Ocean Nymph


Here is an ocean nymph, apparently enjoying her rocky grotto by the sea. These are delightful and mysterious creatures, and ones that should be avoided, if you happen to find yourself shipwrecked on some strange island, and seeking shelter in a cave by the shore.

Beautiful Art


There are many ways of expressing beauty, and art is one of the best. This is a nice painting by Luc-Olivier Merson, a French artist (1846-1920). Although he is primarily known as someone who belonged the Academic traditions of art, we see here some influence of the Impressionists, especially in the hazy color scheme and overall atmosphere.

Classical Summer Beauty

A beautiful woman stands before a rocky bay, her hair tussled by the wind. There is something almost classical about this photo. In fact, if I could, I would say that Botticelli himself would have enjoyed painting such a scene.

It is now July. The summer is in full swing. And it has been too long, far too long since Racer X devoted himself to the purely erotic passions of life. Yes, he must resume this. Beauty is too powerful, and life too short. to delay any longer.

There is now much that needs to be said. It is time to once again renew this blog.

The Intoxicating Allure of Feminine Beauty

Yes, no matter how old I get, I will always love female beauty. Beautiful women are part of what makes this world spectacular, and without beautiful women life would be harsh indeed.

I thought as I got older these passions would fade, and, although life changes and our perspective of life changes, and we want and desire different things at different stages of life, the love of beauty, especially feminine beauty, will always remain with a man.

I can only thank God that I have been so fortunate in my life to enjoy as much of this as any man can dream of…

To The Lovely Gael

Dear Gael,

Yes, my dear Gael, you have been quite the bad girl. What am I to do with you?

I know it has been so long since we last talked or met, but I know that despite all this time, our love is still strong. Love is strange that way, it is hard to understand, but when it is there, we both know it. A long time may pass between us, but we seem to always manage to once again unite with each other, in one form or another.

How long has it been Gael, since we enjoyed our lovemaking? Do you remember those warm summer nights, those nights when we would meet in secret? Yes, you were seeing someone else then, I know, and I know how guilty you felt when we met, but I also know how turned on you were when we met, and how much you enjoyed our intimacy.

Do you know that I still dream about you? Yes, I still have those dreams of us together. I told you once about my dreams, and you seemed a bit embarrassed at the time, but you also seemed curious and intrigued by what I had dreamt. There was one dream in particular I told you I had of us. Still, it took you a good few months to muster the courage to even ask me about that dream I had of you. I did not know how you would react, but I was glad that you liked it, especially of how I dreamt that we made love one afternoon by a waterfall…

There were times, even way back then, when you could be quite the bitch. It seems that things have not changed much since then. Apparently you still have your bitchy moments. Does your husband not know what to do with you? Does he not know how to handle you? Does he not really understand you, the way I understand you? Yes, I know you, and what you need and desire. What you desire most is to be in the presence of a powerful man, and man who is a man and not afraid to be a man. We both know how rare that is today. We both know how you are surrounded by mostly soy-boy little pussies, and that how in the presence of a real man, such as Racer X, you feel those desires, forbidden and yet so delightful, stirring in you, in your mind and heart and then, slowly but surely, in your sweet vagina until the wetness soaks through your panties…

Only you and I know about our little secrets. And it seems our little secret is still alive today, even after all these years. I know how lovely you still are. It was that same loveliness that I always felt in your presence, and you know I felt it, because whenever we were together I had to have you. Yes, I am sure you remember how we once kissed, how my hands felt on your body, how I caressed your hair and your back and your breasts and legs and how I ran my hand up your dress and between your thighs to explore the soft loveliness of you beneath your soaked, lacy panties, my fingers touching you and exploring you and entering you and then letting you taste yourself on my fingers before I picked you up and carried you into my bedroom and disrobed you. You know how much I loved seeing you in a dress, and seeing you dance in your dress, and how much more I loved to slip that dress off you…

Yes, those were hot and sweaty nights. We fucked for hours. I tasted you over and over again. You told me how much you loved the way I kissed you. You told me, “Don’t stop”, as I kissed and licked and caressed your vagina, and sucked on your clitoris, and put one or two fingers inside you and caressed the inside of you with my fingers even more while my tongue and lips caressed your tight little clitoris over and over and over again. My hands would find your breasts or mouth and you would suck on my fingers and then our hands would meet and we we would hold hands while I pleasured you and you moaned and sighed and eventually writhed with orgasmic intensity…

But you were still a bitch, and so I had to discipline you. Yes, you needed to be spanked, so I spanked you. And your ass was quite spankable. Then, after I had given you a thorough spanking, and inflicted on you the pain you needed to feel, I kissed you and comforted you and you knew how much I really loved you. And for your reward for being a good girl and being spanked, I massaged and kissed your back and your lovely ass and soon found your pretty little asshole and gently licked you there too as you gasped in a pleasure you had never felt before, but would always want to feel thereafter, especially after my finger gently entered your ass while my mouth pleasured your now burning pussy…

Oh, and let me not forget how much I enjoyed the feel your mouth and hands on my cock, and the enjoyment I received from seeing how much you loved to take me in your mouth. You especially enjoyed playing with my balls, rubbing and squeezing and sucking on them, and you would tell me how much you liked them, and how big and full they were and how could not wait to feel and taste my cum and how much you wanted my thick, hard cock inside you.

And we fucked. Yes, we fucked over and over again. Sometimes I was on top, your legs wrapped around me, or your legs over my shoulders, or I was behind you, grabbing your hips and fingering your ass while I pounded you, and I still remember so vividly the slight of your beneath me, the curve of your hips and the smooth, delicate contours of your back and the way your long hair was draped and disheveled across my bed as I fucked you from behind, or how you liked to be on top of me, leaning back, my legs straight back, you grinding your tight little pussy on my cock while I massaged your swollen clitoris. Oh yes, we had such delightful nights together and we did this over and over and over again until the early hours of the morning and exhaustion set in and you would finally say to me, “You have worn me out…” and we would collapse in the tired ecstasy of sweet, erotic release.

After that there was the gentle kissing as we both recovered from our lovemaking, as you lay next to me in my embrace, enjoying the strength of my arms, feeling safe and secure with me, my muscular body protecting your soft body, my face close to yours and lost in your hair as I kissed your neck and cheeks and soft lips and as I told you I loved you and you told me you loved me…

Then, as morning approached and reality began to return, we would dress and eventually go our ways, until we secretly met again on another night, safe and secure in our little secret, the secret we still have today, the secret of our love for each other. Yes, it is our secret, and it is still safe for both us. I know that even though you are married, and have been for quite some time, and that is has been quite some time since we talked, I know you still love me, as I still love you. Love is a strange and powerful creature and cannot be understood; love can only be accepted for what it is, a force within our world and force within our lives. It is a force which I have never been afraid of, and have always dared to explore, come what may.

Yes, those were wonderful times, my lovely Gael.