Dunkirk Seventy Seven Years Later: Was It Worth It?

Christoper Nolan’s new film on Dunkirk is getting rave reviews.

The “Miracle of Dunkirk” as Churchill called it, is one of the mythic moments of the Second World War. Utterly surrounded on land by the German Wehrmacht, besieged from the air by the Luftwaffe, and threatened at sea by German u-boats, more than 330,000 British, French and other Allied troops were trapped on the beach of Dunkirk. The event lasted from May 26 to June 4 1940. It was in many ways the lowest point of the Allied efforts in Western Europe, and there were only two possible outcomes: escape or annihilation. Miraculously most of the Allied forces escaped.

Although I have not seen Christopher Nolan’s recent movie about this event, many critics have praised the film (although there was one idiot who complained that there were not enough “people of color” in the film). I plan on seeing it though.

Now, 77 years after this great moment, the question needs to be asked: was it worth it? This question was recently raised in an article by Peter Brimelow.


Why, after so much death and destruction, after so much pain and sacrifice defeating Nazi Germany, has Western Europe, and in particular Britain, allowed itself to be invaded by Third World peoples? This is the most stunningly incomprehensible event in post-WWII history. As Brimelow relates in his article, even twenty years ago when the effects of mass immigration were beginning to be felt in Britain, many of the surviving veterans of the Second World War, and Dunkirk in particular, said that such an event, in the light of the modern invasion, was NOT worth the sacrifice.

I am not sure who did this, but it is a nice depiction of Dunkirk.

The Second World War was essentially about one group of Germanic peoples (Nazi Germany), fighting another group of Germanic-Celtic-Latin peoples, the French and British. Even when you throw the Poles and Soviet Russia in the mix, which are Slavic peoples, you are still have basically one common racial and cultural group fighting itself. Even the United States was still at that time mostly a country of people’s who race and culture where originally European. The carnage of what was really a mass civil war among Germanic-Celtic-Latin-Slavic peoples was unspeakable.

And today we must ask what was it for? So that Europe and the United States can be overrun by the detritus from the Third World? So that Islam can overrun Europe?

Yesterday’s Europeans at Dunkirk: evacuation.

Today and tomorrows “Europeans”: invasion.

The future of Europe is quite uncertain.

Summer Wood Nymph

A lovely wood nymph spotted in some secluded forest haunt…

Now that we are in the full glory of summer with lots of sun and heat, the dryads, or wood nymphs, are quite abundant. If you take a walk in a secluded wooded area, and the more secluded the better, your chances of happening upon one of these exotic creatures is better now than at any other time during the year. There are many theories as to why these nymphs are so abundant in the months of July and August, but scientists have not come to any definite conclusions. It may simply be that nymphs enjoy summer more so than any other season, and thus venture out of their haunts at this time of year with great frequency.

Whatever the case, the nymph is one of those mysterious creatures that has always fascinated me, and so I will always enjoy writing about their beauty.

Study: Women Enjoy Violent Porn More Than Men

A recent study by a well known Google researcher suggests that women are consumers of violent porn more so than men.


It is an interesting view into the female psyche. For those who know women, this is not surprising; for those who still engage in the white knight pedestal fantasy, this study might be quite upsetting. For bitter feminists, it will both enrage them because their public position is that only men would ever engage in such pornographic pastimes, while at the same time consoling them because now they know that as they privately fantasize about being dominated by a strong man, so too are others in the liberal spinster sisterhood.

Unfortunately for feminists, this fantasy will most likely only remain that, a fantasy, and one  to be shared only with their vibrators, because no strong or powerful man will choose to bed a Leftist, blue haired, fatty feminist when he can bang a smoking hot, feminine Trump babe.

So the Hillary loving feminist will have to settle for either her vibrator, another vagina, or the limpid embrace of a weak, liberal mangina beta boy (Brian Stelter at CNN), while the hot Trump babe enjoys getting her brains fucked out by a powerful alpha while also getting a good spanking for being such a bad girl.

Her orgasms will be intense, as will her love for her man.

Trump in Poland: The West Is Worth Defending, Because The West Is Great

Trump delivering his great speech in Warsaw, Poland.

Wow, for someone as cynical as myself, I thought this was one of the best speeches I have ever heard. It is the best at least since President Reagan fearlessly confronted Soviet communism. Perhaps there is still some life left in us. President Trump today delivered a fantastic speech on the absolute importance of our civilization, Western civilization.


Here a few quotes:

“The fundamental question of our time is: whether the West has the will to survive?”

The answer to that question seems to be a resounding “no”. Perhaps this is the beginning of a change. Along with whatever we can do to defend ourselves and our way of life, we can only hope.

More golden nuggets from the Golden God Emperor:

“Do we have the confidence in our values to defend them at any cost…do we have enough respect for our citizens to protect our borders? Do we have the desire and the courage to preserve our civilization in the face of those who would subvert and destroy it?”

