Happy Summer Solstice

The summer solstice, the day when the sun is at its highest in the northern hemisphere, has always been one of celebration. Today we enjoy more daylight than at any other time during the year. And beauty such as this is best appreciated bathed in the brilliance of this day’s seemingly eternal light.

May Tree Nymph

A lovely tree nymph.

Now that Spring has finally arrived, and is delighting our hearts with all her beauty, we must remember that this is also the time of the year when nymphs are most visible. Be careful for you just may, in the right time and place, happen upon one of these mysterious yet beautiful creatures.

The nymph above is sometimes called a wood nymph or a tree nymph. Dryad or Hamadryad, would be the correct Greek name for such creatures. These nymphs are found in the forests, glens, dales, or any other heavily wooded area. They are usually hard to spot, given the shadowy nature of a forest, but they can be seen if you are lucky enough to see one.

And again, as with all nymphs, if you see one you must use extreme caution. They are alluring, but very dangerous creatures.

Hot Chicks Love Trump

Heritage America still has some life left in it. 

Here is another example of that too often ignored phenomena of our time: the hot chick who is a Trump supporter. This is Brenna Spencer, a senior at the U. of Tennessee who both packs heat and is card carrying member of The Deplorables. Apparently this photo has made a bit of news.


It made some of the more delicate among the Left, which really means all of them, feel “unsafe”.

Someone needs to do a thorough, scientific study on the hotness of Trump vs non Trump female supporters. I would bet money on the overwhelming hotness of the Trump supporters. After all, we have all seen the screeching, hysterical hoards of desiccated Hillary supporters at the various ‘”women’s marches” over the past year and half. What we have not seen enough of is the absolute hotness of so many of the Trump supporters.

Spencer, on the left, with Tomi Lahren, another Trump supporting hottie.

Why do so many hot chicks support Trump? It is simple. Trump is the ultimate Alpha, and the ultimate Alpha attracts the most feminine, beautiful women. So many of Trump’s women are that: feminine, traditionally feminine and beautiful women, not burdened by the dictates of a soul destroying Leftist ideology called “feminism”.

Oh yes, one of the glories of The Age of Trump is the wonderful blossoming of so much that is good and beautiful the world, especially beautiful women.

And here is one last photo of the the lovely Brenna Spencer, because, as a blog devoted to all things beautiful, it is quite the lovely photo.



Heritage America Means Hot Chicks Packing Heat

Heritage America at its best.

As the Left continues to wet its collective adult diapers over firearms, it is important to remember that there are few things hotter in the the land of traditional America than chicks who love the Second Amendment almost as much as they love a good Alpha rogering.

Now, here is a view of the modern Left’s New America: hideous, shaved head dykes, among others.

As the Left continues to ruthlessly promote its freak show of anti-First and Second Amendment agitators, eventually a tipping point will come, and decisions will have to be made.

In the meantime, here is another, more modern image of what the Second Amendment means:

Our sacred and traditional Liberty must be defended at all costs.