A scene from Taylor Swift's latest music video. She is now a racial sinner for violating the leftist theology on race.

A scene from Taylor Swift’s latest music video. She is now a racial sinner for violating the leftist theology on race.

I don’t give a fuck about Taylor Swift or her music, but I do love it when the liberal hive begins to turn on its own members to enforce ideological purity. Apparently Taylor Swift, who, as a member of the music industry, cannot be anything but a good liberal and leftist, is now a racist. Why? She made a music video about white people in Africa. This, of course, is a terrible sin. White people in Africa? This can mean nothing other than the horrors of White colonialism.


Apparently there were not enough black people in the three minute video. Well, I guess we have another type of racial quota that has been violated. Rather than see the video for what it is, a depiction of a Hollywood movie set filming in Africa in the 1950’s, the members of the corporate grievance industry see the video as another “micro-aggression” aimed at the most victimized group in history, blacks.

Well, as the West continues to be invaded by hoards of people who are fundamentally hostile to the history of the West, I will sit back and enjoy watching the liberal elite who have brought about this chaos begin to tear each other apart for not being sensitive enough about all the terrible things the white man has done to all those poor colored people around the world who are now invading the white man’s world to partake of the white man’s freedom and riches as befits the most advanced societies on earth.

Let’s face it: most of the racial agitators on the left do their racial agitating for one reason. They hate whites, white culture, white civilization, white Europe and white America. They blame whites for all their problems. They envy white wealth and power. Their entire world view is seen through the spectrum of white oppression, the historical legacies of white political, cultural and military dominance, and the nefarious existence of a continued white supremacy. I just wonder how long (if all all) it will take for whites to wake up this fact and start defending their own race, history, culture and lands from the intellectual attacks of their enemies, and the onslaught of peoples who most likely, if their numbers are great enough, will never assimilate into the larger culture but rather seek to transform that same culture, usually through violence and genocide, into something that reflects themselves, and that something is nothing more than third world oppression, tyranny, poverty, corruption and overall misery.

After all, Western civilization today is the most free, advanced and prosperous in the history of the world. I think this is a good thing. Now, have others suffered to create this? Of course. Civilization has not advanced anywhere without costs, or sufferings, or injustices. If you enjoy French culture and language today, if you enjoy traveling to Europe and enjoying all the beautiful sights of France, just remember that the Romans slaughtered perhaps over a million Celtic Gauls in the first century BC in order to subdue that area, which eventually became France. Nothing in history happens without some cost, and sometimes that cost is tremendous. All these things should be remembered in history, and such things should not be allowed to happen again. But this does not negate the present day blessings and advantages that we have in the Western world.

I still believe anyone from anywhere in the world can enjoy these benefits, so long as they believe in these same common cultural connections. But this is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain when there are now many sub-groups within the larger cultural groups in Europe and North America, who hate that dominant historical culture and want to destroy it, often with the help of the same members of that same dominant historical culture.

Well I for one am sick of all the racial agitation that is now a constant refrain from the Left. It is beginning to radicalize Racer X into someone who is starting to see the world as entering a new era of great struggle between those who will defend and preserve our Western culture, and those who want to destroy it, whether they be white or not. I believe this will be the great struggle of the 21st century. I fear the West though, given the suicidal self hatred of its elite, combined with the global-corporate powers who are interested only in profit and care nothing about race or culture, is going to lose to those who are stronger, those who are driven by things such as race and religion, as we see currently in most parts of the world today. I have no doubts Islam will eventually conquer Europe. I can only thank God I will not live to see it.

I will be writing more about these things on this blog, and I will be writing them as someone who is trying to defend his own race and culture. If that offends anyone, I have only one thing to say: