The mug shot of the 22 year old girl who has been charged with “sexual assault” against an 18 year old male.

Now I am not sure of the all the details of this particular situation, but as I understand it, a 22 year old female, Tayler Ivy Boncal, a former student teacher and track coach at a Connecticut high school, has been charged with second degree sexual assault because she had a relationship with an 18 year old former student of hers (yes, he was 18 at the time). This sexual relationship happened between December 25, 2017 and January 11 of this year.  Apparently, according to reports, the “victim” (as the police call him) has refused to cooperate because he actually has feelings for the girl and does not want to hurt her. In the eyes of the our Left wing overlords, however, (and you know that Connecticut is full of them), he is a “victim”, even if he does not know it.

Now, at worst this girl should lose her teaching license. However, the fact that she has actually been charged with a crime is absurd. It is travesty of justice. Both were adults. There is no crime here. And yet she has been dragged before the public to be shamed and, if convicted in a court of law, forever branded as “sex offender”.

It is cases like this which should show to everyone just how dangerous the Left and its enablers in the all powerful State are in their application of various ideologies, this one being the ideology of sexual assault, regardless of gender. It is merely a fact that a 22 year old girl cannot “sexually assault” an 18 year male, unless perhaps she drugged him, rendered him unconscious, and stuck a dildo up his ass.

That is not the case with this situation here. No, these are two adults in a consensual relationship. It may have been inappropriate as as a high school, student-teacher situation, but it is not criminal.

And yet in the eyes of the raw power of the State, this is a crime, and now this girl’s life has been recklessly tarnished. if not permanently ruined. Now since the Left has an iron grip on a state like Connecticut, and since in the Leftist world view gender is an obvious social construct and therefore meaningless, the state here is applying the same principles to this situation that it would to a real rape or a real case of sexual assault, i.e., of a man against a woman.

As this shows yet again, governments do not know nuance. They do not recognize shades of grey. They are impersonal machines that enforce one thing: power. The State and the Government are staffed by people who for the most part are attempting to advance their own careers. This is particularly true among District Attorney’s offices, which are perhaps the most unguarded outposts of pure, terrible and dangerous governmental power there are. Many DA’s offices are hopelessly staffed by hard Left people. These are the people who literally have the power to seize you, put you in prison for the rest of your life, and even kill you if they can.

This is why the Left loves Government: the enforcement of raw power. It is what they want, and they want to exercise it over all who they see as unfit to live in their Leftist utopia. This case is a good example of why the State should never be trusted, and that, as the Founding Fathers of this country understood, the State is a necessary evil to prevent anarchy, but we must always be vigilant in protecting our rights against its ever encroaching tyranny. Conservatives mistrust Government, and want to limit its powers as much as possible. The modern Left is the complete opposite.

Oh yeah, and one more thing: the girl is quite hot. If she had been my teacher during my high school days I would have certainly banged her without even a second thought.

Consenting adults should just be left to fuck in freedom without Big Brother arresting them. Please.