Why watch the homoerotic Super Bowl when you can watch the hot babes of Curling?

Two of the curling babes on the Russian national team

Two of the curling babes on the Russian national team

While a great portion of America is at the moment engaging in the annual idiocy of the Superbowl, a time when the power of corporate America is perhaps demonstrated more stunningly than ever, it is good to remember that there are other sports in the world.

One of them is Curling.

Now, why a great mass of men enjoy watching other men in tight, crotch enhancing pants jump all over each other, mingling their sweat and other bodily fluids in what looks like a vigorous orgy straight out of the most unabashed gay bathhouse in San Francisco, is a mystery to me. Football is perhaps the most homoerotic sport in the world.

Jamie Sinclair, a team USA babe.

Jamie Sinclair, a team USA babe.

What is amusing about the sports world, which is a rife with pc orthodoxy as any other, especially when it comes to the sports broadcasting networks such as ESPN, is that, at least among the male sports, open homosexuality is absolutely forbidden. Are we to believe that out of all the players on all the NFL and college rosters, there is not a single gay man? If so, the NFL is living in a world which is as delusional as Iran (where the government has publicly stated that there are no homosexuals in Iran). Of course there are homosexual players in the NFL, as in all sports. It is just that they are completely forbidden from ever expressing that openly, at least while they are playing. It is one of last taboos of the professional sports entertainment world, and one I do not see changing anytime soon.

Anna Sidorova, another stunning beauty of Russian curling.

Anna Sidorova, another stunning beauty of Russian curling.

I find amusing how the major sports networks present themselves as the great moral arbiters of racial and social matters, especially when it comes to phenomena of the “black quarterback” or “domestic violence”. Win or lose, I could care less about Cam Newton’s role as a force of racial “progress”. If he wins he will be beloved, if he loses he will not. It is that simple. And why is anyone surprised when players in a sport that is based on extreme violence end up beating their girlfriends or, like O.J., even killing their ex wives.

Oh, and it turns out poor Cam lost the game. I guess he won’t be engaging in his revolutionary dance in the end zone anytime soon. Thank god.

I personally despise the worship of professional sports in our society. Football and basketball are the most egregious, but others not far behind. I think baseball is perhaps the most elegant and graceful and difficult of all the major sports, but the outrageous salaries of the players means that I will never attend a game. There is no way in the world that I am going to pay to watch players who make more money during one game than I do in an entire year.

I have found over the years that it is the amateur sports, the ones where the athletes are unknown, and barely compensated, that tend to be the most enjoyable to watch. It is just sport for sport, without all the ridiculous entertainment that the big power sports of the NFL and the NBA now push on their followers.

The amount of money that the owners of the NFL teams make on this sport is astronomic. They consistently pressure cities to fund their lavish and outlandish stadiums. What a deal! A wealthy multi-billionaire owner gets a city to pay for his team’s stadium, they play there for a couple of decades, then, when the money starts to dry up, they move on to another city that will do the same thing. The saga of the LA Rams-St. Louis Rams, and now again LA Rams is a good example of this.

Then, when the television adds are considered, the Superbowl is a feast of Neronian dimensions. “Circenses et panem”, “Circuses and bread”, was the phrase used by the Roman satiric poet Juvenile to describe the opiates that helped keep the masses of citizens in Rome content in the first century AD. Through mass entertainment and government welfare, the Roman citizens were content with their lot, the elites in power kept things quiet and enriched themselves; but the internal and external pressures that were to eventually unravel Roman society in the centuries to come, and turn the great arenas such as the Colosseum into nothing more than shells of their former selves, where already brewing beyond the borders of the Roman empire. So we too engage in this annual orgy of sheer stupidity, while national debt increases, foreign powers grow stronger, and the mass migration of people fundamentally hostile to Western civilization continues into our societies unabated.



The NFL, a private corporation, has cleverly raised the Superbowl to a national holiday, and during the game, while people are stuffing their face with chips and wings and beer, every major corporation inundates them with messages of what to buy. I cannot think of a greater marketing coup.

Yes, so many billionaire CEO’s pockets are lined by this event that Bernie Sanders should really be outside the stadium during the game protesting.

