Googles liberal fantasy of diversity for the veteran's of American wars...

Googles liberal fantasy of diversity for the veteran’s of American wars…

This image put up by Google during Veteran’s Day is reflective of the state of fantasy that the infects world of the Left, and, consequently, the rest of our society. This image may seem innocuous, but it reflects a much deeper problem: the West’s modern delusions about the nature of warfare.

From what I can remember, the vast majority of veterans are men, and to be more specific, white men at that. And as far as American wars, most of the dead have been white males.

And yet we do not see this here. What we see is the liberal fantasy, as desired by Google in particular and the Left in general, of diversity and multiculturalism. The two most prominent members of the military here are women. Now, I have no problem with women being part of the Armed Forces, but as far as fighting material, they are not ones who are going to be fighting on the front lines, taking bullets, and doing all the dirty work and heavy lifting that the men do during war.

The one man in the front row seems to be Mexican. It is true there are many honorable Hispanics in the military right now, but as far as veterans in all of America’s wars, they are a minute percentage.

There is one white man in the background. Why is he waving? Perhaps he is saying, hey, don’t forget me, I am the white guy who gave his life countless times for the freedoms that the pussy weeinies of left wing Google employees enjoy. Or perhaps he is simply waving goodbye to America as a once great, homogeneous nation state that had a once great military that used to fight to defend itself from external enemies.

Now this is where this nonsense becomes more serious: I look forward to the next big war, when a half a billion Chinese men will be fighting the pregnant women and affirmative action promoted generals of what was once the great US military.

Who is going to win that battle? It might be wise idea to start teaching your children and grandchildren Mandarin Chinese.

Perhaps the world of the future is going to be divided into two great blocks: the Muslim and Islamic dominated Western and Middle Eastern world, and a Chinese dominated Eastern and Asian world. Africa will remain a continent of complete dysfunction, and a completely Hispanic, North and South America will be a battle ground between Chinese and Muslim control. What was once left of white, Western and Christian civilization will be erased from all memory, from all history books, and regulated to a narrative of the great age of white privilege and oppression.

If the Google version of the military comes to pass, which is the Left’s, the Democrats, and all the European vision of what a military is, then this will someday come to pass.

The liberal madness of diversity goes on and on and on…it is really a religion, with all the appropriate mythology.

Sorry if I am feeling completely dire and darkly cynical these days, but The Death of the West is not going to be a pretty thing…