Monday Morning Sunshine


Monday’s can always be a bit difficult, especially after a nice weekend, but a bit of sunshine and some alluring beauty can always help lighten the day, and begin the week on a good note. Erotic beauty always has that potential.

And if she starts the week off in a bitchy mood, a firm spanking will be required to help rectify the situation. A good spanking always has that potential.

And the woman above is quite spankable.

The Pleasures of Summer Loving


Some of the best loving happens during summer. I especially enjoy sex during a good thunderstorm, and last night my lover and I more than enjoyed such an experience. Hot, heavy and sweaty fucking amid thunder and lightning is always intense, and when you are fortunate enough to have a lover who loves to fuck all night long, well, such nights are always memorable.

Which reminds me, it has been sometime now since I have written a good, erotic post. It is time for Racer X to return to his blogging bread and butter.

Daily Dose of Beauty


This is a nice photo. I particularly like the blue hue, the hazy atmosphere that enshrouds her body, which we see, not wholly, but enough to let us appreciate her beauty. Blue is personally my favorite color, so I am biased here in my appreciations. This is a fine example of a beautiful nude photo.

Once again, when there is so much erotic trash in the world, it is refreshing to see good nudes done artistically. It is an ancient and legitimate art form. And yet there are still many in our society, and in the world in general, who are extremely uncomfortable about such expressions of human beauty. One of the reasons I write this blog is to do what I can to lesson this old but persistent puritanism. I advocate the proper place for good erotica in our world, as opposed to the proliferation of trashy porn, as well as an awareness of a good, safe and healthy sexuality for all types of peoples, regardless of their ethnic, cultural or religious background. Wherever we are from, one thing is common throughout the world: the power of eroticism and sexuality in our lives, and the different ways different societies and individuals embrace or reject this fact of nature.

How I Love Beautiful Women!


It cannot be said too often how delightful beautiful women are! I love them. I can’t imagine living in a world (such as in certain societies) where women are completely covered up, and feminine beauty is considered a dangerous thing to be avoided. Beauty touches the soul. Beauty lifts the soul. Beauty adds a brightness to life. As a man, the sight of a beautiful woman is always uplifting. Now, admittedly there is certain idealizing in my pursuit of beauty, but that does not lessen the power of actual, physcial beauty in the world. Nature can convey beauty. A poem can convey beauty. A work of art can convey beauty. So can a woman. A beautiful woman depicted in a work of art is another form of that delight.

Of course the erotic element cannot be separated from such enjoyments. It is simply a part of life. But the carnal and sensual does not diminish the mystical or spiritual quest for beauty; rather, all these compliment each other, and the finest enjoyment of beauty is often when such pleasures are mutually appreciated and experienced.

There are many types of beauty in the world, but one of the finest is the beautiful woman. All men know what I am talking about.


Sunday Beauty


This is a gorgeous photo. I particularly enjoy the play of the soft, green fabric against her skin and sinuous form. You can easily see this model as someone Titian or Manet would have enjoyed painting. It can never be said too often how delightful a good nude is. It is pure beauty. And pure beauty is good for the soul, which is a nice thought for a Sunday.

The Pleasures of Dominance and Discipline

The pain and pleasure of a good spanking is a good way to tame your woman...

The pain and pleasure of a good spanking is a good way to tame your woman…

A woman needs to be disciplined on a regular basis. If not, she will make your life hell. The easiest, the quickest way to instill a regimen of discipline is through spanking. Yes, spank her, and spank her often. You should give her a good spanking no less than once a week, and, if she is particularly unruly, at least once a day. You should spank her hard enough that her ass cheeks turn red, and she begs you to stop. You need to show her that you are in control, the dominant one; if you don’t, she will end up having contempt for you, and secretly desire the sperm of a stronger man. She may even find this alpha sperm, while you cluelessly continue to submit to her unpredictable, unruly feminine emotions and eventually raise a child who is secretly not even yours.

What most men don’t understand is that women want feral men. They may end up marrying the beta providers, but they will always desire the superior sperm of the more dominant male. This is the essence of all of nature, and humans are not immune. In order to ensure the possibility of the best gene pool, the female sex of all species wants to be impregnated by the most potent male, and the most potent males are often, if not usually, those who are the most difficult to domesticate. The caveman lurks deep within our psyches, and women always, if not admittedly then at least secretly, desire the strength, the sperm and the cock of the caveman.

Yet society has its norms, rules and regulations: money, homes, mortgages, financial and social stability, etc., these are the things that also ensure the survival and success of one’s offspring. The caveman tends not to be good at these skills. He wants to conquer, to fuck, and to move on to the next conquest. The caveman wants to be out in the world, exploring and discovering, and he craves his freedom; the beta provider is happy to stay at home and act like the pussy is some Tide commercial .