Of course this is not mention the long term damage this sport does to the players.There is more than enough evidence to show that brain damage is a quite common result of a sport where violent blows to the head are simply part of the game. The most recent case is that of the former quarterback for the Oakland Raiders, Ken Stabler, who died this year from colon cancer, but whose brain was offered to science. The examination clearly showed he suffered from what is now known as CTE, or chronic traumatic encephalopathy, a degenerative brain disease caused by constant blows to the head.

Sometimes you really have to wonder...

Sometimes you really have to wonder…

We have thick skulls for a reason: to keep the brain safe.

Not that I have any sympathy for football players, I don’t. They are adults and they know what they are getting into, and most would say that they would do it all again even if they suffer from personal injuries for the rest of their lives after they retire. What I find most amusing is the entertainment that others derive from watching grown men pound each other into a state that will eventually destroy the lives of some, if not many of the participants.

But who cares? The corporations make a ton of money, the fans get their annual opiate of sport, and the players get fat paychecks, until at least they are so incapacitated by their old injuries that they can no longer function as normal human beings.

More Anna Sidorova showing us here feminine charms...

More Anna Sidorova showing us here feminine charms…

Now, back to curling, which just happened to be broadcast at the same time as Superbowl 50. So, tell me which one is more pleasing to the eye: gigantic men putting their faces in each other’s sweaty asses at the bottom of a pile, or sweet looking babes in black tights gently guiding a hard object down a sheet of ice and screaming, “Hard, hard, hard….yes”, as they do so.

This is much more pleasing to see than a bunch of dudes groping each other in one big sweaty pile...

This is much more pleasing to see than a bunch of dudes groping each other in one big sweaty pile…

Now, I do not want to denigrate the actual sport of football too much; as an athletic contest, it certainly can be compelling; as far as the players, I do respect their athletic ability. There are many good, fine and disciplined athletes who play this sport. Football is tough and difficult. Even I enjoy watching it on occasion. All sports, including football, often contain great drama and intrigues. They have their rightful place in any healthy society.

What I find amusing is this complete obsession with the Superbowl as the greatest sporting event of the year, when there are so many other sporting events practiced by many athletes that never see the light of day beyond their small band of followers.

More of the lovely Jamie Sinclair...

More of the lovely Jamie Sinclair…

But If you don’t at least want to switch the channel for a few seconds during the Superbowl to see such loveliness as the babes of Curling , even if just for a moment, and your eyes are continually riveted on the tight asses and big penile bulges of all those manly football men, you really have to question whether or not you are part of the secret, underground and forbidden world of NFL homosexuality.

Once More, to the Lovely Gael…


So, Gael had been a bad girl. She needed to be disciplined. However, she needed a special case of discipline. For this, I had a special place to take her.

For a while Gael and I had been engaging in a flirtatious dance. I knew she was married, and she often talked about her husband in the most glowing terms. She seemed quite happy. And yet beneath this happiness I also sensed something more, something I have seen in many women: the desire for something different, something new, the desire to be filled with another man other than the one they are with. I had learned from my experiences over the years that this is a desire many women have, but will never admit, not even to themselves. I often wondered where this impulse in women came from, and I really don’t know, except that it is there. I suppose it is partially related to the ancient biological fact that after five years or so a woman may need to be impregnated by a different man for no other reason than to assure a healthy and diverse gene pool for the species. Although this may have been important 50,000 years ago, as our distant ancestors struggled to survive, today it is much less so. We now live in a different society, so our needs are different. And yet what is not different is that we are still fundamentally the same creatures that we were 50,000 years ago. In biological terms, little has changed. Despite our highly sophisticated, technological society, we are still the basic flesh and blood creatures as we have always been.

So I sensed this issue with the seemingly content Gael, and one day while we were at lunch at a local restaurant, I mentioned it to her. What surprised me was her openness to discuss this. Gael and I had known each other for a while, and I always felt the sexual tension between us. We always got along quite well and talked openly, but never this openly. It was a pleasant surprise.

“I am such a slut,” she confessed. Even though I have a husband, and we make love, I still desire the feel another man. I don’t know why, but I just do.”

This conversation went on for a while, for a few weeks, until one day, sensing that Gael was feeling particularly frustrated in the sexual realm, I decided to address her problems more directly.

“Well, my dear, you are a problem, aren’t you? Still, I have ways of dealing with girls in such situations. Trust me, there are a lot of women who desire such things, but there are few men who can successfully deliver to them what they need. Fortunately, for you, I am one of those men.”

