The Saturn V rocket, the largest machine ever sent into space.

With all the attacks of Western Civilization among the elites of our world, I thought I would start a new series here highlighting some of the great achievement of Western Civilization. I like this because it is an inexhaustible source of greatness. stretching back well over 4,000 years.

Today we are living in a madness, a sick disease of “mulitculturalism” and “diversity”. The elites of our society no longer have any interest in the preservation of our values and history, but would rather see what we have built over the past three millennia overwhelmed in a sea of uncontrolled, third world mass migration with all its predictable dysfunction.

There is nothing new to this: Rome was once a great, civilized society, with cities and culture and laws, and it was eventually swept away by a combination of internal decay and external pressures from uncivilized but still quite envious hoards of mass migrating peoples.


Look at the USA letters: I am sure today most college students today would find that a microaggression.

So, as we enjoy  what might perhaps be the twilight of our once great, proud and unapologetic civilization, lets us admire one of its great accomplishments: the Saturn V rocket, perhaps the greatest machine ever invented by man, and one that today seems like a long lost relic of an age of confidence and boldness. It was the engine that sent men to the moon.


The fact that this was designed by mostly white men would today be considered an egregious example of “white privilege” and “white supremacy”. Well of course its chief designer,  the German Werner von Braun was a former Nazi, but that is besides the point.

I know very little about science and technology except that this was one great machine, and the accumulated and cooperative human genius that developed this was something that is a product of a civilization that now seems to be on its last legs, tired and exhausted and waiting the final blow from the influx of millions–tens and eventually hundred of millions–of peoples from parts of the world where, while we were sending men to the moon, they were still living in the worst kinds of religious fanaticism and backward, tribal ignorance and degradation, and still do so today.

I have deep and genuine respect for all peoples and civilizations of the world that were and still are indeed “civilized”, who have history and cultures that are both ancient and modern and complex and which have added to the overall enrichment of mankind, but I have nothing but contempt for barbarism, and contempt for those who have equal contempt for reason, civilized life, and a world where laws and traditional institutions form the cohesive matter of a unified society. As we watch the complete, suicidal madness of the West importing such huge numbers of people who will not assimilate into the West, but will form separate and hostile enclaves of societies within it, while at the same time being encouraged to remain hostile to the host countries by an elite, cloistered class of those same countries that sees them as cheap votes and cheap labor and therefore a source of wealth and power for themselves, the results will eventually be the total fracturing of a civilization that was able to once produce such technological masterpieces as the Saturn V rocket.

There is still time to stop this madness, but time is running out…