Hylas and the Nymphs, a famous Victorian painting that apparently is too lewd for the crazed bitches of the Left.

Here is an another story about the madness of of The Left: a famous Victorian painting depicting a story from Greek mythology, Hylas and the Nymphs, has been removed from an art museum in Manchester England as as expression of their solidarity with the hysterical #MeToo movement.


I have written about this Pre-Raphaelite painting before, and I hope to find the link to shed some more light on its nature. In the meantime, the above is the painting.

Apparently the crazed feminists are upset over the depiction of female nudity in this painting. The Left once again shows itself to be the purveyors of intolerance and censorship. They will not stop until they have cleansed all that is impure, in their warped minds, from our culture.

From their actions over the past half century it is clear that the ultimate goal of the Left is to annihilate Western Civilization. Their self loathing for themselves, the society and culture that allows them to spew their idiocy, increases daily, and at this point no knows bounds. They are the enemies of Truth and Beauty. The damage they have inflicted upon the West since 1945 has been immeasurable. At this moment in time there is no choice: The Left must be defeated, destroyed, humiliated and utterly annihilated. I will try to do my bit, through writing, to contribute to this cause.

The more I hear of this nonsense, the more and more it is clear that we are at war, and the front is everywhere, and it is a battle that one side must win and one side must lose, for there is no compromise with those who see censorship of art in museums, to just name one example, as a means of attaining ideological purity in the world. When it comes to the sacred Liberty, the Left is the enemy of all who love and cherish Freedom. It has been that way since Lenin and the Bolsheviks took over Russia a century ago, and it remains so today.

Oh yeah, and here is a nice nude. It is of a women posing for an artist. I hope this really triggers some self loathing, fanatical dyke feminist bitch somewhere.


And one more thing:

God Bless Trump!!!