The pain and pleasure of a good spanking is a good way to tame your woman...

The pain and pleasure of a good spanking is a good way to tame your woman…

A woman needs to be disciplined on a regular basis. If not, she will make your life hell. The easiest, the quickest way to instill a regimen of discipline is through spanking. Yes, spank her, and spank her often. You should give her a good spanking no less than once a week, and, if she is particularly unruly, at least once a day. You should spank her hard enough that her ass cheeks turn red, and she begs you to stop. You need to show her that you are in control, the dominant one; if you don’t, she will end up having contempt for you, and secretly desire the sperm of a stronger man. She may even find this alpha sperm, while you cluelessly continue to submit to her unpredictable, unruly feminine emotions and eventually raise a child who is secretly not even yours.

What most men don’t understand is that women want feral men. They may end up marrying the beta providers, but they will always desire the superior sperm of the more dominant male. This is the essence of all of nature, and humans are not immune. In order to ensure the possibility of the best gene pool, the female sex of all species wants to be impregnated by the most potent male, and the most potent males are often, if not usually, those who are the most difficult to domesticate. The caveman lurks deep within our psyches, and women always, if not admittedly then at least secretly, desire the strength, the sperm and the cock of the caveman.

Yet society has its norms, rules and regulations: money, homes, mortgages, financial and social stability, etc., these are the things that also ensure the survival and success of one’s offspring. The caveman tends not to be good at these skills. He wants to conquer, to fuck, and to move on to the next conquest. The caveman wants to be out in the world, exploring and discovering, and he craves his freedom; the beta provider is happy to stay at home and act like the pussy is some Tide commercial .

Still, it is not impossible for the caveman to find married happiness. It can happen. But it is rare to find a man who can both master the inner ferocity of his primitive being, while at the same time maintaining a stable and strong household for his wife and children. If he can do this, without losing his dominance, he can achieve a happy married life. This takes the consent of a woman who desires to be given over to a powerful man. It also takes the natural inclination of the right man. Such personalities cannot be faked. You either have it or you don’t.

But he must always remember this first principle: spank her, spank her often, and spank her hard.

Then fuck her brains out and she will love you even more.