A little while ago I was with a girl whose sexual experiences have been lackluster, to say the least.

“Why are guys such pussies today,” she asked me. “I always have to tell them what to do!”

I then heard the most common refrain that I hear from so many girls: “I love my boyfriend, but he just does not do it for me in bed. Not even close!”

“Why do you stay with him,” I asked.

“Because he treats me well, and I know he loves me and will never leave me. I don’t ever worry about him sleeping with anyone else.” She said the last part with an amusing laugh, betraying her contempt for his sexual ineptitude.

I have not slept with this girl, nor am I planning to, although on some level she is ripe for seduction. So I will have to see what happens. She is one of those girls, and there are many, who have made the calculated tradeoff between a life of sexual satisfaction and a life of domestic comfort at the hands of a classic beta: “He treats me well, he is always there for me, he does everything I tell him to do, but he does not, nor will he ever, naturally make me wet.”

Women fascinate me. Despite their strange contradictions, and their complete schizophrenia when it comes to sex and love and security, I still love them!

And I know if I ever do sleep with this girl she will say to me afterwards, “Oh my god, people can actually have sex like that!”

And I know she is thinking about it, wondering, fantasizing…and that the intrigue of all this alone is making her wet.