It cannot be said too often how delightful beautiful women are! I love them. I can’t imagine living in a world (such as in certain societies) where women are completely covered up, and feminine beauty is considered a dangerous thing to be avoided. Beauty touches the soul. Beauty lifts the soul. Beauty adds a brightness to life. As a man, the sight of a beautiful woman is always uplifting. Now, admittedly there is certain idealizing in my pursuit of beauty, but that does not lessen the power of actual, physcial beauty in the world. Nature can convey beauty. A poem can convey beauty. A work of art can convey beauty. So can a woman. A beautiful woman depicted in a work of art is another form of that delight.

Of course the erotic element cannot be separated from such enjoyments. It is simply a part of life. But the carnal and sensual does not diminish the mystical or spiritual quest for beauty; rather, all these compliment each other, and the finest enjoyment of beauty is often when such pleasures are mutually appreciated and experienced.

There are many types of beauty in the world, but one of the finest is the beautiful woman. All men know what I am talking about.