A scene from Texas.

As anyone who has been brainwashed by the Lefitst elite, coastal establishment education system knows, white men are the cause of the all the world’s evils.

I wonder how the feminists who control so much of the thought in the media and academia react to a photo like this? This is, after all, a scene that has been reenacted not only over the flood ravaged streets of Houston at the moment, but over the country on a daily basis in little and not so dramatic ways, as white firefighters or police or other first responders risk their lives to help others. There are also black and Hispanic men who also engage in such heroics, but it is white men in particular who are the object of the ruling Left’s contempt and even hate at the moment.

This is what the people in flyover country do for their neighbors: voluntarily sail in with their little boats to rescue those in need.

Yes, this is the flyover country that the coastal Left despises so much, until they themselves need the help of such men.  Yes, these are the redneck Trump voters that are the source of all evil. This is Heritage America. Remember 9/11? Those hundreds of firefighters who died were mostly men. I don’t recall the screeching feminists bitching about white male privilege then, when they needed such help. No, it was only after they had been either rescued or reassured that their world of effete cocktail parties on Cape Cod was once again secure that they returned to their normal bitterness about everything American, especially that most evil of all American specimens, the American white male.

Ah, the evil white male, what would the world do without him?