This photo pretty much sums up why Western Europe, and in particular Northern European countries, are doomed.

Notice the silly girl with the miniskirt on the right. She is all about compassion. She is all about emotion and sympathy. She is all about that tingle her vagina feels when hoards of dark skinned strange men invade her country with the ultimate intent of transforming it into a version of some third world slumhole off ass smelling and goat fucking Allah worshippers. She feels the tingle in her vagina because these swarthy men at least have the balls to do something bold, like invade another country, unlike the emasculated pussies that now pass for her pathetic male compatriots and who are more than willing to bend over and allow the invading hoards to conquer them in an orgiastic fury of ass-pounding, head chopping, Allah praising, juicy jihadic genocide.

What is most amusing is that this silly girl, if she ever has her way and her country were completely transformed by the Muslims hoards she so welcomes, would not be wearing a miniskirt, would not be even allowed to state her opinion in public. Rather, once her clitoris had been removed she would be forced to cover up her body and spend the rest of her life producing little devotees of Allah. And this would happen all in the name of her all consuming, white guilt and self loathing, emotionally driven “compassion”.

The West, and particularly the corrupt, economically bankrupt and welfare addicted societies of Western Europe, is dying because of a lack of children; and if these types are the only children the West has left, then that death is going to come a lost faster than anyone anticipated.

What can be done? Since it is clear that the majority of the populations of Western Europe and North America no longer have the will or desire to defend their own society, civilization, and cultural heritage, I suppose all that is left is try to bang as many of these silly creatures as you can before they all convert to Islam or are forced to convert to Islam. Racer X will be more than happy to enlighten them on the pleasures of their sexuality and their clitorises before the local Mullahs demand that they be cut off. The funny thing is, once the Mullahs take over, such girls as the silly girl with the miniskirt will allow themselves to be subdued by the warriors of Allah, they will do so willingly, and they will do so because the Muslims hoards now invading their country are stronger than their native pussy males and women will always follow who is the strongest and what makes the gina tingle and what makes the gina tingle is what will ensure what racial and demographic and religious group in the end is victorious.

Pussy for Racer X; babies for Allah. What difference does it make anymore?