As we are now firmly into the new year, 2019, part of the mission of this blog will be the promote as much beauty as possible. We are living in a world where even the traditional canons of what is beautiful, those things innately felt by all generations throughout the ages, are under attack. These things include symmetry, harmony, balance, among others. In the end beauty is hard to define, it is indeed quite subjective, but the standards for beauty can be proven to be innate, as all humans seek order and balance in a world which is constantly chaotic, dangerous and ultimately impossible to control. The sense of beauty begins with the steady rhythms of our mothers heartbeat we hear and feel while we are in the womb, and we take that with us all our lives. This is why music which has no actual beat is not music to us, but something abhorrent and impossible to endure.

There are many forms of beauty in the world, but a beautiful woman is one of the most universal, and transcends all times and places. And she is beautiful because she is harmonious, and her physical form is one of balance and symmetry. Such are the eternal laws of beauty, and attraction.