Sunday Spring Beauty


As Sunday is traditionally a day of spiritual renewel, this lovely photograph is a nice reflection of God’s wonders in the world. The colors are fanatastic, and seem to be painted by the great Creator himself. The wood nymph languorously resting on the tree branch reminds us that beneath the outward show of nature there is an entire realm of usually unseen spiritual beings. For some unknown reason this special nymph has allowed herself to be seen. We can only thank her and her contribution to the delights of the scene.

All in all, this photo is a brilliant testament to the beauties of spring.

More April Beauty


As the warmth of April grows, so do all the sights of beauty. At long last we can say that winter is now over. Light becomes more prevalent, and with light, joy and happiness. Beauty manifests itself in many forms, but the beauty of April has its own unique and special power.

This is just the beginning of the best time of the year!

April Beauty


Finally April has arrived! This is the first true month of Spring, of warmth and growing sunshine and the rejuvination of a grey and long dormant nature. It is time once again to enjoy all the beauty and delights of this most wonderful of months. And there are now many more happy months of such pleasures ahead of us.

I love April!

Now That Spring is Officially Here, the Oceanides Have Returned!


As the rays of the blessed sun now strike the northern hemisphere more directly and draw our world into spring, I can only anticipate with the greatest pleasure all the delights of beauty that this wonderful time of the year will provide. It is still early, and March can be a cruel months, but the light and happiness of the eventual spring never fails.

This particular nymph, an Oceanid or sea nymph, has just returned from her long sojourn away from the wintry world, and is now ready to charm us with her mythical powers.

Snow Nymph

Winter, though a difficult season, does offer its own kind of beauty...

Winter, though a difficult season, does offer its own kind of beauty…

In honor of this never ending winter, here is lovely snow nymph. Hopefully this will be the last post dealing with snow or any winter weather of any kind for a while. Although a bit of beauty such as this helps to lessen the burdens of winter, I still long for the sun and warmth of spring!

Hello, March

March, and spring mean the return of such beauties as this, a lovely forest nymph.

March, and spring mean the return of such beauties as this, a lovely forest nymph.

Now that a most brutal February has finally passed, we can welcome March into the year of 2015. Although March can be cruel–snow and cold are not uncommon in the first two weeks of March–by the end of the month, with the lengthening days and more abundant light, we can begin to enjoy burgeoning spring. Yes, we being to feel light and warmth, the lovely wonders of spring.

March is the month that spring begins, and spring is the time when those lovely and mysterious forest nymphs, sorely absent during the cruelty of winter, return to our world. I can hardly wait. My soul longs for such visions of beauty.

Mars is also named after the Roman god of warfare, Mars. It is named so because March was the month in the calender year that men could, after the cold of winter, once again resume the ancient habit of warfare. One of the great stories in the mythology is the union of Venus and Mars, the goddess of love and the god of warfare, both of whom represent the deeper and often more destructive passions of man. Poets and artists throughout the ages have enjoying depicting the two together, often in the few moments after they have had sex. One of my favorite depictions is that by the great Italian artist Botticelli, a man who knew how to paint beautiful women with a sensuality like few others have.

Venus and Mars, by Botticelli, ca. 1483.

Venus and Mars, by Botticelli, ca. 1483.

I am sure most women would find the image of the virulent but now sleeping Mars after his sexual liaison with Venus rather amusing. Even gods have their weaknesses.

Snow Red


As February nears a close, a little bit of color to help lessen the drabness of winter is needed. Color hints of spring. And red hints of the passions that come with spring and summer. Let’s hope they all come sooner than later.

Ancient Beauty: The Egyptian Pyramids


It always amazes me when I think of how the pyramids were built around 2,500 BC. That makes them roughly 4,500 years old. I love to think of how, for that period of time, through all the passing of different eras, empires and nations, these great structures have stood. Generation after generation of vastly different people from vastly different societies have gazed upon these structures, virtually unchanged in all that time. Nations have passed, languages have been born and died, religions have come and gone, but the pyramids remain. It has been suggested that if all of mankind were to disappear in some sort of apocalyptic plague or war, within 10,000 years all our buildings would be completely consumed by the natural world and nothing would be left–except the pyramids.

There is such a stark and simple beauty to these structures that one never really tires of admiring them. And given the stark beauty of the Egyptian landscape, it is easy to understand how we have been seduced by their romance for so many thousands of years. As monumental tombs for the early pharaohs of Egypt to help them on their journey to the afterlife, and as the greatest physical structures ever built to express man’s longing for the divine, celestial sphere of the heavens, their spiritual and religious awe can still strike us today. They do indeed still seem to fulfill their ancient purpose of reaching out and actually joining with the sky and the sun.


The pyramids are truly timeless and timeless beauty is often the best kind of beauty.


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