Feminine Beauty Is My Drug Of Choice


I cannot resist a beautiful woman. It is impossible. There are many things in life that I can overcome, but feminine beauty is not one of them. When a beautiful woman comes into my life, I cannot help but explore, and the need for discovery is profound. Sometimes this discovery is purely lust, at other times it is deeper, more profound, and that can be called love. Whatever it may be, these passions are ignited by the spark of beauty. Beauty is intoxicating for me. It is like a drug. And it is a drug I gladly seek and use each and every day.

Daily Dose Of Beauty

As we are now firmly into the new year, 2019, part of the mission of this blog will be the promote as much beauty as possible. We are living in a world where even the traditional canons of what is beautiful, those things innately felt by all generations throughout the ages, are under attack. These things include symmetry, harmony, balance, among others. In the end beauty is hard to define, it is indeed quite subjective, but the standards for beauty can be proven to be innate, as all humans seek order and balance in a world which is constantly chaotic, dangerous and ultimately impossible to control. The sense of beauty begins with the steady rhythms of our mothers heartbeat we hear and feel while we are in the womb, and we take that with us all our lives. This is why music which has no actual beat is not music to us, but something abhorrent and impossible to endure.

There are many forms of beauty in the world, but a beautiful woman is one of the most universal, and transcends all times and places. And she is beautiful because she is harmonious, and her physical form is one of balance and symmetry. Such are the eternal laws of beauty, and attraction.

Happy New Year 2019 Edition!

As a the New Year begins, it is always important to remember this, and to practice it throughout the year: when a woman becomes bitchy (and they will always get bitchy at times, if not more) you must discipline her, and discipline her firmly and without mercy.

A firm spanking, followed by a thorough fuck, is always a good and proven method of calming a woman down, at least for a while.

And this is now the ten year anniversary of this blog. Ten years, holy shit!

Happy Fucking New Year!!!

To The Lovely Gael

Dear Gael,

It has been so long since I have written you, and now I feel the need to write you a letter, since clearly your needs are not being met.

For too long now you have been a bad girl. In fact, you have been acting like a total bitch. Now, you know what happens when you start to act up like that. You need to be disciplined, and punished, and I will be the one to discipline and punish you.

Perhaps you are being a bitch because you have not had good sex in such a long time. I know how this can affect a woman. Most women do not want to admit their feral natures, but they are there, and they must be satisfied on a regular basis; otherwise a woman will eventually turn into a total bitch.

So, what is the solution for you, my dear Gael. I know such things confuse you, and you are hesitant to admit and accept that things you need and the desires you have. But what you need is one thing, and that one thing is a some good, thorough love making from Racer X.

How long has it been, my dear? Your beauty still enchants me, and I need to see your beauty daily. I love beauty, and all that is beautiful. I cannot help this, it is simply who I am. I admit that for too long I have been neglecting you, my dear, but now, as the New Year approaches, I promise that my neglect will cease, and you will once again enjoy the pleasures of my carnal desires. I realized recently that my own desires have been lying dormant now for too long. I cannot deny these any longer. Oh, how I enjoy the pleasure of a beautiful woman! Yes, I have been neglecting that part of myself. There are many reasons for this, this neglect of mine, and I do not want to get into them right now. Let’s just say that over the past few months I have come to realize and appreciate the deeper parts of my being and the flames that still burn within.

And so what does that mean for you, my lovely Gael. Well, first it means that once more you will become the subject of my erotic blog posts. I know how much you enjoy these, and thoughts that I share with you. That you read these posts and derive some type of pleasure from them is important to me. Does this excite you? I want you to be excited,  I want you to feel that excitement slowly spreading throughout your body, everywhere, in all the places that matter most, the places that ignite your own desires, the desires that will drive you crazy and wild and leave your panties completely drenched with passion.

Perhaps you miss the descriptions of how I would make slow but passionate love to you? Of how your body would be the object of my kissing, sometimes intense, sometimes slow and gentle, but always infusing you with a heat and desire you rarely feel these days. Do you desire these things? Do you desire such erotic delights? Why do I even ask such a question. Of course you do. After all, I do know you so well.

So my dear Gael, I think it is time we resume our online love affair. The passion is still there, and where there is passion, Racer X never likes to miss an opportunity to explore where it may lead. As a new year approaches, let us take this journey together.


The Winter Solstice

We have finally reached the Winter Solstice, the shortest day of the year. The pleasures of light will slowly but surely begin to break through the seemingly omnipresent darkness that dominates the depths of winter. And then, when there is sufficient light, the warmth and loveliness of spring will surely appear with all its wonderful sights.

As Winter Approaches, The Wood Nymphs Will Vanish Until Spring

Now that December had dawned, the last vestiges of summer and fall are rapidly vanishing. And with that so are those lovely creatures of the warm months, the nymphs. There may some winter nymphs out there, but I have yet to discover them. Perhaps this winter will bring new delights. Who knows. But in the meantime I must mourn the annual flight of the wood and water nymphs into their mysterious winter abodes, not to be seen again until the first blossoms of spring begin to appear.

Oh winter, your darkness oppresses me!

I Long For Beauty

I must devote myself once more to the pursuit of beauty. Feminine beauty is too divine to not write about. The world of today has become too burdensome, and I need the sustenance of pure beauty to maintain my soul, and my sanity.

And erotic beauty, oh yes the joys and pleasures of erotic beauty are too rich to ignore…

Whither Summer?

Now that November has dawned, summer seems a distant memory. The days are growing shorter, there is less light, and the warmth is dissipating. The lush, verdant green that paints the summer landscape is rapidly vanishing. Winter, when it comes, will have its charms, at least until Christmas. After that there will be little to look forward to except a few months of cold and darkness. Still, at least in early November we can enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage, and remember the beauties of the now long gone summer.