Still, it is not impossible for the caveman to find married happiness. It can happen. But it is rare to find a man who can both master the inner ferocity of his primitive being, while at the same time maintaining a stable and strong household for his wife and children. If he can do this, without losing his dominance, he can achieve a happy married life. This takes the consent of a woman who desires to be given over to a powerful man. It also takes the natural inclination of the right man. Such personalities cannot be faked. You either have it or you don’t.

But he must always remember this first principle: spank her, spank her often, and spank her hard.

Then fuck her brains out and she will love you even more.

Another Lovely Summer Nymph

These Nereid. or sea nymph, seems to have found a nice resting place.

This Nereid. or sea nymph, seems to have found a nice resting place.

You never know where you my espy a nymph. These creatures are mostly secretive, yet occasionally they show themselves. I think perhaps a reality tv show might be in order, sort of in the mold of all those shows about finding ghosts or bigfoot. I think such a show could be quite successful.

This nymph, perhaps a Nereid, or sea nymph, seems to have found this bit of rock to rest upon. Perhaps she was pursued recently by some god or lesser divinity? Perhaps she is merely presenting herself in order to trap some unsuspecting traveler. Or perhaps she is simply enjoying the nice summer sun.

Whatever the case, I love nymphs. And whenever I come across one, even though it can be quite dangerous. I always enjoy the encounter. But then again, so far I have been lucky.

Cheerleaders: A Great American Tradition


As we celebrate the birth of a nation this day, the day on which the fledgling United States declared their independence from the British Empire, let us give thanks for many of the gifts that this great country had brought us. There are many we things we could celebrate today, many wonderful delights of peace, freedom and prosperity, but there is one gift in particular I would like to celebrate on this uniquely American holiday, and that is the uniquely American tradition of the cheerleader.

From what I know, no other country or culture has this wonderful institution. Without a doubt the cheerleader, like the cowboy and the Western or blues music, is a sole American tradition, created in this great land, nourished through the years, and continuing today as an essential part of the fabric of American culture. There are many types of cheerleaders today, from amateurs to professionals, but the college cheerleader is perhaps the most ubiquitous of them all, given the number of college sports programs and the importance of college sports in America. They perhaps best embody the lovely beauty of this all important institution.


So here is a July 4th celebration of the cheerleader, those lovely creatures of enthusiastic, even Dionysian worship of sport and athletic contests. And they, like the god Dionysus himself in ancient Greece, have taken on a mythological lore in the annals of this great country, the United States of America.


God bless America, and God bless all cheerleaders!

Kendall Jones: Wildlife Conservationist or Shameless Attention Whore?

Kendall Jones, Texas Tech cheerleader/big game hunter.

Kendall Jones, Texas Tech cheerleader/big game hunter.

This petite, nineteen year old Texas Tech cheerleader has apparently caused quite a bit of outrage recently by posting Facebook photos of her big game kills in Africa.

I am not sure quite what to make of her. Is she is shameless attention whore, or is she actually a thoughtful conservationist, as she claims? Perhaps she is a bit of both. Seeing anyone gloating over the carcasses of animals as majestic as elephants, lions, leopards or rhinos, most of which are seriously endangered, is disturbing. Still, she makes the case that she is actually helping the threatened populations of these creatures by giving them a legitimate monetary value for the locals they otherwise would not have. This in turn actually helps preserve the wildlife. A dead elephant helps to feed many local families. Perhaps she is helping, perhaps not. There is a movement to force Facebook to take down her page; I don’t agree with that, as once again we see that the first response for people who don’t agree with someone’s life is to try and silence them in the public sphere.

Most hunters are actually quite sensitive about the ecological fragility of our world, more so than most people. They are interested in the preservation of wildlife, not only for their own interests of hunting them, but for the overall balance of nature. I don’t have a problem with hunting. It is, after all, one of our oldest human instincts.

A bit too enthusiastic about this kill?

A bit too enthusiastic about this kill?

I can only hope she is following that mode, and not simply trying to make a name for herself by killing big, and often endangered, game in Africa. If the later is true, then she is shameless attention whore (apparently she is looking to start some sort of reality tv show, which makes me wonder about her real motives). Time will tell what her true motives are. Hopefully they are good, and will end up being good for the wildlife of Africa. It is a difficult balance at the moment, and will be for the foreseeable future: the demands of local populations, industrialization, expanding urban areas, and the traditional domain of many of the wildlife of Africa (as well as other continents). At the moment it does not look good for the future of these animals; but there is still time to preserve them, before they disappear from the wild. Once that happens, if it happens, the world will be a much poorer place.

A chick packing heat is hot.

A chick packing heat is hot.

Whatever the case, she is hot, and a girl carrying heat is hot.


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