This Pandemic Will Change Everything

The Chinese coronavirus will change everything.

It is time we wake up to the threat that communist China poses to us.

There are two wars occurring at the moment, both cold but they could turn hot. The first is the Chinese war against the United States over global domination; the second is the war between American nationalists, and nationalists worldwide, who seek to protect and promote their countries and heritages, and the elite, globalist financial and political class that seek to reduce the United States, and the Western world in general, to a vassal of the latest despotic power residing in Asia.

The destruction, human and economic, that will result from this pandemic will clarify all this like nothing has since the Second World War.

The Essentials

As a man ages he learns, hopefully, to discard the things that are superfluous, and focus and pursue those things that are essential. The pursuit of beauty is eternal, and yet there are other things too in life. The key is knowing what those are, what things are important, and what things not to give a shit about.

With age comes the wisdom to discern such things…

The New Year And New Decade

A new year and a new decade has arrived. And with a new year there comes new territory to conquer. Alexander the Great is a good model to follow in such endeavors.

This painting is fanciful reproduction of a famous mosaic of Alexander (356-323BC), on horseback (on the left), defeating the Persian King Darius III at the battle of Issus in 333BC. Alexander eventually went on to subdue the entire Persian Empire, a remarkable feat when you consider that he died at age thirty-three. The original mosaic is from a Roman house in Pompeii from about 160BC. I prefer the more fanciful painting.

The point is: there are new things to do in this coming year and new paths to take. Although I cannot conquer territory in the sense of Alexander, there are other areas of life where conquest is still possible.