Victims of systemic white racism seeking reparations for 400 years of slavery, even though slavery ended in 1865.

There really is no hope any longer, there is only one decision to be made. Which side are you on?

One side wins, and one sides loses. That’s it.


Two whites, most likely Chicago liberals who voted for the idiotic politicians running their city, dutifully clean up after the victims of white oppression collect their reparation goods.

There simply is no compromise to be made between the Marxist Left that now controls the Democratic Party, and has controlled all the major institutions of this country for decades.

Mayor of Chicago decides to life the bridges around the moat to keep the peaceful protesters from looting her castle. I guess she is insensitive to the plight of victims of systemic racism.

For those of us who love freedom, who love the traditions and heritage and Constitution of the United States, and who want to live in a constitutional republic, we must understand that this is now a war, still relatively cold, but getting hotter by the day, but soon to be quite hot, and if we lose, and the Left wins, freedom will vanish.

It is simply time to pick a side, and fight with that side, and win, or lose.