The eroticism of life is something I enjoy each day. Whether to experience the pleasures of love myself, or see two beautiful people engaged in such pleasures, or simply to let my imagination wander, is enjoyable. Yes, I am a complete degenerate! As a closet libertine and hedonist, I am always feeling and desiring the deeper sensuality of life. Meeting women of a like mind is also one of the great joys of life. Girls who enjoy erotica and are erotic beings themselves are quite attractive.

Sometimes having such a deep sense of the erotic can be a difficult thing, a hot frustration, but usually eroticism is simply fun. I always need at least a little each day. It need not be a bad thing. If we pursue this within the boundaries of mutual respect and desire, and most importantly if we feel love for another person, the potentials for sweet pleasures are limitless. Or if we are simply satisfying that craving for the intense release of orgasm whether with someone else or even alone, that is enjoyable also. Eroticism and sexual pleasure can occur in many ways.

The above photo is not only beautiful, as two beautiful bodies engage in sexual pleasure, it is also simply hot. It is a wonderful mingling of the masculine and feminine, as her smaller form, even though on top, is consumed by his larger, more physically powerful masculine form. She rides him, and we can only imagine how delightful this must feel for both. If you know how lovely it is to feel a woman ease herself onto your engorged penis, to feel her tight warmth and wetness engulf you, to hear her moan in pleasure as you begin to fill her up, and that being only the start of such fun, then you know that this image conveys much. As we view this we desire it ourselves! Perhaps at the moment we see this, we may not be able to enjoy this, but there is always later on, there is always the hope and anticipation of erotic pleasures in the future…

This photo may be considered porn by some, if not most, but I consider it to be art, sexually explicit, yes, but art nevertheless. It can represent either the intensity of a deep sexual love, or it could simply be two people enjoying each other at that moment. The viewer can debate and decide. What cannot be debated is that it is a nice vision of pure, heated eroticism.

How I love the erotic…!