The English infidel crusaders can run but they cannot hide: the vengeance of Allah will eventually strike down the unbeliever.

Once more the religion of peace has offered her wonderful message to the Crusaders:

“Convert or die. Actually, if you just die that would be the best, so we can then take your lands. Leave your women though, since we like the light skinned, blonde hair babes that our desert societies lack. They will make good sex slaves and demand a good price on the Caliphate slave market. Praise Allah!”

Here is the full story:

Beyond the now routine ritual of dead Westerners, martyrs for the cause of multiculturalism, it will be once again interesting to see the reaction among the Leftist ruling elite.

My prediction: expect more John Lennon songs, group hugs, and praise for Islam as a wonderful religion of peace and tolerance while the cancer within Europe continues to metastasize.

The latest number is that there are 23,000 warriors for Allah in England alone. There simply are not enough police and security sources to control this. And this is only the beginning.

The suicide of the West continues…