Whither Summer?

Now that November has dawned, summer seems a distant memory. The days are growing shorter, there is less light, and the warmth is dissipating. The lush, verdant green that paints the summer landscape is rapidly vanishing. Winter, when it comes, will have its charms, at least until Christmas. After that there will be little to look forward to except a few months of cold and darkness. Still, at least in early November we can enjoy the beauty of the fall foliage, and remember the beauties of the now long gone summer.

The Allure of Natural Beauty

As the seasons now move inexorably towards the chill and frost of winter, we still have some time left to enjoy the warmth and beauty of the natural world. Soon it will be too cold for a lovely woman to disrobe outside, so this photo is a nice reminder of the possibilities that still exist in even late October.

Beauty is an intoxicating allure, and combination of feminine beauty in a natural world is one of the most intoxicating visions we can find.

Classic Alpha Males: Steve McQueen

Steve McQueen was one of the great alpha males of a now bygone Hollywood era. When we see today’s pathetic examples of “males”, the feminized soyboys, weeping Willies, and androgynous, man bunned, pussy hat wearing SJWs, we can only wonder if the decline in testosterone driven masculinity has not been some gigantic scheme by the Western globohomo elites to destroy millions of years of male evolution.

Just a few short decades ago a man like Steve McQueen was the epitome of American masculinity: fiercely independent, a true free thinker, someone who would have despised the gigantic, socialist nanny state for which so many of his present day Hollywood cadres so long. He was both a man of action, as well as an artist of the highest rank. It was rare back then, and it is even rarer today.

Anyone who has seen his movies knows that the world he portrayed is a world now largely lost. I say largely lost, because there are still some vestiges of this world, but one must look and search and be unafraid to explore. This was a world where a man was unafraid to take action, whatever the consequences, and as ruthlessly as needed, in defense of himself and the promotion of his own interests.

McQueen in “The Great Escape”. In his private life he was an avid motorcycle racer.

To sum up his approach to life, McQueen once said:

“I live for myself and answer to nobody”.

This should be the code that every man lives by. Few will dare to do so. Those who do will find true happiness in life. This is why the alpha is a truly rare breed.

Early Fall Beauty

Fall has finally descended upon us, and soon the heat of summer will be a distant memory. There is always something a little haunting about the Fall, with the growing darkness, falling leaves, and finally bare trees. And yet all this still has its particular beauty.

Beauty, how I do love thee!

The Oceanids Emerge In The Waning Days Of Summer

Two Oceanids on some unknown shore enjoy the last days of summer.

The Oceanids were sea nymphs, or to be more precise, they were among the three thousands daughters of the Titans Oceanus and Tethys. These lovely creatures inhabited different bodies of water, whether they be springs, lakes, seas or oceans. In our modern world, they usually make their appearance in the late summer, when the last bursts of warmth and sunlight bath the northern hemisphere. Once the weather turns cooler, they will disappear to different and secret haunts.

A nineteenth century painting of Oceanids by Gustave Dore.

Despite our modern, technological and historically ignorant world, there are still many mysteries to be discovered and explored, and the world of the nymphs remains one of those.

Lovely and Loving Wood Nymphs

During the heady days of summer, one may see many things. Here, for example, are two lovely dryads (wood nymphs) enjoying the pleasures of love. If we decide to take a walk through the woods on a warm August afternoon, we may sometimes see a single wood nymph, but seeing two together, and locked in such an erotic embrace, is truly a wonderful surprise.

Ah, the delights and beauties of summer are always endless!