From 9AD to 2015, Arminius to Angela: The Birth and Death of Germany

Armimius setting off to battle...

Armimius setting off to keep the Romans out ….

Angela Merkel gushing over her future Muslim masters...

Angela Merkel gushing to let her future Muslim masters in…

As we watch the German nation self destruct before our very eyes, it is good to remember another period in German history, a time long ago, when the German nation first began. This occurred in 9 AD (Racer X refuses to ever use the latest PC fad, CE for AD), when the Roman Empire was perhaps at its apex. The Romans wanted to expand beyond the Rhine and increase the boundaries of the Empire. However, in a place called the Teurtoburg forest the legions under the command of Publius Quinctilius Varus, were ambushed by Arminius and his alliance of Germanic tribes and massacred. The news was received back in Rome with great horror, and the Emperor August, the first and greatest of the Roman emperors, was never quite the same afterwards, He died in 14 AD lamenting this great defeat. Nearly a hundred years later the Roman historian Tacitus described the contemporary site of the battle as still littered with the long dried out bones of the Roman dead. This battle is momentous not only for German history but also for European history and all that European history subsequently influenced, for it ensured that Europe would be divided between the Roman colonized, Latin speaking West (France, Italy and Spain) and the Germanic East. This was always a constant source of conflict throughout the 2000 years since Arminius defeated the Romans, the culmination of which was the Second World War.

Throughout German history this was considered the first great moment of German nationalism. Yet after WWII, with Germany plagued by guilt, such an event has been erased from the German textbooks. Today nationalism is a bad word in Germany. There was no commemoration of this historically important battle a few years ago, which would have been it’s two thousandth anniversary. The Germans still just feel too damn guilty over their Nazi past.

Arminius and his band of Germanic allies massacre the Roman legions of Varus...

Arminius and his band of Germanic allies massacre the Roman legions of Varus…

Now we have the situation in Germany today. Angela Merkel has invited an unlimited number of “refugees” into Germany and the Germans are more than willing to accept them. Right now the number will perhaps be million of this year alone, but you can guarantee that more, millions more, perhaps tens of millions will come for years to come. They will come, because the Germans in particular, the Europeans in general, have no will to stop them. This will fundamentally transform the Germanic nation as it has existed now for over 2000 years. What Arminius did by keeping the Romans out, Angela has now completely undone by letting in hoards of Asiatic Muslims. If the present German and Eurotrash leadership does not think that in fifty or hundred years time the descendants of these migrants will not be the majority of their country, and their own children (if they have any) the minority, and that typical Islamic persecution of those minorities, if not annihilation will follow, they are deluded. When their descendants are being gutted and beheaded by their Muslim overlords, when their granddaughters are having their clitorises cut off by the orders of the Grand Mullah of Berlin, I wonder what they will be thinking. Most likely they will be saying, “Yes, give it to me because I am a bad German! I deserve this!”

Oh, compassion is so wonderful! This is your future. Germany and rest of Europe, get used to it.

Oh, compassion is so wonderful! This is your future. Germany and rest of Europe, get used to it.

And yet this is what they want: they want to to be annihilated, to suffer the ultimate punishment of extinction for the sin of creating a better and more prosperous society than the rest of mankind enjoys. They suffer from the ultimate guilt of “white privilege”. They also must forever atone for the sins of National Socialism. Unlike Arminius and his Germanic peoples, this present generation of Germans wants to be conquered, they want to be overrun by “the other”, they feel they still must pay for what their grandparents did over seventy years ago. Never in the history of the world has one people felt so bad so long after a war they did not even fight. Never in history has one peoples so despised themselves for doing what has been going on, and will continue to go on, throughout history: the conquest of one group of people by another. Now it is time for the Germans to be the conquered, not by Russian, but by a people even more dangerous and antithetical to them in the long term.

Now that conquest is taking the form not of an armed invasion, but an invasion fueled by liberal compassion. And yet it is still invasion. Perhaps this is all inevitable. After all, the Germans, like most Europeans and white North Americans, are simply not reproducing at a rate to replace their populations, and in the end, as the Romans themselves discovered, demographics are everything. Can a one hundred million people hold off a billion forever? They won’t, especially if they are completely unwilling to fight for their land, and are even eager to give it away for free. A few Germans are left who have any historical love for their land, but they are and will remain a minority continually harassed by the leviathan of the socialist super state and its ubiquitous allies in the media. It is truly a hopeless situation which can only lead to one thing: total destruction of a country and its people.

