Three women arrested in a massage pallor sting: one of them is in her seventies.

Three women arrested in a massage parlor sting: one of them is in her seventies.

Although I believe that prostitution should be legal, controlled and regulated, I cannot help but peruse the vast information which now exists on the internet about various prostitution stings and arrests. For the first time ever, we can really see the face of prostitution, and the face of prostitution is usually not a pretty one. As a matter of fact, from what I can glean from most of the online mug shots of prostitutes, most are quite hideous. I can’t help, after seeing all this, to begin a new series, a series which I shall the call: The Hilarious Annals of Male Desperation.

Truly, any man who would actually pay money to have any kind of sexual encounter with some of these women is pathetically desperate. It is really mind boggling. I always knew such desperation existed, but never did I understand of the depth of such desperation until I started reading about various undercover police stings, and then seeing the subsequent mug shots online. I am not putting these photos up here to humiliate these women; rather, I am laughing at the desperate guys who pay for their services. As I said, I think prostitution should legal; and such public humiliation as mug shots should not be used for these legal infractions. Still, they exists, and since they exist I cannot help but laugh at the folly of it all. Do the men who paid for their services have any sense of dignity? Or are they just total losers in the sexual realm.

Another example of the beautiful eroticism of prostitution...

Another example of the beautiful eroticism of prostitution…

I mean, just take a look at these mug shots. Who in the world would pay money? Seriously, I really cannot understand. If you are that horny, just jerk off to porn. Or do the hard work of getting a girlfriend. Or just find God and practice self restraint and control. Even castration would be better than degrading yourself to the point that you would actually pay for a sexual encounter with a hideous, drug addicted, sixty year old basket case of a female.

It is all really quite ugly, and quite funny too. Seedy things usually are.