More infidels eliminated by another holy warrior for Allah.

Oh yes, as another warrior for Allah advances the cause of Islam, and cleanses the world of some infidels, this time in Manchester, England, Katy Perry calls for more open borders and “coexistence”. As the Leftist philosopher and Hillary Clinton support said after the Manchester attack, “No barrier, no borders, all we need is to just coexist”.

We will see more of this from the Left as the attacks continue and become more vicious. It will be interesting to see how the Left reacts the day when a great radioactive bomb goes off in some European capital, and the casualties reach the tens of thousands. What will they do? No doubt they will double down on their virtue signaling, blaming their own societies for not being open enough, and wondering “what we did to them to make them hate us so”.

The outrage, the emotion on the Left at the slaughter of little girls is not directed towards those who support and carry out such acts, rather, the true emotion and outrage is directed against “Islamophobia” and lack of “open borders” and “coexistence”.

The religious war taking place right now is not between Christianity and Islam. Christianity as a force in the West is dead, and has been for a long time now. No, the religious war is between the official religion of the Leftist ruling classes, that is, open borders, diversity, multiculturalism, and Islam. Except that the the official Leftist religion of the West does not know or believe it is at war, that it has admitted into its society an enemy that will not stop until it has conquered and vanquished and wiped out everything that the Left espouses. It only believes that we need more, not less, of this religion to cleanse the world of all its ills. Islam has a different notion of what the world needs, and the use of violence to advance that has always been a part of the religion since Mohammad first conquered peoples and forced conversions with fire and sword.

Diversity is our strength! The victims of the Manchester bombing: for the warrior of Allah, these are infidels justly removed from the earth; for the Leftist religious SJW warriors, they are martyrs for the cause of diversity and multiculturalism.

They are at war with Katy Perry, even as she desires to bring more of them into her society, so they can “coexist”.

In the minds of the hoards she wants to bring into her society,  “coexisting” for Katy Perry will only occur when she wears a hijab or burkha and submits to the faith of Islam.

And the most humorous thing of all to see will be Katy Perry and her multicultural libtard allies one day willingly submit to Islam.

Lindsay Lohan in a her burkini bathing suit. Seriously.

In fact, another vapid dingbat feminist, Linday Lohan has already started the trend!