“What do you mean? What are you talking about,” she said, feigning a slight indignation at my boldness.

“You know what I am talking about. Trust me, I have heard that same thing from many women my entire life. You have known me for a while Gael, you know I never wanted to get married, that I enjoy being single, and that I enjoy many women. And you know what that means underneath it all.”

“I feel so guilty,” she said as she bowed her head in shame. A tear welled up in her eye. “What would my husband think?”

“Don’t feel guilty,” I told her, “unless I tell you to be. In the meantime, I have an appointed time and a special place to help you with your problem. When that time comes, I will let you know.”

“When,” she asked eagerly.

“I will tell you. Be patient. A good girl must learn to be patient. If she is not patient, she will have to be disciplined.”

Time passed. I told Gael I would call her when the treatment was to begin. I knew she was eager to begin, to explore what I had to offer, but I also knew she needed to wait. Patience is a virtue most people lack today, and Gael was no exception. I did not blame her. Still, I knew I needed to help her with this, to teach her the different ways of desire and pleasure and sensuality, but I could only help her if I knew she truly was ready and wanted my help. Otherwise, if she were not ready, nothing would work, and I would not be able to reach her sexually. I could only imagine how each day must have felt for her, as she waited, but wait she must; each day passed into each week, and then each month, and, just as I thought she must have lost all hope of ever experiencing her special treatment, I called her and told her it was time to begin.

“Are you ready?”


“Yes, what?

She paused. “I am not sure”

“You must always call me sir when I ask you a question, understood,” I said firmly.

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. You must learn first and foremost how to address me. It is an important first step in the world you are about to enter.”

“Now, I want you to meet me a certain place, and from there we shall begin. This is a special place that only I know of, and you are not to mention it to anyone else. It is a house I own on the outskirts of town. It is a special place that only special women are invited to. And you are a special woman now, Gael.”

I then gave her the address and the time and date of our meeting. “It won’t be difficult to find. And don’t be late.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And one other thing…”


“Be sure you wear something nice, something feminine. You must wear a nice dress, pretty but still sexy, but not too revealing. Reveal just enough so other men might notice you, but not so much that you look like a total slut. I don’t like that. I like my women to look pretty and feminine, but not trashy.”

“Yes, sir.”

“And be sure to wear something pretty underneath, that is important to, but I will leave the details of that up to you.”

“I will be sure.”

“Good, my dear. And be prepared to experience pleasure such as you have never experienced before.”


When she arrived at my place I took Gael by the hand and led her inside. She was dressed as I wanted: a short red dress with spaghetti straps. The material was sheer and flowed seamlessly over her feminine form. Her long brunette hair hung gently over her shoulders and down the top of her back; her neck and upper arms were delightfully soft and enticing. She was a woman, the type I like, with full breasts and nice, rounded hips, a woman who was alluring and inviting and brimming with a suppressed sensuality. Her reddened lips looked especially lovely and inviting.

Once she arrived, I stood behind her. “So, you have now taken your first important step. You have come here. Now, are you ready to enter a different world, a world you never knew existed?”

“Yes, sir”

“Good, we must not waste anytime. You have already waited too long.”

Then I gently blindfolded her and whispered into her ear. “Now, my dear, you have been very bad. Here you are, married and all, and your husband does not even know what you are doing. What sort of wife are you?”

“A bad one, I know. I feel so guilty.”

I slowly ran my hand down her back. “Why is that?”

“I love him but he does not do it for me in bed. He is a dud. He treats me well, he worships and adores me, he has ever since we first met. All he wanted was just to be with me. But he is a pussy and a wimp and I boss him around like his is my lap dog. We have always been that way. I don’t even like his body. He is soft and chubby and totally out of shape and how can any woman find that attractive. Sometimes I hate him for that. Being with him always makes me crave being with a real man. But I could never leave him. I just need something more right now.”

“Well now you have your opportunity. Tonight you will finally experience what it is like to feel true, strong masculine passion.” I then kissed her on her neck, a soft and delicate kiss. She moaned gently. “Are you ready, dear. Are you ready to finally feel the type of pleasure a woman should feel?”

“Oh, god, yes”.

I then slapped her on her ass and sternly raised my voice. “Yes, what?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good. Now, I am going to have my way with you, Gael, and you are going to give yourself to me, all of you, every bit of your being and body. You will be all mine. You will obey everything I tell you to do. You will be the submissive, and I will be your dom. Do you understand me? And trust me, once I am finished with you, you will be a transformed woman.”

