I would not mind being captured by this group of babes..

I would not mind being captured by this group of Russian babes..

Now that we are on the verge of the Winter Olympics in Russia, it is helpful to remember how hot many eastern European and Russian women are. If only our military could dress its female members like this.

It is speculated that the general hotness of many Eastern European women, Czechs, Russians, ect, is due to the the shortage of men after WWII. Therefore, the men who survived the war had the choice of the litter, and from that litter they naturally chose the hottest babes, the descendents of whom fortunately bless our world today with their overall beauty.

Plus, there just seems to be something inherent in Eastern European culture which values feminine beauty, a soft and traditional feminine beauty, replete with haute couture and all the other accessories that help keep women pretty and attractive for many years. It is quite different from the often overly masculinized women of the U.S and other countries in the Anglosphere.

So let us enjoy all the sights of the Russian Olympics, especially when it comes to their hot women.