A few raindrops on her lovely breasts and body only enhances her beauty…

As the hoards of young Muslim males invade Europe, and Germany in particular, these are some of the sights that will make them fume with righteous rage over the blasphemies of the infidels: naked white women.  It is what they want the most, because their basket case, shithole societies do not have them.

Yes, behold, this is the pinnacle of all feminine human beauty! It is the rarest form of female beauty, the most cherished and envied; the most wanted and despised. Few people in the world have blonde hair and blue eyes, and, as the white race continues it’s suicidal slide into racial oblivion, the future will hold fewer still. The mass invasion of swarthy, violent Muslim males into Europe will undoubtedly lead to the further decay of this type of beauty, as the completely liberal indoctrinated females of Europe will feel those first gina tingles for those dark skinnned bad boys, and will mate with them, leaving their sitting-down-while-pissing-leftoid-male pussy compatriots to do little else but go all Caitlyn Jenner to fulfill their inevitable fate as being the first world bitches to their third world invaders. The raw audacity and violence of the Muslim invaders will seduce these women to producing little brown skinned, brown hair and brown eyed warriors for Allah, and when that happens, Europe will be finished, and the Pope’s head will sit atop a stake in front of what was once St. Peters and what will eventually be the grande mosque of Rome.

So, let us enjoy these specimens of beauty while they last. The blonde hair, blue eyed, fair skinned beauty is at the top. She is the rarest, and all things rare in this world are the most valued, except by the pansy males of the dying Western world.

The rest of the white race and the Western, European world may despise itself, and want to die, but Racer X will keep the torch alive of such beauty as the darkness of third world invasion slowly destroys the three thousand year history of what was once a great civilization. The rest may not care, but I do, and and I will not go down without a fight of some sort, even if it is just a silly little blog such as this. After all, I am only one person with few around me who give a shit about anything except how pc they can be.

Few will admit that blonde hair, blue eyed white women are the most desired in the world; to do so would be considered “racist”.  If Racer X celebrates such beauty here then call him a “racist” and fuck off.

PS: And if anyone doubt the truth that blonde hair, blue eyed white women are the most beautiful and the most desired  in the world, the truth can be ascertained quite simply by this method: just ask any prostitution agency anywhere in the world what girls in their business command top dollar for their services, and they will all tell you, without exception, the blond hair, blue eyed girl. Money and markets don’t lie.

Now that is what I call some exceptional white privilege.