Although there is much ugliness in the world, and much pain and suffering, there is still much beauty. We ask ourselves where all these things come from, and if there is a God, then why are there terrible and horrible things in the world. I cannot answer those questions, nor will I attempt to try. These are the realms of theologians and philosophers.

As a simple man I respond to God, to faith and spirituality, in simple ways. One of those ways is my love of beauty. In beauty I find spiritual delight, I find meaning, and I find God. There are many types of beauty in the world, but as this blog tries to explain, one of my favorites is feminine beauty. I cannot explain way, but I find through the beauty of women something transcendental, something ethereal and divine, something wondrous. Perhaps it is little more than the fact that women are the bearers of all life, the means of our human propagation, our very survival; and yet I feel there is something more. Being attracted to female beauty is like being attracted to the ancient, everlasting flow of life, and thereby participating in the eternal joys of God’s creative design.

Spiritual beauty is the best beauty of all, and part of spiritual beauty is the beauty of women.