Christopher Columbus, one of the great men of history.

Columbus was a great and brave man who dared to cross the vast, unknown and dangerous Atlantic ocean in a mission to discover a new path to the India and The Far East. What he found instead were the Americas. The world has improved immensely because of his vision and actions.

Now, if you think that living in a teepee, lacking any knowledge of writing and possessing little more than a primitive, stone age technology beyond the rudiments of agriculture is a good thing, than you will hate Columbus. Yes, the Aztecs and Incas had more advanced civilizations than the North American Indians, but they were still vastly inferior to what the European man had developed when he arrived.

Racer X on the other hand is an unapologetic defender of Western civilization. We were stronger and more advanced than the natives when we showed up in the Americas, and that is why we conquered two continents. These are simply the cold and ineluctable motions of history. It always has been, and always will be.

For those on the elite Left who hate Columbus (even though, in their cushy, urban lifestyles they enjoy all the benefits of European civilization), deal with it.

No, better yet… simply, fuck you.