Old Fashioned Sunday Spankings


In the good old days this was the proper way to spend a Sunday. After morning service at the local church, a good husband would remind his wife that, as St. Paul says (Colossians 3:18), “Wives, submit yourself to your husbands”. If she acted up at all, or even disputed anything St. Paul had said, this would be the way to remind her of her wrongs and her God-given role to be submissive.

And who can argue with the word of God?

Fucking Is So Much Fun!


Oh yes it is….the pleasures of an intense fuck are wonderul indeed. Whether you are in a monogamous relationship, or, like Racer X, you love fucking as many beautiful women as possible, the sport of fucking is one of the best pastimes in the world. There are few things hotter than hearing a woman scream with pleasure as you pound and pump her all night long, over and over and over again. How I love it!

Fucking is so much fun!

How Long Does It Take Left Wing, Liberal Douchebags to Shit Their Pants?




As this article shows, apparently it does not take long. This is another classic example from the PC driven world of academia, where all violations of left wing theology are met with the swiftness of a member of ISIS chopping of a newly captured infidel’s head.

The man in question is a Nobel prize laureate, Sir Tim Hunt, a scientist of over fifty years of distinguished work. He has spent his lifetime researching cancer. Now, for anyone who has any sense of intellectual accomplishments, winning a Nobel prize for such things in usually pretty difficult. Also, for anyone who has ever dealt with such people, research scientists, especially those at the top of their fields, are not known for their social skills. You can expect some awkward statements or moments from them.

However, to the members of the Left, this is unimportant. What is most important is that their theology–and that is what it is, a theology–their theology remain pure and unpolluted by the heinous thoughts and statements from the less sensitive. What is important to the Left is that ideological purity in the constant culture wars of sexism and racism be maintained. To these idiots, the accomplishments of Nobel scientist are secondary to maintaining the absolute doctrinal truth of their religion.

The Left has its own religion, its own theology, and it is a religion and a theology as rigid and fanatical as anything that Orthodox Christians or Muslims or Jews or Zoroastrians or any nutcase who sat on a pole in the deserts of Egypt in the fourth century AD believe.

What is this religion? What is this theology? Here are some, but not all, of their tenets:

All white people are evil.
All men are evil.
All men are potential racists.
Western civilization is a white racist construct
Patriarchy must be crushed.
No, better yet, heteropatriarchy must be crushed.
All minorities are perpetual victims of white racism.
All women are victims of male aggression
White men spread sexism.

The last is the particular sin of the individual in the article. Notice too how his accuser is a member of an officially left wing sanctioned victim group: a black woman. Like many of the scientists in communist countries who wound up before some Stalinist tribunal being charged with crimes against the state, the Nobel scientist never had a chance.

The Dukes of Hazard: another casualty of the Left cleansing its gigantic liberal vagina.

The Dukes of Hazard removed from TV Land because it has a Confederate flag on its car: another casualty of the Left cleansing its gigantic liberal vagina.

Why is Leftist thought a religion? Because the Left believes in an ideal world, a heaven on Earth, where all the sins of mankind are wiped out. Just as all religions have a sort of cathartic essence to them, whether it be through spiritual communion with God today or the hope of an afterlife in the future, the Left’s religion has its own cathartic elements. However, unlike most modern religions, it is a catharsis of the here and now. Heaven on Earth must be created NOW! It is a catharsis of, “I really feel good about myself because I know I am not a racist or sexist and I am one of the sensitive, well educated elites. Look at me and how good I am as opposed to all those evil sexists and racists around me!”

But unlike most modern religions (except Islam), which ultimately depend upon a sort of private devotion and willingness to believe, and which believe in free will, the Left’s religion can only be achieved through the power of their god, which usually means the Government. Everyone must be forced to be a sensitive liberal like themselves, or be punished.  And this can only be done, of course, as with all liberal idealistic societies, through coercion. The Soviet Union’s gulag had its purposes beyond just providing endless sources of slave labor. Then again, we must never forget the link between liberalism, leftism, and the wonderful legacy of communism. They are all part of the same fabric of the state as enforcer of all things politically pure and moral, a sort of God, and remain so today.

In the Left's world: Duke of Hazards are BAD; Che Guevara is GOOD. Ah, I love their consistency.

In the Left’s world: Duke of Hazards are BAD; Che Guevara is GOOD. Ah, I love their consistency.

