Watching the daily media meltdown is one of the most delightful forms of entertainment I have ever experienced. For decades the Leftist media has exercised an iron grip over the dissemination of thought and information, and they used that iron grip to advance an anti-Western, anti-heritage American agenda. Now, a new force has entered the world, or rather, a confluence of difference forces: the Golden God Emperor, Donald Trump and social media.

The shitlibs who inhabit the MSM world are now shitting their pants, and shitting their pants with the most noxious rivers of Marxist diarrhea. They know that their time has passed, that they daily are losing their relevance, and that they are being beaten, and being beaten by the likes of Donald Trump and his loyal maul-right minions. The fact that Donald Trump is the one inflicting the pain is too much for them to handle. Their subsequent mental and professional breakdown, as I said, is too delightful to even describe.

I just heard someone describe Trump in terms of Moby Dick. Trump is Moby Dick. CNN, and by extension the rest of the MSM are captain Ahab. I will assume we all know how that story turned out. CNN and the rest of the media are so driven by their hatred of Trump that they are unaware of their own destructive behavior, until it is too late. Trump, like Moby Dick, is ramming their ship.

Trump is Moby Dick, CNN is Ahab. Things did not turn out too well for Ahab and his crew.

The MSM views itself as the high priests of American thought. They think of themselves are the pure, innocent, altruistic evangelists of Leftist ideology, clothed in the fraud of “journalism”.  They pretend to be impartial, but it is obvious that they are anything but impartial. Just read any paragraph of the NYT when it comes to Trump, or watch five minutes of CNN, MSNBC, ABC, CBS or NBC. If you objectively analyze their words, the images they use, the stories they choose to emphasize, it is clear they are little more than evangelists for the Left. What they are, and have been for decades, are the partisan hacks of the Democratic party. They are for the most part the last true believers (outside of academia) of global socialism. Of course these things are all one and the same (the Democratic party, academia, and global socialism). Most of media elites we see on the networks come from elite schools, live in elite, gated and cloistered neighborhoods, and surround themselves only with the same people of the same social class. In their insular, isolated existence, they cannot even begin to understand the rest of the world that surrounds them. They don’t understand it, and in the end have contempt for it.

And yet they are supposedly objective “journalists”, searching for the truth, engaged in a scientifically pure analysis of the world around them. What most of them are a frauds, charlatans, and hypocrites. What satisfies them the most is not the unmasking of the truth, but the promotion of their own careers, the lining of their own pockets with as much money as possible (while at the same time hating the very capitalist system which supports them), and being patted on the back and praised by their colleagues at their Manhattan, or DC cocktails parties because they too, like the enlightened liberals that they are, hate Trump and most of heritage America.


CNN, in its recent thuggish blackmail move against dude who created the Trump wresting CNN video–the way a major news organization has now threatened to make public a private citizen for his constitutionally given right to create and express his ideas if he does not capitulate to their will and apologize for his creation, and promise never to do it again–has once again revealed itself to be nothing more than a group of whiny, little bitches, with no moral compass, and no other interest except to maintain their fragile position of power within the elite New York-Washington-Left Coast intelligentsia establishment. In their hysterical, humorless moral convulsions over Trump, Trump has proven that he now owns them. They are now his bitch.

It is one small sweet victory over the establishment Left. Let us enjoy it.