I then gently moved the spaghetti straps of her dress over her delicate shoulders and down her upper arms. “Do you understand,” I whispered again into her ear. “Do you understand that I am going to dominate you, and that you will be submissive to me and to my will, and that you will experience a pleasure you have never felt before?”

“Oh yes, yes I do”

“Do you want this?” I kissed the back of her soft neck and ran my hands up her sides and over her hips and then cupped her breasts.

“Yes, yes sir, I do. I want this. I want you. I want to feel real pleasure, and I want to finally know what it feels like to be a woman in the hands of strong man. I want to be dominated. I want a strong man to make love to me.”

And with that I pulled the spaghetti straps down her arms and let the dress gently fall off her body. Then I pushed her back slightly and looked at her.

“Ah, I see you are wearing some nice lacy black panties. And a similar bra. I like that. Too bad they will not be on you for too long.”

I then kissed her lips, and the warmth and electricity of our kiss passed through both of us. I knew instantly that we would be united this evening by a wonderful, almost sublime energy. Such experiences can be almost spiritual.

And with that I took her in my arms, picked her up and carried her to my bed. She put her arms around my shoulders.

“Oh, you are so strong,” she whispered as she felt the muscles in my back and shoulders and upper arms. “I like that.”

I carried her to the bedroom and placed her on the bed. She looked lovely laying there, her cute black lingerie enhancing her curves, and I wanted little more than to completely ravish her on the spot; but I knew I had to wait. Gael needed to be taught many things this night, and she had to be taught with the slow thoroughness that was my usual method.

She was still blindfolded.

“Now, Gael, first we must teach you the art of true submission.”

“Yes, please, I want to be taught.”

I quickly turned her over and slapped her ass again. Then I slapped it again even harder. “Yes, what?” My voice was stern again. “Did I not tell you to address me only a certain way?”

“Oh, yes, yes, sir.”

“Good. You are beginning to learn. Now, you must be ready for something special.”

“I am, sir, please.”

I then took two neckties that were lying on the bed and wrapped her wrists in each one.  I tied her hands to the bedposts. “I am going to leave your legs free, because that way I can better pleasure you in different ways. But your hands are going to remain tied up until I feel you deserve to be freed. Do you understand?”

“Yes, sir.”

“Good,” I said softly, as Gael lay there, blindfolded and her hands tied to the bed. I then kissed her stomach and ran my hand over her thighs and the fabric of her black panties and up over her hips and breasts while my mouth moved up her body until our mouths met again and we kissed a most long and sensual kiss and as we kissed I ran my hand back down over her breasts and stomach and ran my fingers under the lacy fabric of her black panties until I felt the warm moisture of her desire on my fingertips.

She moaned softly when she felt my fingers touch the lips of her vagina. I ran them gently around her, a bit inside her, but not all the way, and before I lifted them back up and out of her panties I felt her already swollen clitoris and I knew she was a nicely aroused. I kissed her again. “You are quite lovely, Gael”. She kissed me back and our tongues met.

Then, with Gael still blindfolded and bound to the bed with her hands, I moved on top of her and began kissing her more passionately. Her face, her lips, her neck, her shoulders and arms, all of these I lavished attention on; I ripped her bra off and exposed her sweet breasts and kissed and caressed each one, kissing one while caressing the other; then vice versa, playing with them, sucking on the nipples, patiently but firmly loving them, biting and sucking and kneading while Gael began to moan and sigh harder and buck her back and hips. I did this for a long while.

But I knew we both wanted more so I kissed her stomach and downwards and then I gently pulled her panties off. What I saw was quite lovely. “Ah, you have a nice little bush, shaven and trimmed, but still there and nice. I love a woman with a little bush. It tells me she is a woman.”

“I knew you would like it,” she said. “I let it grow just for you. I know a strong man always loves to see a nice little bush on a woman.”

“Oh yes, we do, indeed. I really do dislike the completely shaven look.” And I knew at that moment that Gael was a quick study. “Well, then, let me give you your first reward”.

I got up and left the room. Gael, still blindfolded and bound to the bed, was completely quiet in my brief absence. When I returned, she was rewarded with her first prize: an ice cube.“Now, my dear, you are ready for your first reward?”