This is a belief system of the Left. It is akin to a religion. Like all religions, it is an ideal. It is an idea in their minds that they must enact in the world, sort of like the Islamic State wants to create the ideal Islamic society, or the Nazis wanted to create a pure German society. Anyone who deviates from this society will be dealt with harshly. Anyone who does not believe as they do are a threat to that very belief system and must be eliminated.

Just as an old lady claims she sees the face of Jesus in a stack of pancakes, and then before long her house is surrounded by mobs of believers praying the rosary and hoping for some vindication, some proof of their faith, so when the left wing liberal douchebag claims to have witnessed a violation of left wing theology, a mob of fellow liberal douchebags will soon appear before whatever venue the affront has occurred. Like member of a religious cult, they will usually be holding signs and chanting some sort of slogan which confirms their beliefs. These scenes are usually very ritualistic and emotional.

Or, for instance, we often hear this refrain from the Left: “Rape is an epidemic on college campuses, fueled of course by white male privilege, i.e., fraternity boys”. Then, when a Rolling Stone article on just such a topic appears to document this, the grievance machine is set into motion, the religious ritual begins, and groups of angry feminists appear before the penitent administration of said university holding their signs which read things like, “Down with the patriarchy now!” Of course anyone who read the article would know from the first reading that it was completely unbelievable, but just like the mobs who gather outside the house of the old lady who saw the face of Jesus in a stack of pancakes, such things are not about the truth and believability, but about reinforcing their own preconceived notions of how the universe operates. This is, after all, the essence of religion, of faith: to believe in things that are patently unbelievable. And even after the Rolling Stone article is proven to be a complete fraud, or the old lady who saw the face of Jesus in a stack of pancakes crazy, the religious believers are not shaken in their beliefs. They cannot be, because their beliefs make them feel good about themselves.

So, a white male sexist jokes about poor, helpless female scientists. A member of patriarchy, a sexist, racist potential rapist has appeared, and the Left’s inquisition must deal him the appropriate punishment. To hell with science and research, it is more important for the liberal elite to feel good about itself, that they are indeed the enlightened elite, than for them to defend a man who has spent his life creating something important. It is all very medieval in its own way. The Inquisition would be proud that theology has once again won over science, or at least one scientist.

Racer X is calling on all freedom loving patriots to fight the liberal douchebags!

Racer X is calling on all freedom loving patriots to fight the liberal douchebags!

Racer X, as a freedom loving individual, despises such ideologies, such religions, those and their minions who want to make the world a ideal, pure place to live, and which want to force all others to conform that ideologically pure world, and considers them the enemies of all freedom loving people. As I said above, I despise Socialism, Communism, and Liberalism (modern Liberalism, not the classical Liberalism of the 19th century, such as John Stuart Mill wrote about). There is really little difference between them. I prefer to live in a modern society where scientists are not fired for making some joke, not in a society where the ideological intolerance of the Left dominates our lives. The people who do things such as fire  Nobel laureate scientists their from university position for joking about this or that are nothing but a bunch of worthless douchebags and must be confronted at every turn.

The Poetic Beauty of Claude Lorrian’s Summer Landscapes


Claude’s use of light and shade is always beautiful.

I have written a post on this great French painter before; but good art can always be appreciated without end.

Lorrain (1600-1682) was a French painter who specialized in landscapes. He has always been one of my favorite painters. I find his landscapes to be the best expression ever created of a poetic vision of the natural world. During the summer months I am often reminded of him, especially during the early mornings hours or later in the day, when the cicadas are humming and the sun is performing her miracles of shade and light in the world around us.


A calm, pastoral scene…

Another landscape painter from a later era, John Constable, described Claude as “the most perfect landscape painter the world ever saw”. And he perhaps sums up his work nicely by simply saying: “all is lovely – all amiable – all is amenity and repose; the calm sunshine of the heart”


He often uses classical ruins in his painting as part of the background, creating a sort of unreal world of past and present.

“The calm sunshine of the heart” is itself a nice, poetic way of describing Claude’s landscapes. I really cannot think of another painter who better captured the calm beauty of a summer’s day, when the light and warmth envelop our world, and the lovely gifts of nature, especially the verdant trees, are seen through a soft patina of a hot and humid atmosphere. Under such conditions all we wish to do is relax, enjoy life, and delight in the present moment. We know summer will pass and winter will eventually come. The winter can bring clear and sharp and forcible days, cold and snow and ice and bitter blue skies; the summer seems to bring the lovely caresses of a calmer, more joyous world of repose and repast. I can find no work where Claude painted a winter scene. I suppose like most of us, he preferred summers.

