What is beautiful about Trump is the fact he says things that everyone knows is true, and yet for those on the Left to utter such truths is impossible because such an utterance would completely contradict their Leftist orthodoxies.

The countries from which our present, insane immigration policies originate are, in fact, shitholes. This is simply truth. It is the reason why everyone from those countries wants to live in the US or Europe.

We could get into countless, irrefutable facts about the extremely low quality of life in these Third World countries. There is not need for that here. However, if there is one fact that perhaps best describes a truly “shithole” country, it would be the practice of public defecation. It is quite common in many Third World countries, most of which lack decent sanitation (as well as any stable, coherent political structure).

Public defecation is a good indicator of whether a country is truly a shithole or not.

To watch elitist Leftists melt down over Trump’s shithole comment is just another delightful day in what has been up to now the best two and half years of entertainment in my lifetime.

Now, the following photos are of somes places, worldwide, that the Left cries over when Trump says “mean” things about them. This is what they want to import into the United States. This is “diversity”

1. A man publicly shitting in Pandharpur, India:

2. A actual shithole in Haiti, filled with real shit:

3. Someone shitting in public in the country that the US has shitted trillions of dollar down into, Afghanistan:

4. Someone publicly shitting in Nigeria:

5. A shit filled drain in Bangladesh:

Now, if these are places you would like to live in, and and from which you would like to important tens and perhaps hundreds of millions of immigrants so that the Democrats can have cheap votes and Big Business cheap labor, then we have a fundamental difference as to what sort of country we want to live in, and the country I want to live in and the country you want to live in are so irreconcilably different that we should just live in two different countries. We can do this peacefully, or not.

Yes, I want to live in a place that looks more like Norway than like these places. Yes, you can take individuals from these Third World countries, as individuals, and they can assimilate into American and Western cultures and adopt our values and customs and embrace Western civilization, especially if they are Christians. Unfortunately these are few and far between, when compared to the billions upon billions of people who live in these countries.

But no, you cannot take millions upon millions and eventually tens of millions of such people and transplant them here into the United States or any Western country and expect them to assimilate into our societies. They will naturally carry their tribes and cultures over with them, and destroy the one we have here. The widespread practice of female genital mutilation in places like London or Michigan is one example of that. This practice was simply unheard of in these places a generation ago.

So if we do not get our immigration situation straightened out in the Western world fairly soon, and stop importing tens of millions of people from shithole countries, the result will be civil, ethnic and national wars. I say this with no pleasure. But this is simply going to happen because too many people in the West do not want–and will not–live in a country that looks like one of the above. Wars, in the end, are always fought over land and who controls it and what kind of country people want to live in and the people with whom you are living. I prefer my white privilege, thank you.

So, in order to avoid such a terrible dilemma, what first needs to be destroyed is the Left and all its ridiculous orthodoxies about race and culture and nations. Trump is making a great start of that.