Beautiful Poetry: John Milton’s “On His Deceased Wife”.

The blind Milton reciting Paradise Lost to his daughters,

The blind Milton reciting Paradise Lost to his daughters,

This is one of my favorite little poems from one of my favorite poets, the great John Milton (1608-1674). Second only to Shakespeare in his esteem as an English poet, and best known for his Christian epic Paradise Lost, Milton was a strange, but very contemporary combination of religious, classical and sensuous thought. Now, most people do not equate Milton with “sensuousness”, yet I have always found his poetry to be some of that most luxuriantly beautiful in the English language. I sense, beneath the religious puritanism of his outward temper, lurked a man of deep passions and desire. His love of beauty was well attested throughout his poetry.

This poem is a beautiful poem, not erotic, but ful of love. It is about his late wife. For those who have lost a loved one, the pain and terror of loss can be truly tortuous. Dreams are particularly painful. In this poem, Milton expresses well the sudden shock and pain that occurs when we dream of lost loved one, only to wake to realize that it was only a dream, a fleeting vision of nothingness but lost hopes and memories.

But it speaks more than anything else of love, and power of love in our lives, even for those who are no longer part of our lives, but still live on in our hearts and minds and souls. Through our belief in God and the eternal spiritual world we hope that we will someday be reunited with them.

METHOUGHT I saw my late espousèd Saint
Brought to me like Alcestis from the grave,
Whom Joves great Son to her glad Husband gave,
Rescu’d from death by force though pale and faint.
Mine as whom washt from spot of child-bed taint,
Purification in the old Law did save,
And such, as yet once more I trust to have
Full sight of her in Heaven without restraint,
Came vested all in white, pure as her mind:
Her face was vail’d, yet to my fancied sight,
Love, sweetness, goodness, in her person shin’d
So clear, as in no face with more delight.
But O as to embrace me she enclin’d
I wak’d, she fled, and day brought back my night.

Great Alpha Males of History: Sir Richard Francis Burton

Sir Richard Francis Burton

Sir Richard Francis Burton

As we live in our modern, technologically sophisticated world, it is important to remember the great men who came before us, who paved the way for our civilization, Western civilization, and who had the courage, the balls, to explore places on this earth that had up until relatively recently never been explored. Richard Burton (1821-1890) was on of those men. He is truly a fascinating figure, a representative of the more unknown sides of mid nineteenth century Victorian England, the period at which the British Empire was at its zenith, an Empire which was destined to vanish into the annals of history, as all other empires do.

His great fame is as the man who, with John Hanning Speke, searched for and discovered the source of the Nile River, something which had been a complete but alluring mystery for all generations of scholars and explorers up until that time.

Burton may be considered perhaps the last Renaissance man. To quote Wikepedia, he was a “geographer, explorer, translator, writer, soldier, orientalist, cartographer, ethnologist, spy, linguist, poet, fencer, Egyptologist and diplomat.” Truly he was the combination of action and intellect, ambition and courage, idealism and deep learning. Not only did he explore different and dangerous parts of the world, in Asia, Africa and the Americas, but he also explored the various, forbidden parts of nineteenth century sexuality. One of his accomplishments was to translate the Kama Sutra, the Indian text of sexuality, an act which won him much reprobation from the morally upright classes of British society.

An illustration from the Kama Sutra.

An illustration from the Kama Sutra.

He knew at 29 languages, excluding his knowledge of various dialects of those same languages. He famously translated the 1001 Arabian Nights from the Arabic. He explored Islamic culture, disguising himself as a pious pilgrim so he could participate in the religious ceremonies at Mecca.

His accomplishments, included the physical wounds he suffered in his many travels, not only from hostile natives but also from various diseases, are too immense to really expound upon in a blog post. What I can emphasize here, on a blog such as this, is Burton’s interest in human sexuality. As mentioned above, he translated the Kama Sutra. He also translated The Perfumed Garden, an Arabic erotic text of the twelfth century which deals with different aspects of sexuality. His interest in sexuality and erotic literature was scandalous for his time. In his travel books he often writes about the sexual practices of the indigenous peoples he encountered, and it is widely speculated that he achieved such knowledge from his own experiences. .

