The Lovely Hannah Davis


This girl has been recently featured on Dish commercials. I was not sure who she was, but after a bit of research I found out she is Hannah Davis. A former model for Victoria’s Secret, as well as the girlfriend of Derek Jeter, she was the cover girl of the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

A nice spring vision...

A nice spring vision…

For those of you who appreciate feminine beauty, this girl is a fine example. Her eyes are particularly stunning.


In a world filled with so much crudeness and ugliness, a few nice photos like this can help to lighten the soul.

The Tropical Beauty of Blue


Blue is my favorite color and this photo is filled with luscious blues. One of the things I enjoy about the tropics are all the different shades of blue that seem to infuse the environment. There is the celestial blue of the sky and the marine blue of the ocean and all types of blue in between, whether it be the light, happy turquoise painted on the many stuccoed buildings, the dappled teal painted on the many exotic birds, or the lovely azure painted deep within the eyes of someone you love.

Yes, the tropical world contains many types of stunning blue beauties…

Happy May Day!


May is my favorite month of the year. It is the true beginning of the perpetual warmth of spring and summer, and the flowering of so much beauty. It is a time of optimism. The days are still getting longer and the sun warmer and warmer, without the oppressive heat that often accompanies the peak of summer. In short, May seems like a month of ideal beauty. And this is only the first day of the month!

Sunday Spring Beauty


As Sunday is traditionally a day of spiritual renewel, this lovely photograph is a nice reflection of God’s wonders in the world. The colors are fanatastic, and seem to be painted by the great Creator himself. The wood nymph languorously resting on the tree branch reminds us that beneath the outward show of nature there is an entire realm of usually unseen spiritual beings. For some unknown reason this special nymph has allowed herself to be seen. We can only thank her and her contribution to the delights of the scene.

All in all, this photo is a brilliant testament to the beauties of spring.

More April Beauty


As the warmth of April grows, so do all the sights of beauty. At long last we can say that winter is now over. Light becomes more prevalent, and with light, joy and happiness. Beauty manifests itself in many forms, but the beauty of April has its own unique and special power.

This is just the beginning of the best time of the year!

April Beauty


Finally April has arrived! This is the first true month of Spring, of warmth and growing sunshine and the rejuvination of a grey and long dormant nature. It is time once again to enjoy all the beauty and delights of this most wonderful of months. And there are now many more happy months of such pleasures ahead of us.

I love April!

Now That Spring is Officially Here, the Oceanides Have Returned!


As the rays of the blessed sun now strike the northern hemisphere more directly and draw our world into spring, I can only anticipate with the greatest pleasure all the delights of beauty that this wonderful time of the year will provide. It is still early, and March can be a cruel months, but the light and happiness of the eventual spring never fails.

This particular nymph, an Oceanid or sea nymph, has just returned from her long sojourn away from the wintry world, and is now ready to charm us with her mythical powers.


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