For a while Racer X felt distressed seeing such a catastrophic event unfold, but now, after seeing how the majority of Germans want to be destroyed, that they have no pride or love in themselves or their country or heritage, that they will forever be shackled by the guilt of Nazi Germany, I can only laugh at them, and tell them that they deserve what is coming. The inevitable violence and cultural destruction that will follow in the coming years and decades is not going to be nice, but in the end, when the dust has settled, Germany as a nation and the Germanic peoples will no longer exist, and they will have gone the way of the American Indian.

At least the American Indian had the balls to fight for his land, unlike the modern pussy Germans whom Ariminius would not recognize as his descendants.

At least these guys had the balls to fight for their land against impossible odds...

At least these guys fought heroically for their land against impossible odds…

If Germany wanted to help some people, perhaps ten thousand at most, that would be one thing. If they insisted that the people seeking refuge become part of their culture and not the other way around, I would not have a problem with that. But that scale and mentality of this is entirely different and it is entirely useless to give a shit about anyone, individual or country, who clearly do not give a shit about themselves. This is true for all of Europe and North America. The people all deserve what payback will eventually come to them. Fortunately I can still enjoy the fruits of Western civilization before it is too late. For the one sole child being born today to white Western women, such a life will not be possible by the middle of this century. I can only foresee a period of mass strife, violence, racial and cultural wars as the third world peoples will finally have enough of their own kind in Europe and America to demand their own society and culture and wipe out in a fury of historical- grievance-driven-payback what is left of the Western world. This is only the inevitable cycle of all of history. Just look at the ruins of those once great Roman cities if you don’t believe me.

Is Feminine Beauty a Drug?

A lovely specimen of beauty...

A lovely specimen of beauty…

Yes, I think so. There is something about female beauty that makes a man feel good. What is it? Is it simply the rewarding of the pleasure centers of the brain? Perhaps. Or is it something a deeper, a more mystical and mysterious power? Is it God beckoning us males into the eternal transmission of life? Who knows.

All I know is that there is always something joyful in the sight of a beautiful woman. It never gets old, it never gets boring, and it is always satisfying. To see lots of pretty women throughout the day makes one’s day go by a lot faster. Mind you, I am not even speaking of trying to bed them. It is merely the sight, the vision, the loveliness of beauty that enchants the soul.

I feel sorry for those puritanical cultures in various parts of the world, as well as the American hag feminists who cluster in universities and the mass media, that are unable to appreciate such wonders of God’s creation. Actually, no, I don’t feel sorry for them. I despise and laugh at them for their ignorance and lack of taste. And by them I mean the American hag feminists, not those various puritanical cultures in difference parts of the world.

All I know is that the loveliness of a woman, whether seen in a mere image or walking down the street or actually in your embrace, is always something that brings me great pleasure.

Rainy Nordic Beauty


A few raindrops on her lovely breasts and body only enhances her beauty…

As the hoards of young Muslim males invade Europe, and Germany in particular, these are some of the sights that will make them fume with righteous rage over the blasphemies of the infidels: naked white women.  It is what they want the most, because their basket case, shithole societies do not have them.

Yes, behold, this is the pinnacle of all feminine human beauty! It is the rarest form of female beauty, the most cherished and envied; the most wanted and despised. Few people in the world have blonde hair and blue eyes, and, as the white race continues it’s suicidal slide into racial oblivion, the future will hold fewer still. The mass invasion of swarthy, violent Muslim males into Europe will undoubtedly lead to the further decay of this type of beauty, as the completely liberal indoctrinated females of Europe will feel those first gina tingles for those dark skinnned bad boys, and will mate with them, leaving their sitting-down-while-pissing-leftoid-male pussy compatriots to do little else but go all Caitlyn Jenner to fulfill their inevitable fate as being the first world bitches to their third world invaders. The raw audacity and violence of the Muslim invaders will seduce these women to producing little brown skinned, brown hair and brown eyed warriors for Allah, and when that happens, Europe will be finished, and the Pope’s head will sit atop a stake in front of what was once St. Peters and what will eventually be the grande mosque of Rome.