Burton famously translated this 12th century Arabic erotic work into English.

Burton famously translated this 12th century Arabic erotic work into English.

Burton often faced death in many of his adventures. On one of his early explorations of Africa, he and his crew were attacked by the local natives who killed many of his men, and Burton himself was impaled in the face by a javelin, which entered his left cheek and exited the right. He had a lifelong scars from this. On another trip to Africa he suffered from calves so swollen his only recourse to save his life was to cut his legs in order to let the blood out, something which he did himself, without any aid. Later in life, as a diplomat in Syria, after he had antagonized the Muslim governor of Syria, he was set upon by hundreds of armed horsemen and camel riders trying to kill him. He escaped and later wrote, “I have never been so flattered in my life than to think it would take three hundred men to kill me.”

He also enjoyed simply shocking the staid society of his time. Once, to a priest who was inquiring on whether the more scandalous rumors about him were true, he replied, “Sir, I’m proud to say I have committed every sin in the Decalogue.”

Burton is a good example of how in our own world where masculinity, often under siege from the nefarious, feminist driven world of PC madness as well as grey societal conformity, is little more than a caricature. There is a profound difference between the type of man Burton was and represented and most of the men of today’s world. He was learned. He was cultured. In today’s world, unfortunately, masculinity is too often associated merely with popular sports, such as football, and the idea of learning or culture is considered some type of weakness. Yet our football worshiping Bubbas clad in their sleeveless, Wal-Mart manufactured shirts are mere imposters of masculinity when compared to men like Burton.

The world that produced men like Burton is different from our own. It is worth remembering that were was a time, and that time was not long ago, when being educated, being cultured and civilized was all part of the being a man. Great men of men of the past, such as Julius Caesar, were often both men of action and men of letters. Burton wrote many works, and he wrote and appreciated poetry. I have written posts here on such men who loved poetry, such as General George Patton. And yet what chest thumping, hyper-ventilating, steroid saturated man of today’s world ever reads or even knows anything about poetry. He may spend his time following sports, playing video games, or watching the latest wars on television, but he is basically a creature of a world and society that devalues the ancient traditions and pursuits that men once mastered. (And given the hideous state of modern art, fiction and poetry, with all its ugliness and obscurity, I don’t blame anyone for not being interested.)

The Western tradition of men of action being also men of letters goes back even before the time of Julius Cesar, himself a great example of both.

The Western tradition of men of action being also men of letters goes back even before the time of Julius Caesar, himself a great example of both.

Now it is true that men like Burton are and were rare, even in his own time. He was the ultimate example of something that few could achieve. But he did represent a type of man, a type that now seems to have vanished. Many men were like Burton, if not fully, at least in degrees. Thee great men of the past did love art, learning, poetry and many other intellectual, civilized pursuits. They were also men of action. Such synthesis of different human potentials was expected of the great leaders. In the early days of the twenty first century we have lost such a culture and such expectations at our peril.

Girls Who Love to Fuck


I love a girl who loves to fuck, who loves to explore and fully enjoy all the different pleasures of eroticism. So many girls are uptight and prudish, so when you come across a girl who loves fucking, and who loves to be fucked over and over again, day after day, night after night, you can count yourself lucky.

Give me an unihibited, slutty girl any day. I love a girl who loves to fuck as much as I do. Meeting such girls, fucking them, is one of the great delights of life.

Cleavage vs. Booty Shorts

Cleavage is always nice...

Cleavage is always nice…

As much I enjoy a girl’s ass, I have to say that I find the present fashion craze for booty shorts a bit off-putting. Wearing shorts so short that your ass cheeks are literally hanging out from the bottom is really not all that attractive. It is more trashy looking than anything else. A woman’s backside can be much more impressively enhanced through decent clothing than this latest trend.

