Now that it is a new year, it is time for my yearly reminder to all men out there: when it comes to your woman, don’t be a pussy. Women hate pussies. And not being a pussy means one thing: taking action. And that means this: when your woman begins to act up, and she will act up, because that is what all women do, you must assert your dominance and authority, and one of the best ways to assert your dominance is by giving your woman a good, firm spanking. You will need to do this throughout the 2017 but I suggest you get the new year off to a good start and begin this sometimes tonight, either before or after or even in the middle of your New Year’s night love making, so that she will be reminded, as all women need to be reminded, that her man is and will be the strong and powerful and dominant one in the relationship.

At the beginning of every year you must always remind your woman who is boss.

Show your woman your true love for her by letting her know that she will always be protected and cared for through your masculine strength and power…

Trust me, she will love you all the more, and she will love you in all the ways that are most important.  When you feel how wet she is after a good spanking you will know what I mean.