The other day I saw two different sights: one was of a girl dressed in a pair of jean shorts which barely covered the bottom of her ass. Although enticing, the display of a girl’s butt hanging out of her shorts seems a bit trashy.

The other sight was much more enticing, and lingered in my mind much longer, and with a much greater intensity, than the first. It was of a girl wearing a white, sheer silk shirt with a black bra beneath. The shirt was untucked, and the fabric seemed to softly dance in the gentle breeze, and through the sun the curve of her side and hips were clearly visible. Knowing that she had worn a black bra beneath such a diaphanous shirt, and that she must have made this decision with the full knowledge of what it would convey to those around her, only added to the eroticism of the moment. It was an image that stayed in my mind for the rest of the day, and even now it still delights me.

Both girls were attractive, but the girl wearing the sheer silk shirt conveyed a much deeper eroticism. The mind and imagination are the places where the seeds of the erotic are first planted. As I have often said on this blog, more is less when it comes to expression of erotic beauty. Let the mind wander, and let the imagination feast on what the world offers.