This photo pretty much sums up the Left: a hideous, bizarre looking member of the elite, Leftist establishment, Lynn Yaeger, who is a contributing fashion writer for Vogue magazine. She is the one who wrote about how horrible it was for Melenia Trump to wear high heels before getting on a helicopter on her way to visit the flood ravaged state of Texas. Now, I really do not care about Vogue magazine, but when one of its writers betrays her mindless Leftist orthodoxy in such a blatant fashion, this image is too precious not to ignore.

The Left loves what is bizarre, ugly, even psychotic. Traditional, freedom loving devotees of Western Civilization love all things beautiful.


Melania vs. Lynn. ‘Nuff said.

When I see something like this as the face of the anti-Trump madness of the Left, I love Trump all that much more.