Protecting our borders? Defending ourselves from our enemies, both foreign and domestic? Is this a United States president saying these things? Yes, and that President is Donald Trump!

Perhaps the best quote is this:

“We are the freest and the greatest community of nations the world has ever known. We write symphonies. We pursue innovation. We celebrate our ancient heroes, embrace our timeless traditions and customs, and always seek to explore and discover new frontiers. We reward brilliance, strive for excellence, and cherish inspiring works of art that honor God. We treasure the rule of law—and protect the right to free expression. We empower women as pillars of our society and our success. We put faith and family, not government and bureaucracy, at the center of our lives.”

Such sentiments have been part of the subject matter of this blog now for years: it is the glorious and beautiful artistic heritage of Western civilization that is so worth celebrating and defending–and not just what we have created in the past three thousand years, but what we continue to create today, right now; it is the great intellectual and technological accomplishments, the medical innovations, the heroic explorations of the seas, the deep and nuanced theological conceptions of God and religion that are our heritage, our gifts to the progress of man in a brutal, natural world which is ultimately harsh and unforgiving; it is our notions of liberty and free expression that are unique to the West, that are present in no other society on earth, not now, not ever, and that are constantly under threat not only from the outside, but now from the inside as well, from Leftists, feminists, socialists and communists and whoever else belongs to the coalition of establishment elites within the industrial media-government-entertainment-academic complex. And let us not forget the growing threat of that other ancient society that is ultimately incompatible with Western values, that old antagonist of the West: Islam.

I am not sure who wrote the speech for Trump, but he believes the words, and these words have deep meaning, and and are worth fighting for. To have someone around whom we can to rally in this fight is something I thought I would never see.

With the threats of external, mass Third World migration (invasion), and internal cultural Marxist, socialist rot, the Western world is in a deep crisis at the moment. Whether it survives the future is in great doubt. Perhaps Trump has opened a new chapter on our own self preservation. Perhaps we have opened a new front in the increasingly bitter fight for the West. Perhaps.

In the meantime, we can only do what we can to defend ourselves and our society, and hope for the future.

CNN Is Now Trump’s Little Bitch: #CNNBlackmail


Watching the daily media meltdown is one of the most delightful forms of entertainment I have ever experienced. For decades the Leftist media has exercised an iron grip over the dissemination of thought and information, and they used that iron grip to advance an anti-Western, anti-heritage American agenda. Now, a new force has entered the world, or rather, a confluence of difference forces: the Golden God Emperor, Donald Trump and social media.

The shitlibs who inhabit the MSM world are now shitting their pants, and shitting their pants with the most noxious rivers of Marxist diarrhea. They know that their time has passed, that they daily are losing their relevance, and that they are being beaten, and being beaten by the likes of Donald Trump and his loyal maul-right minions. The fact that Donald Trump is the one inflicting the pain is too much for them to handle. Their subsequent mental and professional breakdown, as I said, is too delightful to even describe.

I just heard someone describe Trump in terms of Moby Dick. Trump is Moby Dick. CNN, and by extension the rest of the MSM are captain Ahab. I will assume we all know how that story turned out. CNN and the rest of the media are so driven by their hatred of Trump that they are unaware of their own destructive behavior, until it is too late. Trump, like Moby Dick, is ramming their ship.

Trump is Moby Dick, CNN is Ahab. Things did not turn out too well for Ahab and his crew.

The MSM views itself as the high priests of American thought. They think of themselves are the pure, innocent, altruistic evangelists of Leftist ideology, clothed in the fraud of “journalism”.  They pretend to be impartial, but it is obvious that they are anything but impartial. Just read any paragraph of the NYT when it comes to Trump, or watch five minutes of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC. If you objectively analyze their words, the images they use, the stories they choose to emphasize, it is clear they are little more than evangelists for the Left. What they are, and have been for decades, are the partisan hacks of the Democratic party. They are for the most part the last true believers (outside of academia) of global socialism. Of course these things are all one and the same (the Democratic party, academia, and global socialism). Most of media elites we see on the networks come from elite schools, live in elite, gated and cloistered neighborhoods, and surround themselves only with the same people of the same social class. In their insular, isolated existence, they cannot even begin to understand the rest of the world that surrounds them. They don’t understand it, and in the end have contempt for it.

And yet they are supposedly objective “journalists”, searching for the truth, engaged in a scientifically pure analysis of the world around them. What most of them are a frauds, charlatans, and hypocrites. What satisfies them the most is not the unmasking of the truth, but the promotion of their own careers, the lining of their own pockets with as much money as possible (while at the same time hating the very capitalist system which supports them), and being patted on the back and praised by their colleagues at their Manhattan, or DC cocktails parties because they too, like the enlightened liberals that they are, hate Trump and most of heritage America.


