For various reasons Racer X has not had much time over past few months for blogging, but now he feels the call of the Muses to return to the world of truth and beauty, a world where all things delightful and soul enriching belong. And there are few things more beautiful, at least on this blog, than the female form.

As must be repeated every now and then, the nudes that are posted here I believe to have some sort of artistic merit, as the artistic depiction of nudes is a part of Western culture that has its origins in the brilliance of ancient Greek culture. It is a 2,500 year old tradition, but one that is daily becoming more and more threatened by the twin dangers of cultural Marxism and the unbridled immigration of various Third World peoples into the West who have positively hostile views towards its culture, traditions and civilization.

It is my duty to continue to advocate for such cultural traditions, especially in light of the increasing iconoclasm among the Left of all things traditionally beautiful.