This is the just the beginning...

This is the just the beginning of the new diverse and multicultural Europe…

This great post from Heartiste pretty much sums things up about Paris:

The United States defense secretary (once the Secretary of War) talks about the wonders of “multiculturalism” while the streets of France were still wet with the blood of the infidel.

This is complete insanity.

As I commented in his post, and repeat here:

This the scourge of two competing religions: Islam vs. Multiculturalism. And just as the Islamic fanatic will go to his death believing his religion is right, the white liberal will go to their deaths at the hands of those Muslims believing in the wonders of diversity and multiculturalism.

So who will win? Clearly, the Muslim will be praising Allah while he guts the white liberal who will be mouthing “diversity” until his throat his finally cut and his warm, compassionate blood gushes out.

I am already hearing the shitlib hive commenting about how this not about religion, or about a clash of civilization. Sure, live in your fantasy world, leftist idiots. Your future Muslim masters know that this is precisely about religion and the clash of civilizations. Think about that as they rape your white daughters and grand-daughters and cut your heads off. Think about how wonderful “diversity” is while they pump bullets into you or your loved ones.

Europe is going to lose because they no longer have the will to live and love their own race, culture and history. After the shock is over the people in France will simply return to their lives of socialist comfort and left wing complacency and love of “vibrant multiculturalism”, and they will return to it because it is now their national religion, as deeply ingrained in their minds and souls as much as anything in medieval Christendom was, and just as Islam is the complete, absolute and utterly entrenched national religion of all Muslim countries. It is only inevitable.

And this  is the future for the United States as well.  After all, Hillary Clinton, most likely the next President, has just advocated bringing in 65,000 Syrian refugees into this country.

Oh yes, the streets of America will run with the blood of the infidel! Praise Allah! Praise Diversity and Multiculturalism! Praise the death of the evil White Man!

But I really do not care anymore. Why worry about a people that wants to die? At this point I am simply going to sit back in complete cynicism and watch the whole things collapse.