So, let us enjoy these specimens of beauty while they last. The blonde hair, blue eyed, fair skinned beauty is at the top. She is the rarest, and all things rare in this world are the most valued, except by the pansy males of the dying Western world.

The rest of the white race and the Western, European world may despise itself, and want to die, but Racer X will keep the torch alive of such beauty as the darkness of third world invasion slowly destroys the three thousand year history of what was once a great civilization. The rest may not care, but I do, and and I will not go down without a fight of some sort, even if it is just a silly little blog such as this. After all, I am only one person with few around me who give a shit about anything except how pc they can be.

Few will admit that blonde hair, blue eyed white women are the most desired in the world; to do so would be considered “racist”.  If Racer X celebrates such beauty here then call him a “racist” and fuck off.

PS: And if anyone doubt the truth that blonde hair, blue eyed white women are the most beautiful and the most desired  in the world, the truth can be ascertained quite simply by this method: just ask any prostitution agency anywhere in the world what girls in their business command top dollar for their services, and they will all tell you, without exception, the blond hair, blue eyed girl. Money and markets don’t lie.

Now that is what I call some exceptional white privilege.

Daily Dose of the Suicide of the West: The Gina Tingle


This photo pretty much sums up why Western Europe, and in particular Northern European countries, are doomed.

Notice the silly girl with the miniskirt on the right. She is all about compassion. She is all about emotion and sympathy. She is all about that tingle her vagina feels when hoards of dark skinned strange men invade her country with the ultimate intent of transforming it into a version of some third world slumhole off ass smelling and goat fucking Allah worshippers. She feels the tingle in her vagina because these swarthy men at least have the balls to do something bold, like invade another country, unlike the emasculated pussies that now pass for her pathetic male compatriots and who are more than willing to bend over and allow the invading hoards to conquer them in an orgiastic fury of ass-pounding, head chopping, Allah praising, juicy jihadic genocide.

What is most amusing is that this silly girl, if she ever has her way and her country were completely transformed by the Muslims hoards she so welcomes, would not be wearing a miniskirt, would not be even allowed to state her opinion in public. Rather, once her clitoris had been removed she would be forced to cover up her body and spend the rest of her life producing little devotees of Allah. And this would happen all in the name of her all consuming, white guilt and self loathing, emotionally driven “compassion”.

The West, and particularly the corrupt, economically bankrupt and welfare addicted societies of Western Europe, is dying because of a lack of children; and if these types are the only children the West has left, then that death is going to come a lost faster than anyone anticipated.

What can be done? Since it is clear that the majority of the populations of Western Europe and North America no longer have the will or desire to defend their own society, civilization, and cultural heritage, I suppose all that is left is try to bang as many of these silly creatures as you can before they all convert to Islam or are forced to convert to Islam. Racer X will be more than happy to enlighten them on the pleasures of their sexuality and their clitorises before the local Mullahs demand that they be cut off. The funny thing is, once the Mullahs take over, such girls as the silly girl with the miniskirt will allow themselves to be subdued by the warriors of Allah, they will do so willingly, and they will do so because the Muslims hoards now invading their country are stronger than their native pussy males and women will always follow who is the strongest and what makes the gina tingle and what makes the gina tingle is what will ensure what racial and demographic and religious group in the end is victorious.

Pussy for Racer X; babies for Allah. What difference does it make anymore?

Now Even Taylor Swift Is Guilty of White RACISM!!!

A scene from Taylor Swift's latest music video. She is now a racial sinner for violating the leftist theology on race.

A scene from Taylor Swift’s latest music video. She is now a racial sinner for violating the leftist theology on race.

I don’t give a fuck about Taylor Swift or her music, but I do love it when the liberal hive begins to turn on its own members to enforce ideological purity. Apparently Taylor Swift, who, as a member of the music industry, cannot be anything but a good liberal and leftist, is now a racist. Why? She made a music video about white people in Africa. This, of course, is a terrible sin. White people in Africa? This can mean nothing other than the horrors of White colonialism.

Apparently there were not enough black people in the three minute video. Well, I guess we have another type of racial quota that has been violated. Rather than see the video for what it is, a depiction of a Hollywood movie set filming in Africa in the 1950’s, the members of the corporate grievance industry see the video as another “micro-aggression” aimed at the most victimized group in history, blacks.

