Two cougars ready to enjoy some migrant cock.

This is an interesting story from what was once Europe: two middle age women are arrested for having sex with underage migrants.

This may seem like a small matter, but we must wonder what is going here. This is actually not the first case of such behavior, nor will it be the last. In fact, there are many indications that this is simply the tip of the iceberg. There seems to be a growing culture of older women having sex with their new found migrant bad boys.

The answer to this is obvious, as is the answer to the whole invasion of Europe, and the slow, seemingly ineluctable corrosion of the West. For the most part, the female half of the left wing, culturally Marxist, feminist dominated elite classes of Europe secretly, and not so secretly, desire the invasion of their continent by young, viral bad boys. Why? It turns them on. Of course they would never admit this. Women are the most adept at self delusion and lies. But we all know how much women love bad boys.

As the men in Europe have become utterly feminized since the end the WWII, the women, although publicly praising such a development, secretly despise these girly men. In the overly effeminate culture of Western European nations, the women subconsciously desire the embrace of powerful, aggressive men, the type of men who will provide them with strong children and a secure environment to raise them. Notice the first photo above, the women actually link the invasion of migrants with children, a perhaps subtle and even subconscious confession of their true needs and desires.

The swarthy Muslim invasion even gives Granny the tingles.

What is driving the invasion of Europe by Third World masses? In the end it is the leftist women of Europe, and what is driving their desire is the obvious disgust they feel at their leftist, feminized lapdog beta male counterparts, and the deep, eternal female id for powerful, alpha men.

Of course what they will ultimately get is the refuse of utterly failed and dysfunctional cultures and societies, as well as the low IQ benefits that necessarily follow. So their children may be strong physically, but they will be stupid as hell, which will be one of the factors in the transformation of Europe from a high IQ continent of global conquest to a cesspool of Third World filth, madness, ignorance, violence, poverty, religious superstition and complete darkness. In other words, Europe will return to the year 800. At least then however they had one of their own, Charlemagne, as a great French king who loved beauty and learning, and was part of the early rebuilding of Europe after the catastrophic disintegration of the Roman Empire, i.e., the Carolingian Renaissance.

Europe’s future: hoards of African men daily making heir way to Italian shores, thanks to the desires of Europe’s Leftist women.

This madness can be placed firmly at the feet of the Liberal, feminist women: No man, unless he is the most pussified Obama, Hillary and Macron supporting pajama boy (and Western Europe is unfortunately replete with such types), wants the invasion of his society, his country, his land, by other men. It is simply not part of the male DNA. Men have evolved over millions of years to fight and resist this basic element of human, and indeed, all nature. Men will kill other men to keep them out of their country, as all wars have proven. Leftist women, on the other hand, willingly welcome other and stronger men, because it makes their pussies wet.

Such is the lesson of the women at migrant camps now having sex with these young “refugees”.