s christmas

Christmas Eve is my favorite night of the year. In fact, despite the best efforts of the cultural, Marxist Left to diminish the importance of Christmas in our society, Christmas Eve still remains one of the most powerful and popular moments in our otherwise very fractured and divided society. For many of us who grew up in an earlier time without the benefit of all the technological gadgets that entertain people today, Christmas was the moment of the year of true magic and mystery, joy and happiness. The more simple gifts we received were always greatly loved. I for one loved trucks. We had no Playstation or X-box back then. So just going out into the yard and getting dirty with your new toys was always a delight. Even if you have no religious affiliation or sympathies at all, Christmas can still be a time of love and selfless giving.

One of the things I love the most about Christmas Eve is the confluence of light and darkness. Of course, the religious meaning of Christ coming into the darkness of the world with the light of life, The Nativity, is what is most important about Christmas. Still, for our modern world, the display of Christmas lights and decorations are an expression of this, even if many of them are now peppered with more secular images of Christmas, such as Santa Clause and other figures. Whatever the ultimate reason for such decorations on the part of those decorating, I have always loved the public display of lights and decorations for Christmas. Since we are in the darkest period of the year, when the days are short and there is little light and much cold, there is real emotional, spiritual and even mystical beauty to such sights.

Some people really put quit a bit of effort into their Christmas light displays!

Some people really put quite a bit of effort into their Christmas light displays!

The celebration of Christmas on December 25 of course originated in an ancient pagan Roman festival called the Saturnalia, which occurred at roughly this point in December. It was originally a sort of Winter solstice celebration. From a purely secular standpoint, what we have in common today with that old pagan festival is hope: the hope that is brought about in the darkest point of the year of new light, the eventual return of sun and warmth with spring, and the subsequent renewal of life itself in nature. So whatever the origins of this season, it always has been, and still remains, a wonderful time of the year.

And of course there is all the beautiful music. No more needs to be said on that!

And I am glad to notice since the election of Trump that more and more people seem once more to be saying “Merry Christmas” in public. I noticed this recently, and wondered if this was simply my own misguided judgment, until I heard some news pundit mention it as well. So perhaps there is something going on here. If so, the cultural Marxist left which controls most news media and entertainment, and all of academia, will be quite displeased!

A nice nativity scene, by Greg Olsen.

A nice nativity scene, by Greg Olsen.

Oh yes, and one of the best Christmas presents I have received this year is watching the Left’s complete meltdown at the election of Trump. It is truly one of the most delightful phenomena I have witnessed my entire life!

So here is wishing everyone a Merry Christmas!