Well, as the West continues to be invaded by hoards of people who are fundamentally hostile to the history of the West, I will sit back and enjoy watching the liberal elite who have brought about this chaos begin to tear each other apart for not being sensitive enough about all the terrible things the white man has done to all those poor colored people around the world who are now invading the white man’s world to partake of the white man’s freedom and riches as befits the most advanced societies on earth.

Let’s face it: most of the racial agitators on the left do their racial agitating for one reason. They hate whites, white culture, white civilization, white Europe and white America. They blame whites for all their problems. They envy white wealth and power. Their entire world view is seen through the spectrum of white oppression, the historical legacies of white political, cultural and military dominance, and the nefarious existence of a continued white supremacy. I just wonder how long (if all all) it will take for whites to wake up this fact and start defending their own race, history, culture and lands from the intellectual attacks of their enemies, and the onslaught of peoples who most likely, if their numbers are great enough, will never assimilate into the larger culture but rather seek to transform that same culture, usually through violence and genocide, into something that reflects themselves, and that something is nothing more than third world oppression, tyranny, poverty, corruption and overall misery.

After all, Western civilization today is the most free, advanced and prosperous in the history of the world. I think this is a good thing. Now, have others suffered to create this? Of course. Civilization has not advanced anywhere without costs, or sufferings, or injustices. If you enjoy French culture and language today, if you enjoy traveling to Europe and enjoying all the beautiful sights of France, just remember that the Romans slaughtered perhaps over a million Celtic Gauls in the first century BC in order to subdue that area, which eventually became France. Nothing in history happens without some cost, and sometimes that cost is tremendous. All these things should be remembered in history, and such things should not be allowed to happen again. But this does not negate the present day blessings and advantages that we have in the Western world.

I still believe anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy these benefits, so long as they believe in these same common cultural connections. But this is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain when there are now many sub-groups within the larger cultural groups in Europe and North America, who hate that dominant historical culture and want to destroy it, often with the help of the same members of that same dominant historical culture.

Well I for one am sick of all the racial agitation that is now a constant refrain from the Left. It is beginning to radicalize Racer X into someone who is starting to see the world as entering a new era of great struggle between those who will defend and preserve our Western culture, and those who want to destroy it, whether they be white or not. I believe this will be the great struggle of the 21st century. I fear the West though, given the suicidal self hatred of its elite, combined with the global-corporate powers who are interested only in profit and care nothing about race or culture, is going to lose to those who are stronger, those who are driven by things such as race and religion, as we see currently in most parts of the world today. I have no doubts Islam will eventually conquer Europe. I can only thank God I will not live to see it.

I will be writing more about these things on this blog, and I will be writing them as someone who is trying to defend his own race and culture. If that offends anyone, I have only one thing to say:


The Death of Germany

The final invasion of Germany begins...

The latest, and perhaps most victorious Muslim invasion of Germany begins…

As this recent NY Times article shows about the current invasion of Europe by Arab Muslims, i.e., the “Migrant Crisis”, the historical area once known as “Germany” inhabited by “Germanic peoples” no longer exists. It is finished. Germany as a nation is finished, and the Teutonic people who have inhabited this land for millennia are on the verge of being completely displaced or bred out of existence. When a “country” or the people inhabiting that country allows hundreds of thousands, perhaps soon to be millions of people from a completely different ethnic and religious culture to enter their country without any restrictions whatsoever,  that is nothing less than a complete invasion, and the total capitulation to the worst aspects of the the post-war guilt over the Nazis that has infected Germany since 1945.

The key quote from the article is the following:

“Recalling Nazi racial laws that singled out the Germanic, or Aryan, people as superior to other ethnicities, leading to the Holocaust and the atrocities of World War II, President Joachim Gauck recently urged Germans to embrace the diversity that has since grown up around them.”

As he said:  “even more people can part with the image of a nation that is very homogeneous and in which nearly all people speak German as their mother tongue, are fair-skinned and largely Christian”.

In reality, life as we live it here is already far more diverse…In our heads we know this, but the spirit sometimes lags behind. We as a nation must redefine ourselves, as a collective of different people, but who all accept common values.

Thus we have it: Germany, according the the German president, is no longer a white, Christian nation made up primarily of Germanic peoples. And so the Germany that has existed for thousands of years is now officially dead. Does he really believe that these people from Arab Islamic counties are going to “accept common values”? Tell it to the women who have their clitorises cut off in the name of Allah.

