Is this what Eve looked like? When Adam first saw her, and felt that first erotic desire for her, he saw something like this.

Love and desire are part of our human experience. Love and beauty are intertwined. A woman’s beauty stirs love in a man, and love, as the Song of Solomon tells us, is a wonderful thing.

In the world of the spirit, there has always been this tension with the world of the flesh. In the end the flesh will pass away, but the spirit remains. And yet the two are intimately intertwined, and cannot be totally separated. After all, in Christian theology, the body will be resurrected and reunited with the soul. How we treat our bodies while on our earthly sojourn is what is important–how we treat our own bodies, and how we treat others as well.

We really have no idea where we came from, or where we are heading, except that at one point in time the first truly human female walked on this earth, and when she did, the first truly human male desired her. Where and when was that? Who knows. But if there really was Garden of Eden, I like to imagine that this was one of the of the visions that garden provided.