Cleavage, on the other hand, is one of the most ancient and traditional methods of feminine allure. It is universal. It always works. I have yet to be at least a little bit enticed by a nice display of cleavage. It rarely looks trashy. Breasts are always those wonderful things that men enjoy, if nothing more than at least visually.

Ass cheeks can rarely be well displayed...

Ass cheeks can rarely be well displayed…

So I say that powers that be in fashion should focus their talents more on beautiful displays of cleavage, rather than the liberation of endless ass cheeks.

Our Evolutionary Future

Is this where the human species  is heading?

Is this where the human species is heading?

As this photo shows, this, with our high carbohydrate, sugar saturated diet, is most likely where we are heading.

Then again, since famine has always been a threat to all societies until recently, and may very well again be someday. I suppose this is not a completely bad thing. We enjoy the luxuries of over abundance. What we need is a little more balance though.

And pork is delicious.

The Beauty of Fall


Fall is a great time of the year. I am not sure which I prefer, spring or fall, but regardless, there is a special quality to fall. The weather is cooler, the colors are brilliant, the atmosphere more lucid and stunning. Gone are the hot and heavy days of summer, and yet there is still enough light left during the day, and warmth in the air to make the time pleasant. October is a month particularly rich in warmth and colors. It begins with the late summer still lingering, (Indian Summer, as we used to call it), and ends with the strange festivities of Halloween. We are still quite a ways from that ritual, but not too early enough to appreciate the dark and orangey hues with which it tends to be associated. Fall in general, and October in particular, seem to emanate with such light.

Then soon enough the first frost will come and the signs of the impending winter, but until those darker days arrive we can still appreciate some of the beauty that the mild and gentle October brings.

Brilliant Acts of Beauty


These are a couple of nice photos for a quiet Saturday. I do not know enough about photography to know what is going on here, as far as the technique or what it is called, but I like the effect of these photos. The incandescent atmosphere seems to enhance her natural beauty in a way that most images suffused with various shades and colors do not. There is a sharp brilliance, not soft and nebulous, as I tend to display in most of the photos here, but something crystalline, like a sharp and beautiful diamond.

Then again, the artistic depiction of beauty is like a diamond or some other precious jewel; we are often absorbed by the pellucid vision that is set before our eyes, marveling that in a world which often contains much darkness and ugliness, God can grant us such pellucid visions of his own loving creation.


And such things can, in turn, give us hope for the future.

The Last Day of Summer


Today is the last day of summer. Yes, it is a sad day. The seasons are changing, the days are growing shorter and colder, and in a few months the brutality of winter will be visited upon us. So here is a bit of oceanfront beauty to commemorate what is the best time of the year, summer, with all its warmth and sunshine. What part of nature better represents the lovely, relaxed days of summer than the beach, and what is the beach filled during the summer but lots and lots of beautiful women.

I can’t wait for next summer.

When You Come Across a Tree Nymph, or Dryad….


You never know what might happen when you come across a tree nymph…

There are many things you can do when you come across a nymph. You may flee, or stand in awe. As I have said before, nymphs can be dangerous creatures, and one engages them at one’s own peril. More than one hapless mortal has found personal destruction at the hands of these alluring creatures.

But sometimes nymphs are interested in little more than erotic pleasures. This is the wonderful thing about nymphs: their love of sexual pleasure, for the sake of pleasure, without any expectations beyond the enjoyment of pleasures. If you are lucky enough to come across such a nymph, or a nymph in such a mood, you may experience things you have never imaged. Sex with a nymph is always an intense, other worldly experience, as these creatures are ultimately sprung from the world of divine mysteries.

One of many types of nymphs who inhabit the woods are tree nymphs, or Dryads. And as the photo above shows, this is what may happen when you come across the right kind of Dryad. A walk in the woods can always bring unexpected delights…

The woods hold many mysteries...

The woods hold many mysteries…

How I love nymphs….!


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