The unending guilt over this guy still drives German politics, 70 years after he killed himself. So today the nation is committing national suicide.

The unending guilt over this guy still drives German politics, 70 years after he killed himself. So today the German nation is also committing national suicide.

The Times goes on to add another interesting quote, this one from Thomas de Maziere, Germany’s interior minister: “The refugees are synonymous with formidable change…we must get used to the thought that our country is changing.

Yes, the pussy says. The country is changing. He should just say that his country no longer has the will to defend itself against invasion.

Do these idiot politicians think that these refuges will accept the German culture the same way that the Germans accept them? Of course not. Most of these people are fundamentally hostile to the very existence of the white, Western world.

As the Muslim hoards invade Germany, I wonder how many more supporters of this nationalist party will gain? Yes, I too would rather see miniskirts than minaretts.

As the Muslim hoards invade Germany, I wonder how many more supporters of this nationalist party will gain? Yes, I too would rather see miniskirts than minaretts.

How is it possible that Germany went from a Nazi country that conquered all of Europe to a country that is now being invaded by hoards of Arab Muslims in less than 70 years? What the hell happened? Oh wait, let me tell you what happened. The guilt over WWII, followed by the worst forms of socialism and liberalism and multiculturalism which will in the end ensure that Germany is eventually inhabited by a completely different people who could care less about the same “diversity” that it’s pantywaste leaders now espouse.

In just under eighty years Germany has gone from one extreme to the other...

In just under eighty years Germany has gone from one extreme to the other…

This is the end of Germany, and most likely Europe as we know it. The end, however, most likely will not come easily or quietly, for I can imagine a time when violence and bloodshed will break out, perhaps in a few decades if not sooner, when the children and grandchildren of these “migrants’ will be a substantially greater percentage of the overall population than they are now, and when they are, they will demand that whatever remaining whites or Christians are in the area submit to their Asiatic Islamic ways, and will simply kill those who do not submit, such as they do in the same shithole, dysfunctional, basket case societies they are fleeing.

And you know what, except for a few brave Aryans, most of these Germans pussies will submit, and let themselves be bred out of existence once and for all by the Asiatic hoards who have wanted European land for thousands of years and have now finally gained it.


Germans used to conquer other peoples, and now they are the conquered, and soon to be extinct peoples.

In Europe Islam will win because they have moral clarity, the desire to invade other countries, the ruthlessness to kill those who oppose them, and the balls the defend their own lands, ethnicities, culture and religions. The Euro-pussies do not, and will lose because of this.

This is truly the death of European, and therefore, Western civilization. It is a sad state of affairs that at the beginning of the 21st century Russia remains the only country in the Western sphere which still has an unapologetic sense of national and ethnic pride in itself. The ethnic Slavic Russians are the last group of whites in the world who are not afraid or guilty to be white and defend their lands and heritage. No wonder the Russians refer to their own country as, “Holy Mother Russia”.


I don’t particularly like Putin, but hey, he has got a good point here.

And the Russian women are hot too. And Racer X, as one who loves blond haired, blue eyed women, and all else that is best about Western and European civilization, says let’s keep it that way.


Nordic beauty reigns supreme…but for how long will there even be Nordic beauties like this? If the present political elite has their way, not for long.

And yet I fear the self loathing, guilt ridden psychology of most present day whites, especially those of the higher economic and political status, will mean little more than eventual ethnic suicide.  Germany is merely the most obvious sign of this.

Old Fashioned Sunday Spankings


In the good old days this was the proper way to spend a Sunday. After morning service at the local church, a good husband would remind his wife that, as St. Paul says (Colossians 3:18), “Wives, submit yourself to your husbands”. If she acted up at all, or even disputed anything St. Paul had said, this would be the way to remind her of her wrongs and her God-given role to be submissive.

And who can argue with the word of God?

Fucking Is So Much Fun!


Oh yes it is….the pleasures of an intense fuck are wonderul indeed. Whether you are in a monogamous relationship, or, like Racer X, you love fucking as many beautiful women as possible, the sport of fucking is one of the best pastimes in the world. There are few things hotter than hearing a woman scream with pleasure as you pound and pump her all night long, over and over and over again. How I love it!

Fucking is so much fun!


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