As the Western ruling elites seem hell bent on the overall destruction of our civilization, and as Islamic fanatics from around the world share in their hatred of all things European, North American, and Western, here is a reminder of one of the great freedoms of our society, the creation of beautiful artistic nudes.

This photo is a fine example of such a nude. I particularly like how the lovely, delicate contours of her back seem to be enhanced by the background drapery. Such fluidity is something that a Leonardo or Raphael would have appreciated.

It something Islamic fanatics and feminist nut jobs would love to destroy. It is worth noting that in the 1400 years of its existence, Islam has never produced a Leonardo or Raphael, nor will it. And the West produced these great artists over 500 years ago.

And the fact that the figure is white is of course another evil, but that is something about which the poor, oppressed black students of Yale can whine (of course the oppressed black males of Yale would secretly love to bang her, while of course hating her whiteness at the same time).

So enjoy what’s left of our world before the internal madness of the PC left and the external madness of fanatical Islamic violence corrode everything that is good and beautiful until nothing remains but the faint memories of our once freedom loving culture and civilization.