The pathetic Belgians virtue signaling how morally superior they by acting like silly little girls.

The following photos tell it: while left wing Eurotrash in Belgium are virtue signaling their moral superiority and completely infantile response to those who would like nothing better than to kill and conquer them–by making cute little heart signs with their hands on the one year anniversary of the Belgium airport bombing, another warrior for Allah was continuing the slow but ineluctable spread of Islam among the oh so enlightened, tolerant Londoners by killing as many of them as he could with his car, right in front of the British parliament.

Death in London. Another warrior for Islam makes his point: the future is ours!

As I said after the Paris attacks last year: nothing will change. Europe is dead. Its people are the first people in all of human history to have chosen mass suicide in the name of tolerance and diversity. The pussies in the photo from Belgium are weak, and they will be conquered eventually by the strong, as has always been the case. The Muslim out breeds the native stalk of Europeans, and he is not afraid to resort to violence to impose his will. In fact, his religion advocates open violence against the infidel, and has done so ever since Muhammad first used conquering armies to spread the faith. In time, when the Muslim minorities gain enough strength, the end game will be in sight. If you don’t believe me, just ask the Islamist President of Turkey.

At this point my only regret is that I will not live long enough to see the daughters and granddaughter of today’s enlightened, tolerant liberals being forced to wear the hijab and burkha and totally submit to their men and their husbands in the Islamic Europe of the late 21’st and 22’nd centuries. After living my whole life around screeching feminists, this would be quite the poetic justice.

And the greatest irony of it all: the white women of Europe will gladly submit to their strong, swarthy Asiatic men, especially after a century of living among the greatest generation of male pussies the world has known: the modern Western man-boy. Women always follow the strongest, because the strongest are their best guarantee of strong children and successful children.