“Yes sir. I am so excited. I wonder what it is?”

“Good” I then took the ice cube and placed it just above her breasts, beneath her collar bone.

Gael gasped in pleasure. “Oh….”

I then kissed her, and ran the ice cube down between her breasts and to her stomach, then back up and around each nipple. Gael pulled on the straps tying her to the bed and arched her back. I repeated this motion for a little while, tracing the ice cube around her breasts and torso and over her lips and when I kissed her lips they were both soft and cold and yet the feel of our tongues together helped warm them up. We did this until the ice cube completely melted, and I put my wet fingers on Gael’s lips and she eager began sucking on them.

Then I stopped and did nothing. I remained quiet and motionless for a few moments while Gael lay there, quiet but undoubtedly wondering what was going to happen next. I ran my fingers gently up her sides and then back down her legs. But before she wondered too long, whatever questions she may have had were quickly answered as I parted her thighs and moved my head between her legs and kissed the inside of her thighs, slowly and passionately until I placed my mouth and lips on her now soaked vagina.

She screamed in pleasure. “Oh God!”

That was all I needed to hear as I began pleasuring her, tasting her and delighting in the feel of her most intimate place. Her vagina was lovely, smooth and delicious, and as I ran my tongue around and inside her lips my fingers gently slid inside of her, first one and then two and even three. When I kissed and licked and sucked on her clitoris, she screamed even louder. “God yes, don’t stop!” Again she pulled on the straps tying her to the bed, but this time even harder as if trying desperately to free herself, and her back arched even higher and her hips bucked even harder. She was so wet I was a bit amazed, and tried to drink as much of her juices as I could. She screamed and delighted even more when I caressed her asshole with my tongue, while fingering her pussy, and when I fingered her ass, while caressing her pussy with my tongue. Her clit was taut, swollen and quite sensitive, and the more I licked and sucked and made little circles around it with my tongue, the more she writhed and moaned and gasped and screamed in pleasure. How long this went on I do not recall; but it lasted for quite a while. I knew Gael needed to be rewarded for her patience, and so I patiently pleasured her pussy with my mouth and tongue and fingers, over and over until finally she gasped one last time, moaned, bucked and arched her back and pulled so tightly on the neckties binding her hands to the bed that I thought she would lose circulation but all that was forgotten as he whole body exploded in an ecstasy of intense orgasm.

Then there was a brief moment of complete silence. All I could hear was her breathing. Her lips were parted as she panted and gasped for breath. I kissed her.

“Please, fuck me, Please”.

I then suddenly stood up. “What did you ask me?”

“Please, fuck me. I need to feel your cock inside me. I need it so badly.”

My voice again became stern. “What did you just say?”

“Please fuck me. Now”

“My dear, you are in no position to here to make any demands, and just to drive that point home, I am going to show you why.”

I then turned on her on her side, with her arms still tied to the bed and her face blindfolded, so her soft ass was exposed to my hand. I firmly slapped it with my palm. “I make the demands here, understand?” I then slapped her ass again.


“Yes, what?” I slapped her ass again, even harder.

“Yes sir…”

“I still think you don’t quite understand the gravity of the situation. You have just broken all the rules I have tried to instill in you. Now you must be punished.” And so I began a more forceful spanking of her ass. One slap, followed by another and another.

“Do you understand. You must learn the art of discipline, of submission, of total obedience in bed.”

“Yes, sir”

I slapped her ass again. “Are you sure?”

“Yes, sir.”

Again I slapped her ass, this time harder. “Are you going to make any more demands again?”

“No sir.”

Another slap. Her ass was turning red.

“Do you promise? Do you promise you will be a good submissive?”

“Yes, oh yes I do. I promise to be a good submissive, sir!”

“Good, I think you have learned your lesson.” So I stopped the spanking, and for her reward I buried my face in her reddened ass and kissed and caressed it. Then I turned her around on her back.

Again there was silence. All I heard was Gael’s heavy breathing. “Now it is time for another reward, my dear.” And as I stood above her, in the dark quiet of the room, I removed my clothes.

What she felt however next, I am not sure, except I know it must have been quite intense, for, while she was still blindfolded and tied to the bed, she felt something she had been waiting for all night, and that was the feel of my hard cock entering her.

