,” she moans as I fill her up, completely, and fully and without restraint. Yes, my cock deep in her, I begin to thrust, and she pushes back, and I thrust some more, and we fuck like this for a good long time, Gael bent over the table and me behind her, slowly at first but then harder and faster and faster, the room filled with the heavy sounds of fucking, with the sounds of my hands slapping her ass and spanking her and pulling her hair and grabbing her hips and fucking her as hard as I can, fucking over and over and over again and pounding and pounding her, until finally after such a good long, sweaty fuck I can feel my balls begin to explode, and I do explode, so turned on by Gael’s sexual intensity and hotness, her delightful beauty, and I fill that sweet vagina of hers with a fresh load of hot alpha sperm, and she loves the sensation of being filled with the sperm of a strong man other than her husbands. Having emptied my balls into her pussy, I bend over her sweat covered body, her legs trembling with wonderful fatigue, her torso undulating with the heavy panting of a woman who has been fucked and fucked hard and fucked thoroughly, and  push aside her hair and gently kiss the back of her neck and her soft lips.

Still, as a married woman, once she realizes what she has now done, she can not help but feel guilty and ashamed. Her mind is torn between the pleasures of illicit sex and her commitment to her husband. And yet, despite all this, despite the confusion of this moment, the delicious pleasures felt deep within her vagina, the sensation of being taken by yet another man of alpha status, a man who loves to fuck as many women as possible, to pleasure them and give them the upmost pleasure freed from the constraints of societal rules and expectations, despite her ambiguous feelings, Gael also loves the feeling of a good hard fuck by a man who knows how to fuck, and who does not expect anything in return except the sweet memories she may keep hidden in her heart of our secret rendezvous.

And so she returns to her husband, a happier and more satisfied woman, and Racer X has once again helped another marriage and relationship survive and even thrive…

November Beauty


November always has been one of my favorite months. It has a nice balance. Not too cold and not too hot, with the holiday seasons quickly approaching, and the duress of the dread winter still a ways off, November is a time for peace, happiness and a sallow yet still colorful beauty. I always enjoy the stark contrasts between the bright, clear blue skies and the last vestiges of a polychromatic foliage. It is a great time of the year.

And a little bit of loveliness can always enhance a nice fall day…

Beautiful Poetry: John Milton’s “On His Deceased Wife”.

The blind Milton reciting Paradise Lost to his daughters,

The blind Milton reciting Paradise Lost to his daughters,

This is one of my favorite little poems from one of my favorite poets, the great John Milton (1608-1674). Second only to Shakespeare in his esteem as an English poet, and best known for his Christian epic Paradise Lost, Milton was a strange, but very contemporary combination of religious, classical and sensuous thought. Now, most people do not equate Milton with “sensuousness”, yet I have always found his poetry to be some of that most luxuriantly beautiful in the English language. I sense, beneath the religious puritanism of his outward temper, lurked a man of deep passions and desire. His love of beauty was well attested throughout his poetry.

This poem is a beautiful poem, not erotic, but ful of love. It is about his late wife. For those who have lost a loved one, the pain and terror of loss can be truly tortuous. Dreams are particularly painful. In this poem, Milton expresses well the sudden shock and pain that occurs when we dream of lost loved one, only to wake to realize that it was only a dream, a fleeting vision of nothingness but lost hopes and memories.

But it speaks more than anything else of love, and power of love in our lives, even for those who are no longer part of our lives, but still live on in our hearts and minds and souls. Through our belief in God and the eternal spiritual world we hope that we will someday be reunited with them.

METHOUGHT I saw my late espousèd Saint
Brought to me like Alcestis from the grave,
Whom Joves great Son to her glad Husband gave,
Rescu’d from death by force though pale and faint.
Mine as whom washt from spot of child-bed taint,
Purification in the old Law did save,
And such, as yet once more I trust to have
Full sight of her in Heaven without restraint,
Came vested all in white, pure as her mind:
Her face was vail’d, yet to my fancied sight,
Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shin’d
So clear, as in no face with more delight.
But O as to embrace me she enclin’d
I wak’d, she fled, and day brought back my night.


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