After a few post dealing with the insanity of the Western world, especially with respect to its submission to Islam, this is a nice oasis of traditional Western beauty. This is a choir from a Serbian Orthodox Church, which is part of the overall Eastern Orthodox Church. I do not know Serbian, which is Slavic language, so I do know the lyrics here, but as the heading says, this a rendition of Psalm 135. Its melody alone conveys a deep spirituality of mystical dimensions.

It is truly beautiful, hauntingly beautiful, a lovely reminder of the heights and glories that the Western tradition has and can still reach, once we rid ourselves of the utterly destructive poison of cultural Marxism.

As is increasingly becoming clear each day, we are at war, a war for the soul of the West in general, and the White Man in particular. It is war that is being waged both on the inside, from the Marxist Left, and from the outside, by Islamic crusaders and their ever growing migrant hoards flooding into European countries, as well as the United States.

So in these increasingly dark times, let us look to such pearls of beauty as this for a reminder of what we are fighting for, at least those of us who still value the great and glorious heritage of the Western world. This hymn is a like a sip of cool water in the parched desert of our present culture.