For while she was still recovering from both being eating out intensely, and a hard spanking for her disobedience, I had moved myself atop of her, and spreading her trembling thighs, positioned the head of my quite hard penis at the entrance of her vagina. Then, without her aware, I gently slid myself inside of her, and as I did so she gasped again, this time with a pleasure she had not felt before. I was slow though, for I wanted to tease her, I wanted her to enjoy every moment of this pleasure, and I first just slid the head inside, then pulled it out, then slid it in a little deeper, feeling the fleshy outer layers of her vagina, all wet and warm, but stopping at the inner sanctum, and then I pushed in a little deeper, and a little deeper, until I felt the wonderful parting of her and then my hard, full, thick cock slide deeply and completely into her.

“Oh my fucking God!” she screamed. “Holy shit…”

“Oh yes, Gael, you do feel good…”

I started slowly and gently fucking her, moving in and out, pushing the full length of myself in and then pulling it out, not too quick and not too slow, just enough to ready her for what was to come. As her legs were free, she wrapped them around my waist, and then we kissed, and as I moved harder and faster inside her, our kisses became more passionate. She was still blindfolded and tied to the bed as I fucked her, and I knew the feeling of her being completely at my will was fueling her passion. Then, as I felt the heat of her kisses increase, I began pounding her intensely, and she screamed even louder, and the louder she screamed, the harder I fucked her, pounding her over and over, until finally she screamed quite intensely, once again, with orgasmic pleasure.

I slowed, and she breathed heavily, and seemed in a daze, her eyes glassy and lost in a haze of strange intensity, almost delirium, and I pulled myself out and rubbed my cock over her breasts. Then I moved between them and skirted up her stomach and placed the head of my penis at her mouth, and even though she was still blindfolded she knew what to do and took myself inside her mouth. She first licked the head and then the shaft and the took the whole length in her mouth and began sucking.

“Good girl,” I said, and as I said this I untied the blindfold from her and let her hands free from the neckties and now she was completely free to do as I saw fit.

“Play with my balls. I like that.”

And so she did, and she did so quite exquisite skill. I enjoyed how she took the head inside her mouth while massaging my balls, and then stroked my cock while sucking on my balls, and her eagerness to caress my balls was only surpassed by her hunger to take my penis into her delicate mouth. She was a wonderful head-giver. Since her hands were now free she roamed about my body, feeling my strong, muscular thighs and ass, running them over my stomach and chest, and feeling my taut biceps and triceps. I could tell she was a girl who had never felt a strong, muscular man. This was new experience for her.

“Mmmm., you must work out quite a bit”, she said while licking the shaft of my penis.

“Yes, five to six days a week. I find it is important for my sanity!” She laughed. But her main concern was exploring my penis and balls. I especially enjoyed the sight and feel of her tongue licking around the head and shaft of my penis. She seemed to love it too, and it was all quite wonderful. But the most wonderful part was still to come.

I soon turned her around so her ass was facing me.

“Now we are going to fuck in one of my favorite positions. Do you enjoy getting fucked from behind, Gael. If you don’t, after this experience you will.”

And with that I grabbed her hips and pulled her close to me, and the vision of her ass in the air, and her moist pussy and pretty little asshole inviting me from behind, the curve of her ass and hips meeting her back, and her head resting on the pillows of my bed with her hair all disheveled were very lovely. I entered her again, and again she screamed with pleasure.

“Now, I want you to be a dirty girl, Gael, I want you to be unafraid, to explore your inner slut, to find that part of you that has been hidden all these years, and I want you to embrace it. Discover your sexuality. You only have one, so don’t waste it on a poor man. I want you to be completely uninhibited.

I then fucked her from behind. This time her pussy was quite soaked and my penis slid in and out easily, and as it did she moaned again, and then she moved back against me, and Gael began fucking my hard cock as I stood still and she impaled herself against me. I enjoyed watching her move back and forth onto my penis. What a lovely, delicious sight!

“That’s it, Gael, you are learning quite well. Don’t be afraid. Let your inner slut out.”

“Oh god yes, I love it. It feels so good.”

I then took control and began pounding her, grabbing her hips and slapping her ass, and pulling on her hair. It was rough, and Gael enjoyed this, and she learning that few things felt better than a good, hard, dirty fuck When she felt my finger slide into her ass while my hard cock filled and pounded her pussy, she screamed again with intense delight. Her third orgasm followed shortly.