A nice vision of a calm summer's day...

A nice vision of a calm summer’s day…

In short, I love the poetic beauty of his paintings; each summer I am reminded of them, and each summer they only seem to get better and better. Now that we are in the height of this summer’s season, his works once again take on a special meaning for me.

Summer Sea Nymphs


Summer is a good time to discover all sorts of beauties and delights. If you are lucky, you might come upon a lovely tropical Oceanid (daughters of the titan Oceanus, otherwise known as sea nymphs) such as the one seen above. Sun, sand, palm trees and the vast expanse of a sea green ocean are just some of the loveliness that one can enjoy during the best months of the year.

Spank Her, and Spank Her Hard


A woman needs this on a regular basis…

It is important for the rue, alpha male to spank his woman on a regular basis. Recently I met a woman who is in a relationship, but finds her boyfriend to be quite vanilla. They have sex, she told me, but the sex is quite unsatisfying for her. “Oh, I love him,” she told me, “but it is almost like he is a girlfriend with a dick. I mean, he does all the things I want him to, except act like a real man when I need him to. That includes in the bedroom.”

I can’t recount how many times I have heard this during my life. It is the constant refrain from so many women: “Well, I love my boyfriend, I love my husband, but he just does not do it for me in bed”. This, to me, is a clear reflection of how women will chose for a long term partner someone who is docile and they can control, someone who will always be there for them and not stray, someone who will provide constant stability, especially financial and emotional, but who, because of those very traits of loyalty and docility, lack the testosterone driven unruliness that most alpha males possess. In the end most women want stability and security; but usually what they end up with in exchange for that is someone who fails to make their pussies wet. Women also want strength and power, and strength and power tend not to be compatible with docility and stability.


Or if she just gets too bitchy some sort of punishment is called for…

Well, to get back to the woman I met, and this is usually how these situations end up, and it is that we ended up fucking. I fucked her well, and I fucked her hard, and I fucked with a thoroughness that she had never experienced before. Afterwards, she told me she felt tremendous guilt over what she had done, but that she would do it again, because of the pleasure she experienced. It was only a one time thing, as these situations usually are, since she valued and needed the stability her boyfriend gave her. “I always have to tell them what to do,” she told me, “but with you. you just took me and did me and I loved the submission. It was intensely erotic.”

I also spanked her, and I spanked her hard, which she had never experienced before. “Oh, if only he would spank me,” she lamented. “I can be such a bitch sometimes, and all he does is ask me what wrong. That only makes me more bitchy! I don’t know why, but I loved the feeling of stinging pain on my ass, the way your hands felt as they spanked me. I loved the submission, the total dominance you displayed over me. I have never felt anything like that before.”


And trust me, the pleasure she will experience as a result will be intense…

And it is true. Her pussy was so wet, so hot, after her first spanking that as my ran my fingers up the inside of her thighs they were covered with her juices and slid so easily into her completely drenched pussy that I could barely feel them myself. Needless to say such an inviting vagina is wonderful for a nighttime of intense fucking, which is something she desperately wanted and needed and duly received.

So I let her go and now hope she can teach her docile beta boyfriend a few tricks, so she can enjoy her sex life; but if she does not, I certainly will be willing to help her some more in her quest to feel like a complete woman. I sense somehow I will someday be seeing her again.

The Lovely Hannah Davis


This girl has been recently featured on Dish commercials. I was not sure who she was, but after a bit of research I found out she is Hannah Davis. A former model for Victoria’s Secret, as well as the girlfriend of Derek Jeter, she was the cover girl of the latest Sports Illustrated swimsuit issue.

A nice spring vision...

A nice spring vision…

For those of you who appreciate feminine beauty, this girl is a fine example. Her eyes are particularly stunning.


In a world filled with so much crudeness and ugliness, a few nice photos like this can help to lighten the soul.

The Tropical Beauty of Blue


Blue is my favorite color and this photo is filled with luscious blues. One of the things I enjoy about the tropics are all the different shades of blue that seem to infuse the environment. There is the celestial blue of the sky and the marine blue of the ocean and all types of blue in between, whether it be the light, happy turquoise painted on the many stuccoed buildings, the dappled teal painted on the many exotic birds, or the lovely azure painted deep within the eyes of someone you love.

Yes, the tropical world contains many types of stunning blue beauties…


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