CNN, in its recent thuggish blackmail move against dude who created the Trump wresting CNN video–the way a major news organization has now threatened to make public a private citizen for his constitutionally given right to create and express his ideas if he does not capitulate to their will and apologize for his creation, and promise never to do it again–has once again revealed itself to be nothing more than a group of whiny, little bitches, with no moral compass, and no other interest except to maintain their fragile position of power within the elite New York-Washington-Left Coast intelligentsia establishment. In their hysterical, humorless moral convulsions over Trump, Trump has proven that he now owns them. They are now his bitch.

It is one small sweet victory over the establishment Left. Let us enjoy it.

Emily Ratajkowski Say Her Boobs Are Too Big For Hollywood

Emily Ratajkowski, by Dominic Petruzzi

Now, I have never even heard of this girl until I read this headline today, so I felt deep desire to do some research. And what I came up with was this beauty: Emily Ratajkowski.

Since I have never seen her act, I cannot judge her talents, but I can say quite safely that she is quite lovely. She claims that Hollywood will not give her work because she is too feminine, and in particular, her breasts are too big.

“There’s this thing that happens to me: ‘Oh, she’s too sexy.’ It’s like an anti-woman thing, that people don’t want to work with me because my boobs are too big,” she told Harper’s Bazaar Australia for their August issue.

“What’s wrong with boobs? They’re a beautiful, feminine thing that needs to be celebrated,” she said, “Like, who cares? They are great big, they are great small. Why should that be an issue?”

Another lovely photo by Petruzzi.

If it is true that Hollywood is overlooking this lovely female because of her overly feminine features, then this shows how far that corrupt and depraved institution has fallen into the androgynous culture that most of the modern Left embraces.

As a blog which celebrate beauty, especially feminine beauty, this particular beauty should have more exposure in Hollywood. If that were to happen, the world would be a better place!

Such loveliness!

Yes indeed, boobs are are “a beautiful, feminine thing that needs to be celebrated.” Despite the madness of the feminists and other crazed Leftist all around us, this blog will make sure that happens.

Jenna Jamison To CNN’s Brian Stelter: You Are A Walking Vagina

Brian Stelter, a typical specimen of the Trump hating, MSM beta boy.

Jenna Jamison, the former pornstar, has given the ultimate insult to one of CNN’s most unctuous beta boys, Brian Stelter.

“You are a walking vagina”.

Here is the story:


Yes, for anyone who has had the misfortune of watching this little Pillsbury Dough Boy look-a-like, this is an apt description. It could even be said of most of the media types that populate the old, MSM organs of power. In fact, what is driving most of the media insane, especially on the beta male side (and most of them are pure betas), is that they are indeed walking, even screeching vagina’s in the presence of Trump. They know they are in the presence of someone who will not bend to their will, a man of true alpha disdain who toys with them at his own will and pleasure, and now they have turned into whiny little bitches, which is what most of the “males” in the media always really were.

Here is an interesting photo of Stelter a few years ago:

Stelter with Nicole Lapin, another media type.

Now, notice this photo. What does the body language tell us? Stelter is showing  his true beta genes. As he tries to kiss on her, she is instinctively repulsed, and her head is tilting away from him. Notice how he literally clings to her, grabbing her around the waist, as if he is so afraid she will leave him that just the thought of that is too much for him to bear. A man should never display such a crass dependence on a woman; rather, his hand should casually glide down across her waist and above her ass, as if to say, yes, you are mine, but I can also find someone else if I so choose. I am the dominant one here.

The great humor in this photo, despite Stelter’s obvious beta body language, and his neediness, is that the relationship (if that is what it was) ended, and she moved on to someone else. Now I don’t know the details of this, but I would place bets that she finally could not take his beta clinginess anymore, and dumped his dough boy ass for a better man.

I prefer not to engage too excessively in ad hominem attacks, but since the leftist, cultural Marxist media as represented by Stelter has become so completely enraged at the mere presence of the Golden God Emperor, and since they display a complete lack of humor with respect to everything Trump, Stelter is fair game. He has a platform each Sunday morning on CNN to attack Trump; therefore, mocking criticism of him is welcome and justified.

When a pornstar insults you as a man, you know you are a laughing stalk with most women. Poor dough boy Stelter, despite his good leftist credentials he is a laughing stock among women, and a whipping boy for the maul-right.

Thanks to the presence of the Donald Trump, the Golden God Emperor, this is one the best Fourth of July’s ever.



Trump Babes

Notice the babes strategically placed behind the God-Emperor.

After Trump’s latest rally in Iowa, the obvious must be stated again: Trump attracts the hottest babes.  This has been true since Trump first launched his campaign two years ago, and it remains true today. There is simply something about Trump that brings out the femininity in women, and what that is, is simply alpha dominance.

These two were not Hillary supporters!

I submit that you will not come across truly hot, feminine babes at any Democratic or Leftist gathering. The two below are definitely not Democrats.

No, what you will find are hideous, screeching, bitter feminists, such as these:

Such a photo will cause nightmares.

Oh, and one more things: chicks packing heat are hot.


Trump supporters: it is where the babes are.