We fucked doggy style for a good long while, and then, to Gael’s surprise, I turned her around and threw her on the bed. I got on top of her again, and before she knew it we were fucking once more, and this time she wrapped her legs around my shoulders so I could get as deep into as possible. I loved the sound of our flesh pounding against each other; the only thing I loved more was the sound of her moans and sighs and gasps and screams of pleasure. Finally her screams and moans and the beauty of her sensuality became too much for me, and as her vagina gripped my penis I could not hold back any longer, and I eventually exploded with my own pleasure and filled her pussy with my warm cum. I pumped it into her in great bursts, hot load after hot load, and at each burst she felt the heat of my passion and moaned and sighed.

That night we fucked for hours, in different positions, with varying intensity, all night long. Sometimes I would pound her intensely, even violently, at other times I would make love to her slowly and gently but always passionately; we kissed and embraced and felt the warmth and sweat and electricity of each others bodies; I loved to tease her with my cock, and she often begged to be fucked, disobeying my strict orders, and (of course) after another spanking I would reward her with a good fuck. We both came many times, sometimes I would come in her, sometimes on her. I was delighted to see that she enjoyed my cum, and would not hesitate to taste it or lap it up when I came on her breasts or in her mouth.

Finally when morning came we both dozed off into a deep slumber, both of us worn out after a night of intense pleasure. Gael felt good in my arms. When she left that following day I knew she had been a transformed woman. The only question I had was, how transformed?

“How do you feel?” I asked her.

“Different,” she said, “but I have to confess I am not sure, I have never experienced such fucking, but I still have to go home to my husband. How can I keep this a secret from him?” Tears welled up in her eyes. “What have I done? He is so good to me! And look at what I have done! I feel so terrible, so guilty! How am I going to deal with all this?”

“You are going to have to,” I said. “unless you want him to freak out, which he will do if he finds out.”

“I know. Oh thank you so much for all this, but we can never see each other again. We must never talk. No, if he ever found out, oh, he would be so jealous, so devastated. Goodbye.”

And so Gael left. I did not hear from her for a while, so I wondered how she was doing, or what effect our night together had had on her. I assumed that she had been sufficiently transformed and that she has somehow incorporated this into her marriage and that my job was finished with her. After all, I have introduced many women into the fine art of intense love, and they have successfully brought that home to their inept boyfriends or husbands, but when I suddenly heard from Gael some time later, I knew it had not been enough for her. The damage done to her sexuality by a lifetime of being with a pussy husband had now run too deep.

“Oh god,” she told me over the phone. “my husband is still such a dud and he just does not get it. I need to real man on a regular basis. I felt something about being a woman our night together, and now I need to feel it again. It is too much. I have not been fucked that well since then. I can’t stop thinking about it.”

I knew at that point that Gael was to be a special case for me. Occasionally these do arise. I knew she would need more attention. I knew she would need an even deeper entry into the this world of sexuality.

Daily Dose of Beauty


Now that we are entering the worst part of the year, the middle of January through the end of February, when cold and darkness seem to smother everything and the warmth and hope of Spring seems so far off, it is even more important to uplift one’s soul daily with some beauty.

The holiday season may now have passed for another year, but a lovely girl is always a holiday feast for the eyes.

Happy New Year’s Spanking!


Remember: a good lover must start the new year right by giving his woman a good, thorough spanking. This will set the right tone for the rest of the year. Dominance is not something to be trifled with.

Then, once you have administered to her the proper discipline, and she understands who is the Dom and who the submissive, fuck her brains out, make her scream with pleasure, fill her with orgasmic intensity, and love her thoroughly.

This will guarantee a good 2016.

Happy New Year!

Happy Winter Solstice


Today is the winter solstice, the day with the shortest amount of daylight. The northern hemisphere is now tilted as far from the sun as it will be until next year. It is a day of unique beauty and ancient mysticism. And as such, even the nymphs of winter come out to observe and appreciate.

The beauty of the natural world is unlimited…

Double Dose of Decadence


Following up yesterday’s post on double delights, here is a double dose of decadence. There a few things more enticing for a man than watching two lovely women share sexual pleasures with each other. Even if this mostly resides in the realm of fanatsy, it is a fantasy worth having.

It is also worth noting that one of the top porn searches that women (and recent studies have shown that over 60% of all women watch internet porn) do is for girl on girl action.

Oh yes, despite it all, the world remains a fascinating place!


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