Racer X has been too preoccupied over the past few months to give this blog its proper time. However, now that the summer is rapidly arriving, he hopes and plans to devote more time to his evangelical promotion of beauty in all its forms, especially the feminine, erotic and spiritual.

As far as today’s post, I am not sure if this is an older photo or just a recent one made to look a bit archaic (it seems slightly out of focus, which was more common in older photographs, especially nudes), but whatever the case may be, I enjoy the contrast of dark and light. There is a great simplicity in black and white photography which, when well done, conveys something of the more basic elements of life. Eroticism and sexuality are two of those basic elements. Her light skin against the dark background highlights her form and beauty, and her beautiful bush and brunette hair seems to mirror the dark background, adding a nice balance and contrast to the whole.

There is no growing tired of well done nudes.