This is a nice photo. I particularly like the blue hue, the hazy atmosphere that enshrouds her body, which we see, not wholly, but enough to let us appreciate her beauty. Blue is personally my favorite color, so I am biased here in my appreciations. This is a fine example of a beautiful nude photo.

Once again, when there is so much erotic trash in the world, it is refreshing to see good nudes done artistically. It is an ancient and legitimate art form. And yet there are still many in our society, and in the world in general, who are extremely uncomfortable about such expressions of human beauty. One of the reasons I write this blog is to do what I can to lesson this old but persistent puritanism. I advocate the proper place for good erotica in our world, as opposed to the proliferation of trashy porn, as well as an awareness of a good, safe and healthy sexuality for all types of peoples, regardless of their ethnic, cultural or religious background. Wherever we are from, one thing is common throughout the world: the power of eroticism and sexuality in our lives, and the different ways different societies and individuals embrace or reject this fact of nature.